Apr 10, 2024
PLEASE HELP ME. MY LAPTOP IS THE SOURCE OF MY INCOME WHICH SUPPORTS MYSELF FOR MY SCHOOL ALLOWANCE. I was using my laptop for almost 7hrs just watching on youtube. I started at 8:30PM till around 1AM. When around 9PM I plugged in my charger because it's only 20%. When it was full when it is almost 12AM I unplugged the charger (I'm sti watching by the way). Then at 1:20 something, there's a power outage. Since the wifi is not working bcs of the power intrrruption, I stopped watching and just let my laptop open that will serve as my light for it is really dark. There are freaking mosquitos so and it is really hot so what i did is i plugged in the cord of my charger to my laptop and made it the source of life of my mini fan. It's just the mini fan that's rechargeable. I swear my laptop's battery is full and its only been 5mins when i used my laptop for my mini fan to have a power to on. Then the mini fan stopped but the laptop is still on. I even checked if my cord isn't working tested it on my phone and it still okay. I wondered if its the same case wherein I need to wait for my mini fan to heat up for a minute before it will turn on so I let my mini fan connected to my laptop so it can get a power from it. But then while im waiting im using my phone then my laptop suddenly turned off, i just noticed it bcs the light from screen was suddebly off. I thought my fan drained its battery, so I waited for the electricity to comeback, after 15mins when I started waiting, the power cameback and when I plugged in the charger of my laptop, it wouldnt turn on. Whenever i get my laptop drain and once i put the charger it'll always turn on but this time its not turning on. Also, the light that serves a sign that my laptop is charging is not on. I tried to test my charger to my lil sis laptop and it is okay. So i dont know what could be the possible reason why my laptop is suddenly like thiss? The charger is almost 20mins plugged in yet the charging light is still not on. Please help me

My laptop's brand is HP probook made in tokyo version. Help, please

Not just 7hrs tho, I started using it at 6pm when my tutoring work also started that was until 8:30 so been using my laptop for that long