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  1. L

    Solved! Power Supply Adapter

    can i use a ActionTec power supply input 100-120 60hz 0.3A when the tablet says power source DC 5V 3A straight line on top and 3 dashes on bottom.
  2. W

    Solved! Toshiba notebook, with random freezing problem if connected to power source

    My laptop is Toshiba sattelite pro A200. It only freezes if it is connected to power source and freeze even at boot, the only way to continue is to shut down and start with the power button, it is independent of windows, since I have reinstalled several times, I am using windows 7 64 bit, and...
  3. blacking

    Solved! Does my laptop use the energy from the power source at 100%

    Good morning, Two days ago, I bought a Lenovo (Legion) Y530 laptop and I'm quite satisfied with it,, I have one doubt though; When I was about to buy the laptop, the person that was in the laptop area at the store, told me that most of the new laptops nowadays have this technology to prevent...
  4. B

    Solved! power adapter cord

    if power ever goes out, Is there an adapter or power source I can use to power my laptop without the use of a generator?
  5. R

    Solved! TCL Smart tv

    Power source on tv constantly comes on and off when tv is plug in
  6. F

    Too Old for VR? CPU/GPU

    I built my rig a few years back I have an I5 - 2500 (not K) @ 3.3Ghz. The motherboard is an EVGA z68 SLI Micro Motherboard ( LGA 1155 SOCKET), 8gb DDR3, and a GeForce GT 430 w/ a 750W power-supply - I already know my GPU needs an upgrade and my RAM as well... I was just seeing if anyone had...
  7. R

    Need help to attach 3 pin cooling fan to small external battery

    I recently bought 2 cooling fans (Maglev Cooling Fan, 40mm by 40mm by 28mm with 3 Pin 3 Wire Connector 12V DC, 2.8 W, 9200RPM, 17CFM). I am actually not planning to hook them up to my machine but use them for another project. I am trying to hook them up to an external (small) battery source but...
  8. daffputrw

    Power adapter as power source

    So i got Macbook Pro Early 2011 13". The battery need to be replace. I'm using an orginal power adapter as a power source. The only way to get this thing turn on is just connecting the power adapter, and when it removed the MacBook turned off. My question is, is it okay to using a power adaptor...
  9. D

    Looking for a portable power source/station/jump starter to power up 2 active speakers and a xone 92 mixer

    Hi friends, I need a portable power source to connect 2 KRK Rockit 5 active speakers (each 100W Power Consumption) and a Xone 92 mixer. I want to DJ on the beach and I'm planning on doing this once or twice a week. Some people have recommended to use deep cycle batteries into a power inverter...
  10. T

    alternative power source for dead battery

    hi all I have my Aunt's laptop that she needs me to look at. the laptop is around 5 years old and has been running well. only issue is the battery does not hold charge anymore. because of age of laptop I couldn't get her an exact replacement. I got her a battery from ebay that only lasted a...
  11. T

    DELL XPS L702x Boot and Power Issue..

    So here I have a Dell XPS L702x laptop, which has the following symptoms; 1. when plugged into wall, with battery, functions properly 2. when plugged into wall without a battery, does not start 3 .not plugged in wall, with battery, boots about 10 secs then powers off 4. plugged into wall...
  12. L

    Newbie here no idea how to set up wire and stuff please help! 4 piece set

    I recently took home some speakers and I have no idea how to use it. Its a working speaker but I have no idea how to make it work... My aim is to use these speaker for my laptop, thus 3.5mm jack. There is 2 huge and long standing speaker with 2 smaller one. One of the huge speaker has a power...
  13. R

    T20 home theater projector not powering on

    I got the t20 home theater projector dbpower and when i plug it to a power source the buttons is just blinking but its not powering on and no light is coming from the lens?
  14. S

    Laptop stopped working after restting

    Hello I have a problem with my laptop I made a reset for it and after system restting hit 100% my laptop stopped working, it even don’t start at all.when i hit the start button only the battery sign glow like saying it’s needed to be connected to power source even if it’s connected Can u please...
  15. J

    MacBook doesn't charge

    My MacBookPro 2015 doesn't charge but I can use it while it is connected to a power source, however the batter percentage stays at 0%. When I disconnect the MacBook from the energy source it immediately turns off. How can I solve this?
  16. F

    Either net slower than wi fi

    I recently got infinity 4 wich should give me at least 300mbs but on my laptop it says 94.60ms with only the either net plugged in no wifi. But when i run the wifi onit own it gose up to 145.78-267.89. Also it fluctuates all the time on my ps4 on either or wifi. They replaced hub didnt work my...
  17. A

    Power source ac or dc in speaker means?

    I have tpa3116d2 d class amplifier what kind or what type speaker I'm select bk ali express speakers discrpetion speaker power source==? (Which I'm select (
  18. DeskTopBro

    Tascam DR-05, how to set up to a computer?

    I have Rosetta Stone and I need a mic. I had a Tascam DR-05 laying around, so I'm trying to use that. But I don't get any prompts when I plug it into the USB dock. The computer seems to be working as a power source only. Does anyone know how to set this up?
  19. J

    Solved! Where the fuse on a studio monitor speaker

    Plug speaker to power source does not turn on
  20. M

    my ZTE BA510 wont power on

    i have tried holding down the power button for 20-25 secs plugging in into a power source for about 20 - 25 secs then pluging into a power source but still nothin
  21. S

    Laptop is not turning on

    I have a Sony vaio touchscreen laptop .. I think battery was down yesterday night and I switched it off without charging . Today I connected to power source to charge it but it's not working . My laptop is not turning on and even LED lights are not turning on when connected to power source ...
  22. D

    ACER SWIFT 5 - Unable to Charge

    Hi there! I was using my Acer Swift 5 this evening while charging it when it suddenly turned itself off. After turning it back on I was unable to charge it anymore. I've tried using a different power socket and adjusting the wire but none of them seem to work? Under device manager, there are...
  23. S

    Hardwire 2-pin fan to USB rail

    Hi, I'm having high temperature issues with my HP Pavilion DV7 Notebook and I want to hardwire the fan so it runs at max speed. I've donde all sort of things, the last one was to flash a modded BIOS to control fan's speeds but the menu wasn't unlocked. So this is my last resort. I read...
  24. R

    When turning on my laptop, only black screen appears

    I have Samsung NP350V5C-A03AE laptop. When turning it on, only black screen appears. After trying to disconnect it from power source and turning it on again for several times, it will boot and work normal after around 15mins from turning it on. I tried to reset BIOS. Disconnect battery...
  25. T

    Laptop not turning on properly

    My asus laptop stopped functioning properly after I used a new charger. The charger's output is 19.5 volt and my laptop takes 19 volt. In the shop, my laptop was functioning properly with the new charger. I brought it home and left it charge all night since the battery was completely depleted of...
  26. I

    When I enter my 4 digit pin it comes up ' this option is locked for security reasons, connect to a power source for 2 hours th

    My Acer tablet went flat, I recharged it, now it will not unlock with my pin it states, ' this option is locked for security reasons, connect your device to a power source for 2 hours and try again'. I can't use the other sign in option because I cannot gain access
  27. S

    HELP ME With The Buzzing Sound In My Microphone(PC).!!!

    Hey Guys, please help me...!!! I recently started to play some games on PC online. And for that I bought a headset known as the ZEBRONICS STINGRAY. But then when I started to record my gameplays I heard a buzzing noise in the background even when I did not speak anything. I tried searching the...
  28. M

    Will my Onkyo TX-NR757 be able to power a 5.1 or 5.2 Klipsch R28 surround sound speaker system?

    I recently purchased the TX-NR757 and I bought a R-12SW to replace my blown sub from my very old Yamaha surround sound system... Now I am thinking about replacing all of speakers as well. I am leaning towards the Reference R28F surround sound system from Klipsch... But I have been given mixed...
  29. H

    Wrong headphone amp power supply

    A friend of mine recently gave me a Samson C-que8 headphone amp, but he doesn't have the power supply. It requires a 19V 1A AC input. I found two power supplies laying around: one rated at 12V 1.2A AC output (correct amperage, wrong voltage) and one rated at 18V 0.5A AC output (more or less the...
  30. B

    cambridge sound works for computer with four speakers.

    Is there a way to hook up this system to any other power source, other than a computer.?
  31. charley01

    Connecting Laptop to a power source full time is recommended?

    Hello! I have recently replaced my old PC with a new Lenovo Laptop for work. I am planning to just replace my old CPU with the laptop, so that I can work on it just like a PC with an extra monitor. A point of concern is that, I will be connecting laptop to a UPS by Staticon for almost the entire...
  32. H

    Lenovo think pad E545 indicated battery low then shut down. Now won't even turn on. It is always plugged into a power source.

    Won't turn on. Plugged into power source. Initially critically low battery warning came on then shut down. Now nothing
  33. D

    HP laptop won't turn on, orange light by power port is off

    I have an HP envy laptop that won't turn on. I tried changing the battery with a charged one and still nothing. But I noticed that the orange led indicator next to the charging port is off when plugged in. Does anybody know if it's the charging port is bad, or is there a workaround to get this...
  34. V

    hp pavilion dv6 dead

    Yesterday, I used my computer with no problem. Today it is deader than a doornail. No lights, no sound. I changed the power source and it had no effect. Help!!!
  35. C

    Inspiron 1545 black screen

    I have an Inspiron 1545, screen stays black, but I have been able to install a second external usb screen. The PC is working fine. It looks like the 3mm fuse is okay. Backlight from the screen broken? Do I need to replace the power source to the screen, or replace the screen? If you buy another...
  36. K

    my toshiba satellite laptop c55dt-a5303 will not turn on. replaced adaptor and still no lights no power.

    I tried troubleshooting per toshiba's guidelines, replaced power source, and still won't turn on and no indication lights
  37. S

    Asus G75VX Random Shutdown

    Asus G75VX powers off at random times through out the week. Also, the computer will not boot unless it is attached to an external monitor. Once it has booted, I can disconnect the external monitor and the internal display now works. Any ideas or suggestions?
  38. K

    display turns off and on

    my hp-r007tx model ....display turns off and on when i plugin and plugout power source tell me a solution
  39. J

    Toshiba satellite lw15-b1320 battery charging and not charging randomly

    My laptop battery stops charging for a week or two and then starts again. I trying to uninstall drivers, tried to remove battery turn it on and plug it in, and tried to restore back to a backup. I have been on the fence about buying a new battery because I don't know what the problems really is.
  40. jsimenhoff

    Troubleshooting Power Issues with Your Laptop

    This guide is intended to troubleshoot and resolve booting issues with your laptop. At the end of this troubleshooting guide you should know why your laptop will not longer turn on. ■ Start with a Hard Reboot Remove the battery and unplug it's AC adapter then press and hold the power button...
  41. S

    The health of a Laptops Battery

    Hello I have a gaming laptop MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 4K The Specs Are as followed : i7 6th Gen GTX 970M 16GB Ram Intel HD Graphics 530 I have had this laptop for 2 Months now In reality i have no issue here but i want to improve my battery life and make it last for a couple of years When i game i...
  42. W

    Westinghouse ld3235 fix

    Okay so I am trying to fix this tv, and I need help identifying a piece. It is the cable thing that connects the power supply module to the actual LCD screen. This is a westinghouse ld3235. I know it must be the cable because the tv works fine, then out of nowhere starts to get all screwy with...
  43. A

    satellite L755 suddenly turned off.

    i have laptop satellite l755 that i bought it 3 years ago. while im playing games, it suddenly turned off by itself and the orange light blinking then i cant turn it on back. if i want to turn it on, i must unplugged power source first then turn it on again to boot my laptop.. any idea about my...
  44. J

    Laptop shuts down 2 seconds after turning on?

    Sometimes my laptop does not even turn on. When I hold down the power button without a power source, then plug it in and try turning it on it will start but two seconds later it shuts off. Anyone have a good idea of what might cause this?
  45. T

    How to check which component is failing?

    Hello guys, I have a quite old HP Pavilion dv6 laptop (bought on 2010). Specs: Intel i5 M430 (iirc) GeForce 230M 500GB HDD Rarely turned it on since I got a PC. I was going to use it again but then problems show up. Since the battery was already in a poor condition at the time I was using...
  46. P

    tablet wont turn on

    i shut off my ellipsis 8 tablet and it wont turn back on. i plug it into power source and it blinks. how do i fix this, or can this be fixed?
  47. B

    pendo wont charge or even turn on

    brand new never been used pendopad model PNDPPW8QK1016BLK wont charge or even turn on
  48. fooball

    Charger Tip burning hot when charging

    2 days ago, I unplugged my gaming laptop charger from the jack, and couldn't plug it back in. Thinking that there was dirt/plastic stuck inside, I (probably stupidly) used a few toothpicks to poke around in both the jack and the charger tip. The charger tip did end up fitting back in the jack...
  49. A

    ASUS Q-500A BHI5NO1 charger not working

    I've had my laptop for almost 2.5 years and have never had power problems until today. I was using my computer for a few hours, then I stopped and did other stuff for a while and came back to find it asleep (even though I have that disabled). After fiddling with all the possible physical...
  50. G

    Sony Vio switching off

    Sony Vio pcg616m. When I plug into mains within about 10 minutes of use message appears on screen ' 10% of battery life remaining plug into power source', it eventually switches off. As I'm already plugged into the mains power supply I am unsure whether there is a fault with the laptop or the...
  51. T

    How to get rid of static in recordings?

    My mic will work perfectly in game chats, in every server, so no problems there. But when i try to record game- or anything in general, i get terrible static, almost to the point that you cant even hear me. Iv'e tried everything i can think off, turning down the boost an mic, plugging the usb...
  52. A

    My hp 250 laptop won't come on.

    If I press the power key a light comes on by the side nd if I connect it to a power source it charges but it still won't come on.
  53. N

    Back up constant power source for a car stereo

    Hi Everyone, I have a back up power source question. Actually. A low voltage continuous power source question. I have an old car stereo that I use to tailgate I use a 750-watt inverter off the car battery for power during our parties. The stereo is powered by a computer power unit I modified to...
  54. ibshortkid94

    Extend Battery capacity with 13,000 mAh battery pack

    I recently ordered a 13,000 mAh battery pack as a backup power source for my phone on long trips, power outages, and camping trips. I was wondering if there was a way I could use it to extend the battery capacity of my Lenovo y500 (which has rather poor battery life). More than likely it would...
  55. viveknayyar007

    Start Siri Using Only Your Voice (iOS 8)

    It might sound ironic that even though Siri is a voice command oriented app that allows you to speak commands, search objects, and dictate texts using your voice, it needs manual intervention (instead of using voice command) to enable the app. Above is the default configuration where you are...
  56. N

    Laptop only turns on when unplugged from power source

    Hi, I have a problem where my laptop will turn on (power button lights up) but the screen will remain black and it will be frozen (Caps light on doesn't change if I press the button) if and only IF it is plugged in. So I have to make sure my laptop is not plugged in when I power it up...
  57. O

    causes of self restarting of laptops when unpluged from power source

  58. C

    Add another tv to hddvr receiver using a swm splitter

    I'm trying to connect a 2nd tv to directv HDDVR receiver. It has a swm 4 way splitter and only 3 are being used and a LNB power source. I've tried connecting a cable to splitter to 2nd tv without success. What's missing? I know there is another splitter in the attic where the original line comes...
  59. A

    Sony Vaio laptop, blank screen on startup, charger light not disappering when removing charger.

    Hello I'm assisting a friend of mine with her laptop (a Sony Vaio). When the power button is pressed the light of the power buttons lights up, but nothing appears on the screen, there isn't even backlight. And when the charger cable is plugged in and removed again the charger light doesn't go...
  60. J

    Computer Audio Subwoofers Amp

    I recently purchased 2 subwoofers and a 1500W amp. I would like to hook these up to my computer. I currently have no power for the amp, and could i run power from my computer to it? or would i need an alternative power source? If so, what could i use for a power source?