Toshiba satellite lw15-b1320 battery charging and not charging randomly


Mar 13, 2016
My laptop battery stops charging for a week or two and then starts again. I trying to uninstall drivers, tried to remove battery turn it on and plug it in, and tried to restore back to a backup. I have been on the fence about buying a new battery because I don't know what the problems really is.

Do test your AC adapter first if it's faulty or not just to make sure, saves you time and money. :)
- Remove the battery off the laptop, connect the AC adapter then boot the laptop and see if it stays on or not.
- If the laptop stays on that means that the AC adapter is working properly because it's still supplying enough voltage to power the laptop.
- Or if you have another AC adapter that has the same voltage put the battery back in and see if it will charge normally using a different one.

Hopefully this tips will help. :)