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  1. K

    Solved! Question Help Challengemaybe

    Okay please read before answering. Too many people just half read and rush an answer. I live off a tiny solar system 300w with not much of a battery bank. Anyways, no grid what so ever. At the end of my day I like to play several games of LoL ( all at minimum specs). With my Dell e6520 goes...
  2. P

    4 speakers on a 2.1 speaker system

    Hi everyone, I am new here and I hope you will be able to help me. I have a LG multimedia speaker system (LH70B) which is a 2.1 speaker system. I also have another pair of these exact same speakers and I would like to connect them to the system which would make 4 speakers connected to the...
  3. G

    Need help with Vizio soundbar speaker power consumption (3651)

    I bought SB 3651 soundbar and speaker set (https://www.amazon.com/VIZIO-SmartCast-Wireless-Soundbar-System/dp/B0727XPHKF) from US and moved to Asia. I assumed that the speaker would be rated to work in 220V country like most modern electronics. However, before plugging in, I realized that it's...
  4. R

    Power Output vs Power Consumption (Soundbar)

    What is the difference between Power Output (reference) vs Power Consumption? I am eyeing a soundbar that lists Power Output (reference) of 330W (105W each channel for the soundbar, and 120W for the subwoofer). However power consumption is only 40W and 30W respectively per the manual. The Power...
  5. D

    Looking for a portable power source/station/jump starter to power up 2 active speakers and a xone 92 mixer

    Hi friends, I need a portable power source to connect 2 KRK Rockit 5 active speakers (each 100W Power Consumption) and a Xone 92 mixer. I want to DJ on the beach and I'm planning on doing this once or twice a week. Some people have recommended to use deep cycle batteries into a power inverter...
  6. A

    Brand New Windows 10 Laptop Suddenly Powers Off - Desperate, Have Tried Everything I Could Think Of

    Brand new laptop (Jumper EZBook 3L Pro, Windows 10 Home Build 16299.371) suddenly powered off after a couple hours of use on battery (when battery level was about 30%) without warning and just a short static sound when the screen goes off, like cutting off the power supply on a desktop, not like...
  7. P

    Gaming laptop power consumption compared with desktops

    I just bought a gaming laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series) and just realized how small the power supply is. It has a 135 Watt capacity and comparing that to typical desktop of 600+ watts this is tiny. I understand that most laptop parts are under specs than equivalent desktop parts. Mine...
  8. R

    games lag without charger on hp pavillion bc008tx please help

    any game without battery charger lags especially where the cars are run in the games, I really need help on this one, The laptop is hp pavillion bc008tx
  9. T

    Laptop not turning on properly

    My asus laptop stopped functioning properly after I used a new charger. The charger's output is 19.5 volt and my laptop takes 19 volt. In the shop, my laptop was functioning properly with the new charger. I brought it home and left it charge all night since the battery was completely depleted of...
  10. G

    What could be the maximum power consumption of a gaming laptop

    I am having Asus FX553VD Laptop with following specs: ###################### i7 7700HQ GTX 1050 2GB 8 GB 2400Mhz 1TB 7200rpm ###################### The power adapter with it indicates 120W output. (My friend having i5 6600, Asus gtx 1050,8gb 2400Mhz and 1TB 7200rpm using 500Watt psu.) I...
  11. P

    Power consumption issue: dedicated graphics vs. integrated graphics

    Hello forums, I am looking to buy a new laptop, preferably ultraportable, as I will use it mostly for work (I have pc for gaming). With a limited budget, I want the best combination of cpu, ram, battery and other things, without caring much about the graphic cards. The problem is that, with my...
  12. H

    laptop ASUS won't boot unless plugged in

    Hello, I'm an owner of a laptop asus UX303L. The machine is 2 years old. I've been facing some serious issues with my hard drive. After several unsuccessful attempts to fix it, I chose to get it rid of it and replace it with a new SSD (previous was HDD). I ensured to put everything back as it...
  13. H

    Wrong headphone amp power supply

    A friend of mine recently gave me a Samson C-que8 headphone amp, but he doesn't have the power supply. It requires a 19V 1A AC input. I found two power supplies laying around: one rated at 12V 1.2A AC output (correct amperage, wrong voltage) and one rated at 18V 0.5A AC output (more or less the...
  14. P

    Dell Inspiron 7559 or Eluktronics N151RD1?

    It is a hard decision for me to choose one (both for $799) *Dell Inspiron 7559* www.amzn.com/B015PYZ0J6 - i7 6700HQ - 960m 4GB - 8GB DDR3L - Hybrid Drive: 1GB TB + 8GB SDD - 6-Cell, 74WHr; 130W AC Adapter *Eluktronics N151RD1* www.amzn.com/B01N3Q6E0B - I5 6300HQ - 960m 2GB - 8GB DDR4 - 1GB TB...
  15. C

    Computer audio monitors - power consumption

    I'd like to get a good set of speakers for my computer desktop, which will have very low power consumption on idle or low volume. I think something like Mackie CR3 would suit my needs for sound but they only rate power consumption for full volume, about 75 watts. I'd like to see under 3 watts...
  16. V

    Non-Beastly External Battery for Beastly Laptop [Product Help]

    So I recently acquired a beastly laptop for work. It has a 4k Screen, 32gbs of Ram, 4TB(ish) of SSD space and an equally beefy processor (Remarkable given that it's only slightly thicker than a Macbook). Now, with creative under-volting and an aggressive power management scheme I've managed to...
  17. mrmike16

    Laptop runs out of battery while powered off

    Hi, This laptop has had it's own terrible past, but recently I found that if I turn off the laptop, leave it alone for a day, and turn it on again, it states that the battery is extremely low and needs to be plugged in before going into Windows. I don't click Sleep or Hibernate, I click Power...
  18. M

    Honor 5x Battery draining

    I bought a honor 5x 2 days ago after watching all the reviews about the good battery life and overall performance. when i got the phone, the battery start draining. so i turned off the 4g to 2g low brightness, all application closed , gravity sensor off almost i did everything. still after that...
  19. T

    How to choose a low power consumption laptop?

    Hello, I am looking to buy a laptop for a daily use. My situation is I have a very strong desktop that consume a lot of power, because I had built it for gaming a long time ago, and I don't really play a lot of games recently. I am a heavy computer user that use a computer like 14 hours a day...
  20. J

    Toshiba satellite lw15-b1320 battery charging and not charging randomly

    My laptop battery stops charging for a week or two and then starts again. I trying to uninstall drivers, tried to remove battery turn it on and plug it in, and tried to restore back to a backup. I have been on the fence about buying a new battery because I don't know what the problems really is.
  21. G

    Toshiba laptop won't turn on or charge light won't come in on when chargers plugged in

    My stupid Toshiba tempro laptop won't turn ln turn on its not dead it was fully charged my auntie was sat right next to me it just went off on its own battery is attached to it my mom's refunded it so she got her money back but why? Oh, Yeah my mom, turned it on today it wouldn't come on she...
  22. N

    Lenovo G500s does not Work without being Plugged In

    I am using lenovo g500s without plugin my laptop does not work. Now I am forced to sue my laptop like a pc. If i remove my plugin it shuts off in the next second.
  23. T

    Asus laptop R505C, plugged in but not charging.

    I bought this laptop 2 1/2 yrs ago, last week I started having problems with the charger, it is plugged in but it is not charging. What should I do? I am self employed and I need my laptop for work.
  24. K

    15 minute black screen after POST

    As soon as I power on my ASUS UX32A Zenbook, I am prompted with the ASUS logo, followed by the POST sound. The wait time for the Windows logo is generally 10-15 minutes, and no longer. However, I have found that by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL immediately after hearing POST, this eliminates the problem...
  25. G

    Power Bank/External Battery for MSI laptop

    Hey so I just bought a laptop, MSI pe70 2qe, and the battery on this thing doesn't last a very long time. I'm thinking about buying a power bank so I can power my laptop off that if I start running out of juice on the laptop battery. I've been looking at a few power banks that say they can power...
  26. Ransome

    TV (PC) Screen Flickers Goes Black Snow Noise Audio Disappears - When Turning House Lights ON/OFF

    Whenever I turn the fluorescent lights ON or OFF my the screen flickers, show random artifacts, white 'snow' noise, goes black - then returns after several seconds. Also the audio usually gets cut off momentarily as the screen gets distorted. The issues seems to have started a week ago...
  27. W

    Laptop Sleep Mode Problem and Battery Power Consumption

    I recently developed a couple of problems with my Dell 17" laptop. The first problem is when the computer is taken out of sleep mode the backlit keyboard stays on and the only way to turn it off is the do a complete restart. The second problem is that the computer uses the battery up very...
  28. grimlockPH

    Optical Drives and Battery Life

    Well, I've been wondering if turning off the DVD Drive of a laptop would improve battery life. I know at some points it can but I just don't know how much. If there's a way to completely turn off the optical drive (powered off not just disabled) without opening the chassis, that'd be really...
  29. grimlockPH

    Aspire V Nitro (Help me choose?)

    Hey guys, I found the Aspire V Nitro Black Edition laptop and I just want to know if you think it's a good idea to buy this laptop with: 15.6" (FHD) i7-5500U 8GB RAM NVIDIA GT 940M (2GB DDR3) 1TB HDD No DVD Drive ---------------------------------- There is another laptop (same brand) but with...
  30. M

    Can you put a higher amperage PSU for a laptop to increase graphics power?

    Hi, I have a dell studio 15. The charger is only 5A, however, the graphics card inside can use up to 15 amps. Graphics card is dedicated ATI Mobile Radeon HD 5470 Graphics If I get a 20A charger, but with the same voltage, will my graphics card be able to take advantage of the extra power input...
  31. fooball

    Charger Tip burning hot when charging

    2 days ago, I unplugged my gaming laptop charger from the jack, and couldn't plug it back in. Thinking that there was dirt/plastic stuck inside, I (probably stupidly) used a few toothpicks to poke around in both the jack and the charger tip. The charger tip did end up fitting back in the jack...
  32. J

    Best Surface for a college student

    I am looking for help deciding on a low-end Surface Pro 3 or the upper tier Surface 3. The price after purchasing would be roughly the same at street value now, and I would like to hear some opinions from current college students, or those who carry the Surface Pro and/or Surface on a daily...
  33. B

    RMS and actual electrical power consumption

    I purchased a soundbar, where the manufacturers specs show 120W RMS and a power consumption of 25W. I didn't think anything of it until somebody mentioned that I should buy a stock to power my home. Their explanation was that if the soundbar is rated at 120W RMS for output, then the amount of...
  34. L

    Shut off SLI graphics card in laptop (Aorus X7 Pro)

    Hi, I have an Aorus X7 Pro laptop with dual gtx970m graphics card in it which are in SLI. I want to actually shut off both cards and use onboard graphics instead to save power. I am aware that SLI graphics is not compatible with Optimus but is there any other option? It defiantly doesn't have to...
  35. J

    Asus N751JK - SSD size and battery life

    Hello, I bought this Asus computer (http://www.boulanger.fr/portable_asus_n751jk_t7128h/p_65511_727454.htm) which has a 128GB SSD but I have demand a refund to buy the top version of this model which has a 256 GB SSD. In the meantime I read that electric consumption is known to increase with...
  36. D

    4 devices, 2 with usb passthrough and 3 usb 3.0 ports

    Hey there! I want to buy a laptop (asus n550jk-CN395D) and four extra devices: - an usb powered external hdd (samsung m3 portable 1TB) - a cooling pad (Cooler Masters' Notepal U2 Plus) - has a usb passthrough - a keyboard (Razer Blackwidow 2014) - has another usb passthrough - a mouse (Razer...
  37. Agera One

    Win 7 vs Win 8 vs Win 8.1

    I'm going to buy a laptop. The main purpose is daily use (watching movies mainly). I travel with my laptop, so I want to save power as much as possible. Is it true the power consumption more in Win 7 than win 8 than win 8.1 ???
  38. faulty_it

    Car Charger vs. my specific Brand of Cellphone

    Good day, Had a look through the car charger related topics didn't find something that answered the query I currently have: This is the phone I have: http:// This is the Car Charger they want to sell: http:// This is what I am looking at for those long trips were one or more smartphone will...
  39. D

    Overclocking and Unlocking

    i just want to ask if how much power consumption will be added if you unlock and overclock a cpu like +.5 vcore ?
  40. P

    turn off screen

    how do i turn off the screen manually
  41. M

    Can BitCoin mining still be profitable with nice GPUs?

    So I have been watching the prices of the R9 280x for a while now, and when the price suddenly went up by $110 dollars in less than a month, I was a little curious as I still had yet to buy my second one. As of right now I have 2 R9 280Xs which I bought for gaming, but I have heard that this...
  42. A

    AMD or I5 Laptop?

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-Aspire-V5-552-15-6-inch-Notebook/dp/B00DVKJYU8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385212550&sr=8-1&keywords=AMD+laptop - A8 version or...
  43. L

    Which CPU for Plex transcoding

    Hey, I have an underpowered HTPC with an AMD E350. It works fine for watching anything directly on the connected TV (even HD movies in any format), but doesn't cut it for streaming 1080p material to the iPad and other devices using Plex Media Server. I'm looking for an upgrade that can...
  44. A

    Can I swap a dvd drive for an SSD place?

    Hi guys, I have a Laptop called Toshiba L755-T15 and I was curious if I could replace the dvd drive with an SSD or a hard disk. I don't need the space so I'd really like to opt for a SSD, so I could make it run faster but I don't know much about SSD power consumption vs what my laptop is...
  45. M

    USB Power Adaptor to use with a Tascam DR-40

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question but I hope someone can help me. I've looked up information in this area but got mixed reports so I'm hoping someone can just explain it to me. I've recently purchased a Tascam DR-40 Handheld 4-Track recorder. It can be powered...
  46. xcogito

    Is this a great deal, or wait for BF/CM.. A10-4600m Lenova 550

    Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 So from what I've been gathering from about the A10, is that on paper the Ivy Bridge Intels will outperform. But in actual function the A10/7660m can hold it's own against an i5/630m matchup, and you get the added benifit of the A10s low power consumption which equates to...
  47. K

    Dell Latitude H500GT power requirements

    Wondering about power consumption on the Dell Lattitude H500GT to determine average battery life with a 66WHR OEM battery
  48. A

    HDD + SSD: Effect on Battery Life/Power Consumption?

    So I know its possible for some computers to take out the optical CD/DVD drive and replace it with a SSD drive. I was wondering what effects it has on a laptop's battery life. I know that when active, an optical drive would use more power than both an SSD and a HDD. Not sure about how often...
  49. truegenius

    Power calculating software

    softwares that can calculate power consumption at realtime (just like temperature monitoring tools), is they exists?
  50. G

    Smartphones Consume 74 Percent Less Power Via Proxy

    Scientists from Finland claim to have found a way to reduce the power consumption of 3G smartphones by up to 74 percent. Smartphones Consume 74 Percent Less Power Via Proxy : Read more
  51. B

    Power consumption

    Does anyone know of a piece of software that can give me exact (well... I don't expect miracles - anithing even remotely acurate will work) power consumption data for my computer, preferably in real time. Alternatively, a hardware method of measuring this is also ok but bear in mind that I mean...
  52. P

    Software to measure power consumption.

    I'm not sure if this might be stickied somewhere I haven't looked yet, if it is, sorry. I'm looking for software to measure the total power consumption of my system. I'm wary of just googling (is this even a word? :p ) and downloading some random program. Do you know some good recommended...
  53. R

    Help choosing a low-end laptop

    My current desktop pc is perfect in every way, except for power consumption. When I am not gaming, I like to have music playing or be able to just mess around online, but to have my whole setup running while I do it is kind of stupid. 1_What is your budget? under $1000, preferably under $800...
  54. G

    Magic Ball Visualizes Power Consumption

    Could this concept help people save on their electric bill? Magic Ball Visualizes Power Consumption : Read more
  55. G

    Solved! ATI 4000 series vs ATI 5000 series

    Hello, i am planning to buy a laptop, most probably its goin to be a dell studio. i wanted to know that which of the graphic card is better for better performance : the 4000 series ATI or the 5000 series ATI. I want a good combo of graphics n power consumption. plz help.
  56. J

    Question about Power Consumption

    Hi, I'm just wondering, my Sony 5.1 system (about 5 years old) stays on all day. Noticed the other day it was warm to the touch, about 15 degrees warmer than room temp. Only no music or sound of any kind had been played in the last 2 hours. How much do these things consume? I always thought if...
  57. A

    Mobile CPU power consumption benchmark

    Hi All, I have to determine the power consumption of the CPU (a part of the SOC)for a series of smart phones (e.g. Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC). My problem is that I don't have the perfect solution to do this but and old fashion one using an amp meter to measure the current on stand-by...
  58. G

    Fujitsu Advances ReRAM

    Kawasaki (Japan) - Today, Fujitsu Laboratories announced a breakthrough in resistive RAM, or ReRAM. ReRAM is a non-volatile memory with low power consumption. Fujitsu has worked through some technology barriers to create a ReRAM solution which is less Fujitsu Advances ReRAM : Read more
  59. C

    Best choices for low power consumption / high battery life

    hello, This fall I'm beginning to study master's course, and I'ld like to get a laptop to use while commuting, cause my new school is about 1.5 hours away from my home. The most important points for me are, low power consumption, size & weight, a low profile generic graphics card which will...
  60. M

    Storage Medias

    is there a CF/SM/MMC/SD/MS storage media comparison around here? couldnt find one. (hope the abbreviations are understandable) can anyone tell me what's the differences among these?(power consumption, transfer rate, durability, which is good for what usage, etc.) is there any recommendations...