Need help with Vizio soundbar speaker power consumption (3651)



I bought SB 3651 soundbar and speaker set ( from US and moved to Asia. I assumed that the speaker would be rated to work in 220V country like most modern electronics. However, before plugging in, I realized that it's rated for 110V.

Now I need to use a 220V --> 110V step down transformer to make it work (2 actually, 1 for sound-bar and 1 for sub-woofer) but I am having trouble identifying what wattage transformer to go for. Unfortunately, this information isn't available anywhere online, or in the manual and their email support hasn't been helpful either (after multiple email exchanges...).

The plug for the soundbar says 10 A but I think that's the max rating not typical consumption (which would make this 10*110 = 1100 wattage). If I could find out the right wattage for the sound-bar and the sub-woofer, I could buy appropriate transformers and use the speakers. I am getting thumbrules of going with 1.5times the max power consumption wattage of the speakers but no luck on the actual wattage info so far.

As a last resort, I might go with 1500 watt (which will be expensive and might be an overkill). Something like this:

Would be great if you could help me with this or point me to any resource that could answer this for me. I tried the FAQs but couldn't find answer to this.

Jan 23, 2019
I have this model and it isn't listed in the manual under specifications - quite an oversight. However, on the bottom of the sound bar it does state 80 watts. The manual does say it is Energy Star compliant which is always welcomed.
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