Solved! Monitor Studio Speakers with External soundcard vs Sound Bar

Nov 22, 2020
I already have the KRK Rokit5 (gen3) from with a Scarlett 2i2 sound card and the sound is fine for my pc playing games (i listen music from my home theater nearby if i want).
BUT i started to need some room on the desk and the only solution is to remove the speakers and the sound card and put something else smaller but powerful enough with descent sound so i dont have issues and i was thinking a soundbar.
My choice is Sound Blaster X Katana (aesthetics and price this week in my town store) and i need someone if possible to tell me if removing the speakers and the sound card and use the Katana i will lose much quality because i dont care about the power its ok i am only listening in low-medium volumes so the Rokit are a bit overkill for the moment.
Tbh before Rokit i had the Razer Soundbar which was awful for the price and the sound was not like left-right i wanted my ear catching the i took the rokits , but for a small desk i knew i had to change them someday if i will need expansion.

Your opinion matters so if anyone has the bar or had speakers and change to bar will be very helpful to share .

Thank you all!!!!!!
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You can also get speaker stands for the desk or floor or wall mounts for your KRK speakers. You may be better off swapping to headphones, you will get some amazing sounding headphones for the price of that soundbar.