Question Is it possible to connect a 5.1 home theatre soundbar surround sound system to a projector via an a/v receiver?

Jan 13, 2023
Hi all,

I moved into a small space that doesn't really have room for a TV set-up, so I've opted for a projector. However, it's my first time trying to set something like this up, so I'm a bit confused!

I just purchased the following items that I am hoping to connect together:
VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar system:
Sony 5.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver (STR-DH590):
BenQ TH575 1080p Home Theater Projector:

I understand that you typically require an a/v receiver to connect a projector to a surround sound system, though from what I've read Vizio's soundbar systems are primarily made to connect to TVs, as I was unable to really find any guides or instructions on this. I called Vizio directly, and the person sounded quite uncertain. However, she suggested that it might work if I just connect the soundbar to the subwoofer and rear speakers via an HDMI cable, connect the soundbar to the receiver via the included HDMI ARC cable, and then connect the projector to the receiver via an HDMI cable.

Is it really that simple? Will the receiver be able to work its magic and decode everything correctly? Thank you!


That soundbar has it's own amp, it's not made to connect to the receiver. You should be able to use it just fine with the projector audio out, or connect the soundbar to whatever source you are using and send the video to the projector. Not sure why you can't put a TV in the place if you have room for speakers and the projector, just use a wall mount for the TV, not really any more space than a wall.