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  1. P

    Question Is it possible to connect a 5.1 home theatre soundbar surround sound system to a projector via an a/v receiver?

    Hi all, I moved into a small space that doesn't really have room for a TV set-up, so I've opted for a projector. However, it's my first time trying to set something like this up, so I'm a bit confused! I just purchased the following items that I am hoping to connect together: VIZIO V-Series...
  2. JadenW

    Question Samsung tv to vizio Bluetooth sound bar

    I recently purchased a Samsung AU8000 and wanted to connect a Vizio 2.0 home theatre sound bar via Bluetooth. And they are both have Bluetooth compatibility but when I try to connect them to each other the sound bar doesn’t show up on the TV but it shows up when I try to connect it to something...
  3. C

    Question Do You Know What This Screen Problem Is?

    Hello, I have a problem that just started all of a sudden with my TV. My screen has a horizontal distortion the only last a second then it goes back to normal and repeats over and over, 1 second clear 1 second distorted. I am attaching a link to a video I posted to 2 different cloud storage...
  4. Loyalty172

    Question Voice control Vizio E3D320VX with Alexa Firestick

    Hi Everyone, I have a Vizio 3D E3D320VX TV /w WIFI and using a Firestick. I can use the Firestick remote to power on/off - adjust volume without any issue. Thing is, I used to have control via voice for the power on and off as well. I just cleaned up Alexa by removing virtually everything...
  5. insaniolanio

    Question Vizio 5.1 compatability

    I have a set of SB3851-c0 subwoofer with satellite speakers. I was wondering if I had another option of soundbars besides having to buy a whole new sb3851 bar, which is impossible to find a working one online. I've already tried vizio chat support and they have no official way of knowing if...
  6. C

    Solved! Vizio TV, Samsung Soundbar, HELP

    I have the sub and Soundbar synced. I have the HDMI out (Soundbar) hooked directly into the back of the TV. I researched and read about ARC and enabling CES and all this stuff but I’m thoroughly confused. I can control volume with Soundbar remote, but TV has no sound. Not sure if the hook up is...
  7. J

    Solved! Vizio P602ui-B3 Vertical lines flash than normal

    Hello all, Model: Vizio p602ui-b3 Issue: When watching the tv it will work for a bit and then flash through vertical lines and then "reset" and back to normal and rinse and repeat. Here is a video of the issue : View: I am thinking the tcon...
  8. J

    Question Vizio soundbar and LG tv

    I have a Vizio SB2821-6d soundbar and an LG 49LF5400. In order for these to work they say to use an optical cable. However my LG does not have an optical cable port. I did buy a converter to see if i could plug an opitcal cable into it then connect an rca into it to my tv. This is also not...
  9. H

    Question Vizio TV Blank Screen has stable 5v standby pin BUT 12v pins all read 19v

    The TV is a Vizio D55U-D1. The screen will not come on, but the white LED indicator does come on. It lights up, fades, sometimes blinks, and eventually turns off. It also sometimes comes back on after a few minutes. The screen always remains blank. I have tested several things inside the TV with...
  10. SinSurfer

    Question bypass Bluetooth/hardwire vizio sub

    I’ve gotta Vizio woofer SB4021E-BO (Sub) all torn apart and I’m just staring at the circuit board. I don’t have the matching sound bar so my question is this, can I either A. Bypass the Bluetooth or simply replace Bluetooth that sends and receives signal or B. Just hardwire the thing to...
  11. K

    Solved! Which sound system would you choose?

    Hi guys, I'm currently in 2 minds to get one of these 2 sound systems (as they fit my budget ) . Also, I'm a novice when it comes to specs and frequencies so the wireless features kind of looks good on both - 199$...
  12. Dolli3coutur3

    Solved! Connecting a VCR to a Vizio Smart TV

    So the cables are connected to where they belong on the tv and VCR but what do I do after that? How do I bring up the VCR on the screen? The remote does not have an input button to choose inputs and with this TV it seems all the input options are displayed on the Vizio home screen. I’ve chosen...
  13. HomeMechanic415

    Question Vizio M50-C1—50" 4K Television

    Good Morning, This TV has been great the last 4+ years, but of course after its extended warranty runs out (at least a year) it literally just bombed. Specifically, we were watching regular cable (Coax, not Digital) and the image just went blank/black. You can still hear sound, you can see menus...
  14. K

    Solved! Upper Left Corner Dimmer than the Rest of the Screen on Vizio M60-C3

    The upper left corner of my Vizio M60-C3 is dimmer than the rest of the screen. the backlight is not out completely but there is a 10x10 inch square that is dimmer. Could this be an issue with the LED driver card?
  15. M

    Solved! Pairing an existing subwoofer and satellite speakers to a new sound bar

    I have the Vizio 42” 5.1 S4251w Sound bar with sub and satellite speakers. The sound bar quit working today, and I wonder if I buy a new Visio sound bar if it will pair with my wired sub and the satellite speakers with the system?
  16. B

    Vizio TV will not display Pioneer Reciever

    I have had no issues displaying on my Vizio TV until I tried to set up an old Pioneer VSX-95TXH reciever. I have my Xbox and Switch in the HDMI inputs and an HDMI cable from the Output to the TV input. When I turn on a device the TV looks like it connects and does not show 'searching for...
  17. H

    How to properly connect a Vizio Model M55-C2 and Apple TV to a Yamaha Model RX-V367 Audio Receiver

    I have a Vizio M55-C2 TV; an Apple TV; and a Yamaha RX-V367 audio receiver. I think I have them connected properly. I'm using HDMI cables to connect the audio system to my TV and my Apple TV. The only way to get my Apple TV to function at all is to leave my audio receiver permanently...
  18. P

    Vizio P55-F1 Pixel Pattern Issue ?

    I am coming from the M Series (M50-C1 - 2015) and was so happy with it that when came to upgrade, I decided to go for the more expensive and feature rich P Series (P55-F1 2018). I use this Vizio primarily with my laptop for work, to play games and watch movies. The P-Series shows a bad pixel...
  19. A

    Pairing Vizio Soundbars to Older System

    More specifically, I have an SB3851-CO system where the soundbar died. If I buy a replacement soundbar from another set, can it pair with my current system? 1) Would the exact same soundbar, a SB3851-CO pair with my current subwoofer? 2) Would a similar one but different length, e.g. an...
  20. M

    How to Connect Vizio M50-E1 and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483

    Hello, I tried to connect my Vizio M50-E1 TV and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483 via HDMI using ARC but nothing is working - I tried all possible combination. I enabled ARC on my TV but it doesn't recognize my receiver. Also on my Receiver "HDMI out" is blinking RED when my TV is on. What I am trying to...
  21. Z

    Vizio M50-C1 display issues (Jumping/Flickering screen every few moments) please help

    The image is ghosting, flickering, jumping or however you want to describe it every few seconds (intermittently). I am looking for a fix for this TV. I have already replaced a bulging capacitor and (Somewhat) attempted to refurbish the T-con board through a scrub with some 91% rubbing alcohol...
  22. C

    Pairing an existing wireless bluetooth Vizio subwoofer to a new Vizio soundbar?

    My older Vizio 4.1 3851-D4 (2015) soundbar with a wireless bluetooth subwoofer and rear satellite speakers will no longer power on. The wireless subwoofer and its 2 satellite speakers still work fine. The soundbar itself just no longer functions due an internal power issue. Is it possible to buy...
  23. C

    Samsung 40M5300 TV Sound Dropouts with Vizio Soundbar when playing DVDs

    I am having audio dropouts which happen periodically where the sound with cut out for half a second. I am connecting using the Vizio Soundbar (model SB2920-C6). I have it connected via audio optical cable. I have even replaced the cable and still have the same issue. The Vizio Soundbar worked...
  24. G

    Vizio D-Series D65-E0 TV Review: Big-Screen Value

    The Vizio D-Series D65-E0 offers no-nonsense Ultra HD LCD performance in a big 65-inch size for less than $900. Vizio D-Series D65-E0 TV Review: Big-Screen Value : Read more
  25. G

    which tv is better?

    So i looking to buy a new tv..Vizio: D65u-D2 vs E65-E1 vs D65-E0... I found them on my local target/bestbuy store. i asked the sale rep, they said they are same. just different model name... i went to displayspecifications com... to see full specs.. What do u guys think? which one should i get...
  26. N

    Can't Connect Vizio Sound bar to Samsung TV

    So, I have been given a Vizio vsb206 sound bar and I can't find a way to connect it to my TV. I have a Samsung 32" LED Smart TV and I guess it doesn't use the same input's and outputs as the sound bar. Is there any type of converter I can use to switch my TV'S audio connection over to RCA?
  27. MrSalty

    Rear Channels Play Through Front Speakers

    So I have been trying to get my surround sound to work properly for a while now and I'm finally giving in and asking for help. I am trying to get 5.1 surround sound from my PC to my surround sound system. I have tried two different computers (one running Windows 7 and the other running Windows...
  28. T

    HELP - No audio on ARC or Optical Out VIZIO display and Denon Rcvr

    Vizio M70-D3 Denon AVR-S710W I'm having a hard time getting audio from the tv to the receiver using either the acr or optical out. I spent last night trying to get sound via ARC on the above receiver (and resorted to trying a Vizio soundbar) with no luck. Knowing there are sometimes issues with...
  29. G

    Vizio SmartCast E55-D0 HD TV Review: A Solid HD TV that's Priced to Sell

    Vizio's budget 1080p E55 brings smart TV features to this set using a Google Chromecast-based approach. It also has a top-rated picture for TVs in this class. Vizio SmartCast E55-D0 HD TV Review: A Solid HD TV that's Priced to Sell : Read more
  30. Dangerous Dan

    Trouble with Vizio TV and Aiwa sorround sound

    I am having a volume level matching the same with the tv and surround sound. I has on aonther occasion. Currently the volume for the tv must be at 50% and only 99% on the surround sound to equal a limited volume on the speakers of each. The TV menu has an "srs" and a "s" something setting, which...
  31. twgamerbuilder

    Vizio 4K Smart TV Not Working With Sound Bar Or Surround System

    Hello, my vizio m-series 4k smart tv is not working when hooked up to the sound bar. It says to just simply plug in an hdmi from the soundbar to the tv's ARC port. When powered on, the soundbar's lights go up and down, which I assume is a sync mode, and doesnt output sound. The sound still goes...
  32. J

    How long does a TV last with a backlight problem?

    I was just curious how long a television will last with a back light problem. It started just a day ago. I have a vizio tv.
  33. N

    How to connect hdtv to Directv and Dvd/Vcr combo

    I have a Vizio E32h-C1 hdtv , a Directv box d12-500 and a Magnavox dvd/vcr combo mwr20v6. I have no clue how to connect them or what I need. The only connections I have are: 2 coax; 1 red, yellow, white cord and a 3 way line splitter. Note: When having tried myself the tv would turn on but...
  34. M

    Vizio LED TV & Sony A/V Receiver no-sound problems - HELP!

    Greeting! I have purchased a Vizio Smart LED TV(series M322iB1) and I got a Sony A/V 7.1 Receiver (STRDH-810 series). They both have ARC set-up on them using HDMI cable. I have the receiver already working for my other components: BluRay, Playstation-4, Roku3 and DVD player. They all work...
  35. R

    Assistance requested for Home Theater System.

    I've been trying to get surround sound from my TV through my Blu-Ray player's surround system and I couldn't get it to work, so I went and purchased a AV Receiver hoping that would work. I can't seem to get the audio from the TV, so I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong. T.V. ...
  36. A

    Trouble automatically connecting samsung sound bar when turning vizio tv on.

    So, I have a Samsung HW-H550 sound bar (with wireless subwoofer) connected to a Vizio M55 TV. It is connected properly using HDMI arc, sound works and everything. However if I turn on the TV, which automatically turns on the sound bar, it doesn't work right. The sound then plays from both the...
  37. M

    how do I connect a vizio smart tv to the internet without cable

    How do I connect the internet to a Vizio smart tv e series. Without no cable system in the home?
  38. R

    My LG TV has stopped recognizing any HDMI input

    One minute, it was working fine with both my PS3 and Sky HD box plugged into two different HDMI ports, the next it wasn't. I left my daughter in the lounge so she may have pressed something, but she promises that she didn't. Now the TV just says no signal. I have tried all the usual turning it...
  39. J

    3D Vizio Tv & soundbar: optical or hdmi?

    I have a Vizio M501d-A2R 50inch 3D tv and would like to buy a sound bar for it. However, reviewing the forums, I am very confused on a few things: 1. Should I be using HDMI or Optical cable with the sound bar? Which offers better quality sound? 2. What should the chain of connections be to...
  40. corijei

    Need help calibrating a Vizio

    I got a hold to an old Vizio VP322 plasma and can't find online how to calibrate it to make it more energy efficient. Anyone who still own or use to own this (or any vizio plasma), do you have any suggestions of changing the picture settings? Or is there a universal setting I can use that will...
  41. farnell121

    Vizio 70" E701I-A3 - Picture went out like *snap* that! No picture, have tried replacement boards!

    My dad got this TV about 5 or 6 months ago and he has had no issues with it at all. The TV would probably be on for about 3 to 4 hours a day maximum. About a week ago, he was watching something and right before his eyes the picture went out (no popping noise or any electronic failure sound)...
  42. Y

    which sound bar should i get?

    VIZIO S4251w-B4 Sony HTCT260 Samsung HWF450
  43. Thunder88

    Vizio XVT3D554SV Flashing logo, intermittent backlight, no sound or image

    I picked up a dead Vizio XVT3D554SV 55" 3d tv last week for about $100. The man I purchased it from said it just off one day and he got frustrated and just bought another one without bothering to have this one looked at. The TV itself looks beautiful, not a scratch, ding, mark or anything...