Pairing Vizio Soundbars to Older System


May 4, 2012
More specifically, I have an SB3851-CO system where the soundbar died. If I buy a replacement soundbar from another set, can it pair with my current system?

1) Would the exact same soundbar, a SB3851-CO pair with my current subwoofer?
2) Would a similar one but different length, e.g. an SB4051-D5, or SB3651 pair?
3) Would a different model, more specifically an SB4031-D5 be compatiable?

Thanks in advance for the help!
The sub should almost certainly work with the same model soundbar.
Vizio doesn't give details on how the subs connects to the soundbars so only they would be able to tell you if it works with the other model soundbars that use a completely different sub.
Have you checked to see if Vizio actually sells just the soundbar? Most companies will not break up a set to sell you one part.


May 4, 2012

According to Vizio customer support it can't be done, you need the exact same combo that you bought together. But I've found somewhat spotty replies indicating that people online have done it hence my lack of certainty.
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