Question Which sound system would you choose?

Jun 7, 2019
Hi guys,

I'm currently in 2 minds to get one of these 2 sound systems (as they fit my budget ) . Also, I'm a novice when it comes to specs and frequencies so the wireless features kind of looks good on both - 199$ - 179$

The main difference is the sony is 2.1 and vizio is 5.1. If i get the Sony now i would be getting wireless satellite after a year or 2 to make it surround system (i have verified that this system has that option). I dont mind spending more money (after couple of years) if the overall sony system sounds better than the vizio 5.1.

Is it worth getting sony HTCT800 even though its almost the same price as the vizio 5.1 system? I have not personally listened to the systems so if you have listened please let me know which sounds better.
I can't comment on the comparative sound but neither is going to be all that good.
The specs are completely useless in making a choice. They are rarely close to accurate with soundbars.
I would say that you shouldn't depend on Sony having compatible wireless surround speakers when you actually want to buy them in the future.
Buy the Visio, so you have the streaming and surround sound, and save your money for a real AV system.
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