Solved! How To Connect An XGIMI H1 Projector to Vizio 5.1 Soundbar for Digital Sound

Nov 1, 2018
I need to connect an XGIMI H1 projector to my soundbar for digital sound. This projector has 2 HDMI outputs and a 3.5 auxiliary output and yes that works for analog sound to my vizio 5.1 soundbar. But I was wondering if I can connect this for digital sound to my soundbar. Would using both HDMI outputs on the projector work this way? 1 HDMI from my projector to my PS3. And the 2nd output from my projector to an HDMI extractor and then to the soundbar work? Or do I need to connect it another way? Please give me details and thank you and very much!
No it would not work.
Projectors don't support HDMI-ARC because they usually don't have any internal sources like a TV (tuner and apps).
You need an HDMI input selector with audio extraction like this one.
Connect your PS3 and other sources to it with HDMI. Connect the HDMI output of the switcher to the projector. Connect the optical audio output of the switcher to the soundbar. Set the switch to output in 5.1
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