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  1. Revnus

    Question Broken LCD + Lost password.

    My cousin died two weeks ago. My uncle wants to access his notebook and the files like pictures and so on. Im trying to help him. The problem is that we don't have my cousin's login password (admin windows 10 linked to email password), we dont have the email account password, and the lcd...
  2. the Eco

    Question Laptop HDMI lag

    Hi everyone, i have a Dell XPS 15 9570 Every time i connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI, both my laptop and TV start stuttering every 5 second or so(both audio and video). First i thought it was a resolution problem, so i switched from 4k to 1080p(laptop's native resolution) but it kept lagging...
  3. TheDudeAdibes

    Question HDMI source not supported on Epson Projector.

    Hi folks, Hoping someone can help. There appears to be some knowledgeable people on here. I have a Yamaha RX-V673 receiver. It has a Amazon Fire TV, android box and PS4 going into HDMI inputs. The HDMI output is linked to a TV. All works perfectly. I recently added an Epson EB-W39 HD...
  4. O

    Connecting Panasonic Blu Ray Player, Chromecast and Sony Projector

    Hi Everyone, We've been handed down some fantastic home theatre equipment that I would like to try and figure out how to get a chrome cast connected to; Models are below; Sony VPL-HW30ES Projector Panasonic SA-BTT755 Blu-Ray w/ Surround Sound System The one issue that I have is that I don't...
  5. T

    Pass HDMI video through media PC to use Hue Sync with consoles

    I recently assembled a media PC next to my TV in order to host my Emby library and other server things, and so that I could sync movies to my Philips Hue system by watching stuff on the PC instead of the Roku. However I'd like if I could also possibly sync to my game consoles by passing their...
  6. 3

    How can I hook up Samsung TV HDMI to alpine head unit with ai inpuy

    I want to run the sound through my head unit TV doesn’t have RCA jacks I can get a conversion for RCA to AI Cable but I need an AI to HDM1 Cable will the to even be able to communicate
  7. D

    What Is HDMI 2.1? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    HDMI 2.1 promises to usher in a new wave of 8K TVs along with much higher bandwidth, better audio and faster gameplay. Here's everything you need to know. What Is HDMI 2.1? Here’s Everything You Need to Know : Read more
  8. S

    144hz Screen connected to laptop

    So i have an MSI GV62 7RD https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GV62-7RD/Specification And the XL2411P https://zowie.benq.com/en/product/monitor/xl/xl2411p.html The XL2411P supports 144hz and i use an HDMI 2.0 and that should be able to do the job but- My laptop doesn't have an displayport so that isn't an...
  9. A

    Can not connect epsom projector to soundbar

    I am currently trying to connect my Samsung sound bar into my ex5260/pro epson projector. Currently my PlayStation plugged straight into projector and is using the projectors sound. I tried connecting HDMI from sound bar into my second hdmi port in my projector and nothing happened!!! (The...
  10. S

    How do I fix this display issue?

    I bought a new HDMI to VGA adapter for my laptop (Lenovo Flex 15, model 20309.) When I connected it to my Dell (E228WFP) monitor, it cut out the bottom and was blurry. I fixed it by duplicating my laptop screen. How do I fix it so that I don't have to use my laptop screen?
  11. I

    how do i connect hp laptop win 10 to an RCA model 26LA30RQ hdmi port?

    how do i connect hp laptop win 10 to an RCA model 26LA30RQ hdmi port?
  12. P

    Hdmi to coaxial converter for Blu-ray recorder?

    Hello community, I have a satellite TV box and I've just bought a Panasonic Blu-Ray recorder. My problem is that the satellite box has an hdmi output and a scart output, but the Panasonic recorder doesn't have an hdmi input, only an antenna coaxial input. Of course I can use the scart connection...
  13. S

    HDMI audio issue

    Kindly if anybody can guide me how to solve the issue I am faced with Asus laptop+ Sony TV HDMI connection as there is no sound from TV than only from the laptop. The video shows no issues. Previously both audio and video were working properly. Somehow, after I moved the tv to other room audio...
  14. G

    Does Westinghouse LTV 32W6 HD support Audio Return Channel? Thanks...

    I have a Westinghouse LTV 32W6 HD TV. I'm connecting it to a new receiver using the available HDMI port. There is an HDMI/ARC capability mentioned with the receiver if the old TV offers that capability. How can I know if it does? Thank you!
  15. T

    DVD hdmi only. Old tuner. No sound

    I just got a new DVD player with hdmi as the only output. Old Sony tuner. Have picture no sound. Got a hdmi splitter and hdmi to rca converter thinking that would help but still no sound. DVD to splitter. Splitter to TV. Splitter to rca converter to tuner. No go. Am I overthinking this? Can...
  16. B

    Can't run VGA when I plugged it into my Windows 10 laptop

    Good day sir. I wanted to ask for assisstance on how can I project images through plugging VGA into my Asus X441n laptop. I have tried installing and updating drivers. But it still didn't work. I ask the technician here and he said that I should update my Windows, because my windows 10 has...
  17. M

    How to get Surround System from my TV

    Hi, I've got a LG Smart TV (65UJ752T-TB) and a Philips DVD HTS (HTS3548W) and i can't get surround system from my TV. Im using a HDMI cable and connected it to my TV's HDMI ARC... I've changed TV's sound settings to HDMI-ARC and same with my HTS and nothing. The HTS works perfectly fine and...
  18. J

    Home cinema blu ray sound set up help.

    I have a Panasonic blu ray player (only has hdmi connection) connected to my projector the projector is then sent to my Sony amp through red and white phonos but I get no sound just image. I'm lost at what to do next. I have checked all audio and display functions in all menus. Panasonic...
  19. P

    When i hook my computer up to my tv thru my hdmi cable they do not match up. The computer will have one wallpaper on it and th

    My computer and tv both have pictures when hooked thru hdmi but will not link up the same and i cant watch movies or do anything from computer to tv. Is this maybe a short in my hdmi or a me thing?
  20. N

    Sir, I have lg tv 32" with hdmi port and dell pc core 2 quard with gts 450 but not working the hdmi port what is the problem

    hdmi port is not working but the dvi giving the 1360 resolution and working properly
  21. R

    Optical plug in and HDMI

    Hello. I have samsung tv 55" UHD 4K Smart and bose sound bar 700. I connected to tv, but still no sound. How to fix this problem? No sound on HDMI and optical cable.
  22. RacAtat007

    Audio delay over HDMI on PC

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this but it's audio related. My problem is that audio and video get out of sync whenever I watch something on my PC. This only happens when I have the audio coming through my monitor speakers via HDMI directly into the GPU. I have a pair of USB...
  23. S

    Unstable HDR signal from PC to 4k Samsung TV????

    I’m at my whits end trying to figure this out I am trying to pass a 4k/60hz/HDR signal from my computer to my TV using a newly purchased HDMI 2.0b cable. The HDMI is connected to my Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 through 2.0b capable HDMI port, routed through a 30ft new HDMI 2.0b cable (link posted...
  24. J

    Pub wants to watch rugby on two tvs

    My pub is showing Rugby soon and they want to have two tvs but I only have one amazon stick. Would it be possible to plug the amazon stick in to a female hdmi that splits in to two male hdmi cables and I can hook them in the two tvs? Like this but hdmi insted of usb...
  25. G

    Laptop with HDMI 2.0a or 2.0b to play HDR content on a tv

    So I need a laptop that can output HDR content on a TV, cheaper - better as it will have a more than enough spec for my use. Any suggestions? ideally i'd like to spend less than 1k if possible. Thanks
  26. R

    Optical tv to hdmi sound bar

    I have a Samsung TV with optical out and a Panasonic sound bar with both optical and hdmi input. I do have hdmi input on my TV but it will not send sound through to soundbar, the only way I can get sound from TV to soundbar us through optical cable but it does not produce such a good sound as if...
  27. V

    convert HDMI to USB at 4k resolution and surround sound capability

    How can I convert an HDMI output from streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire into a USB input? I want to connect streaming device like Roku to USB input of 4k Blu Ray player.
  28. H

    Connect roku with male hdmi to coax 75 ohm tv input (adapter)?

    I am wanting to find a solution to connect Roku Streaming stick with HDMI (Male) to 75 Ohm coax TV input? Is there an adapter / or converter to:do this at a reasonable price?
  29. M

    Solved! Question about Dolby Atmos via HDMI ARC and SK8

    Hello everybody, I hope someone will know to answer my question. I am thinking of buying LG SK8 soundbar because of Dolby Atmos. I have LG OLED55B7 TV (supports Atmos) and LG UP970 4K BluRay player (also has Atmos support). As you can see, I already have those two LG devices, so it only makes...
  30. I

    Strange freezing problem when connect HDMI to TV

    My plasma TV does not recognize computers with HDMI but recognize a blueray player. I have a strange problem between: - Dell Plasma TV - Acer Laptop with Geforce GTX 1050ti GPU and - Samsung Laptop with the only built-in graphics card - A Blu-ray disc player - Firstly, I connected to Samsung...
  31. C

    Help regarding Sound issues with Samsung TV

    I have recently plugged my PC (win 7) with USB but no HDMI ports to my samsung TV with HDMI. Graphics work fine but with no sound. I know I need to get a HDMI cable for the TV but which adaptor do I need for the PC which has a HDMI port. There are loads out there but dont want to waste my money...
  32. W

    HDMI to old coax recorder

    looking to hook up my satalite box to dvd recorder, new box is HDMI output but recorder is coax input only
  33. L

    Phillips Momentum 32 Inch 2k display, no audio from my pc using Display Port HDMI cable

    As the title says above I have this monitor I bought off Amazon for its price and features: https://www.amazon.com/Philips-Momentum-326M6FJSB-Monitor-2560x1440/dp/B072MFLHDX I also got a ps4 and I'm trying to get the sound from it to pass through the monitor since it comes with two built in...
  34. Y

    Laptop screen goes blank when HDMI connected

    Can you share us the link with which driver has to be downloaded
  35. D

    Connected TV to PC with HDMI to USB cable nothing

    I'm trying to watch my movies from PC to TV. I bought a cable that has HDMI one side and USB the other side as my PC has no female HDMI input?
  36. J

    Laptop not connection thru HDMI

    My Laptop used to work fin when i plug it to the tv which is pluged everyday cuz i use it all the time but today after i did a reboot it didnt work i tried a different tv and differenc cables but the problem seems to be on the pc idk if its the port or windows but im really stressed out right...
  37. B

    How can I stream from my laptop through my Dish receiver using HDMI?

    I'm trying to connect my laptop to my tv using my Dish receiver in order to stream from my laptop. I've connected the HDMI cable to both my laptop and the receiver, but I'm unable to stream to my tv.
  38. P

    Solved! Getting sound from alienware monitor

    I have 2 hdmi ports on this monitor, (hdmi 1)one goes to computer, (hdmi 2) to cable box for tv. Question is can I get (hdmi 2) to play through the computer speakers?
  39. R

    pioneer hdmi mutes when switching inputs on tv

    When I power on my system with Pioneer AV receiver and Samsung smart TV my receiver digital audio icon is always blinking and doesn't pass audio. I almost always have to switch to next HDMI input on receiver and then back to "wake it up" and get audio. Sources are all HDMI to TV and then 1...
  40. J

    How do I connect my kindle fire to my TCL roku t.v

    It says hdmi has no signal
  41. A

    Auto shutdown HT and monitor

    Hello I have some issues... My setup is like this, from PC I have a HDMI cable to Samsung HT and from HT to the monitor another HDMI cable. Is there any possibility when I shut down the computer to also close/shutdown HT and monitor? Or at least the monitor when I'm closing the HT? I'm getting...
  42. R

    No volume Bose

    I have a Samsung DLP with a Bose 321, Samsung Blu-ray, Fios Cable, recently purchased a Firestick to stream Amazon movies. I have a HDMI switch to assist with the HDMI cables, I connected all the HDMI cables to the switch, the switch to the TV, the Bose has a HDMI and Optical cable to the TV ...
  43. R

    Solved! 1x4 splitter and audio setup

    Hello Hope someone can help. I have 4 televisions on a 1x4 splitter 4K HDMI. two of them are 4k only. No problem at all with the video. I have the xfinity cable box split to the splitter directly. I have an Onkyo 9.2 787 with many 2.2 HDMI's. Help me to connect. When connecting directly to...
  44. O

    Firestick for CRT-TV ?

    I have a CRT-TV with coax and RCA inputs, no HDMI. Is there an HDMI to analog adapter available that will actually work, less than the price of a new 32-36” TV ? Thanks-
  45. A

    Get all features from Yamaha YAS-207 with correct connection.

    Hi everyone. I stack, really stack and need your help. How to connect the soundbar to get 4k DTS:X sound from the TV, Apple TV, and PS4 Slim. I want to get DTS:X sound from PS4, watch 4k DTS:X movies from TV USB and Apple TV. My setup TV Philips 49puh4900/88 (400гц,Ultra HD 4k) Connection...
  46. V

    cant connect new soundbar to my LG32Lk500BPTA

    can anyone help me,my have rca connection and HDMI but HDMI is input only NOT(ARC)
  47. S

    (Laptop connect HDMI to TV) TV Sound Volume drop when bass hit

    Connected laptop to TV via HDMI, image and sound are present. Problems is the sound, when play music or movies, when the bass hit in, the volume was heard automatically lowered, and increase back after bass faded. If I play USB thumb drive on the tv, I don't find this issue, the volume are...
  48. A

    Help with a laptop and a monitor

    Hi so i was wondering if this laptop https://www.ultrabookreview.com/19469-acer-nitro-5-review-coffee-lake/ can run on my 144hz screen ViewSonic XG2402 2 the laptop only has hdmi and 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C 1. can i get at list 120hz with that laptop on my screen if i buy an adaptor or...
  49. S

    My laptop won't connect to a PC via HDMI.

    I have a laptop with a broken screen which I use televisions for as a monitor. I just got a larger TV second hand, and the computer will only display the boot-up process. The second it gets to the login screen, the display shuts down and goes back to displaying "No Signal". I know the HDMI cord...
  50. B

    My Asus X441N Laptop cannot project.

    When I connect my Asus X441N laptop to the Acer projector through either vga or hdmi, it doesn't project any features from my laptop. But when my friend connect her ASUS X441N laptop to the same projector, it automatically projects to the projector what has been there on her laptop. I am...
  51. M

    No 5.1 sound from Netflix

    Hello all, I have a samsung ht-j5150 5.1 audio system and i have it hooked up to a philips 50PUS6503/12 via a high speed hdmi cable with ethernet (in the ARC hdmi slot). The problem is that regardless of the audio setting i choose on the tv or samsung audio system, i can't get 5.1 to play from...
  52. C

    Placing HDMI/ARC Between Receiver and TV

    Howdy. I've scoured the archives but haven't seen this particular question: I currently have a single HDMI cable running from my Denon receiver to my TCL Smart TV's HDMI-ARC jack. Works great. However, I want to get the audio from the TV to run to both Zone 1 AND Zone 2 on my receiver. Zone...
  53. M

    DirecTV C61W Genie Optical Out

    Is there a way to assign the Optical Out to send PCM signals while I retain the HDMI ARC Digital relationship with my 4K receiver? DTV gives no technical manual that I can find and a clunky on screen menu that suggests Dolby Digital or Standard.
  54. M

    No hdmi output on toshiba L650

    Gday, my Toshiba laptop screen is black, no picture. I've connected a hdmi cable to the TV, but the TV doesn't get a signal from the laptop. I've tried closing laptop lid, fn + F5, and also windows logo key + P 4 times... nothing. TV states no signal. Any other ideas please guys??
  55. R

    Computer wont boot if hdmi from smart tv is connected

    computer wont boot up if hdmi from smart tv is connected, if pluggin after boots, hdmi to tv works fine
  56. J

    Coaxial to HDMI

    I have cable tv coax coming from the wall that is hooked to my tv. I want to use a hdmi cable that is in the wall that can connect to my wall TV. Other end is next to the coax where it comes thru the wall. What do I need to convert the coax signal to hdmi? The cable service plan I subscribe to...
  57. T

    How do I connect my old analogue CD player to my HDMI receiver

    My denon receiver is all HDMI inputs, and it has Bluetooth capabilities. My CD player is analogue or optical output. Looking for the best solution. CD output to receiver input.
  58. G

    compatibility issues with surround sound amp

    I have a surround sound amplifier with surround sound speakers. No HDMI inputs or outputs on the amp. Limited to RCA or s video. My direct tv box only has a video, hdmi, usb, or Digital audio options. Lastly I have a projector with hdmi inputs, s video inputs, and component inputs. I want to...
  59. I

    Wireless projector Firestick soundbar setup

    Hi, Just had my back room renovated and I’m having a shelf above the archway (knocked 2 rooms in to 1). I was looking to put a projector and sound bar up there with a fully loaded Firestick with as little wires as possible. I was thinking if I can get a wireless hdmi soundbar (2 hdmi slots)...
  60. N

    hi. hkcb20, Samsung Tv. Hdmi arc. hybernate.

    hi. I wonder if you can help me here. I have a Samsung smart tv and the sb20 hk, my laptop hook on with a normal hdmi to tv an