Question Issue with Blu Ray Player Connected to Soundbar


Sep 5, 2012

For starters, my setup:

TV: Sony XBR-85X900F
Soundbar: Samsung HW-N950
Sony UBP-X700 4K Blu Ray Player
Xfinity X1 Cable Box
Xbox One
Kinivo 301BN HDMI Switch

Cable box, Blu Ray Player, and Xbox One connected to inputs on Kinivo Switch. Output on Kinivo Switch connected to input on Samsung Soundbar. Soundbar connected to HDMI 3 (ARC) port of Sony TV.

The issue: for a brief time, I could see the Blu Ray player main menu. Long enough to run through the initial set up (it's new). After switching inputs on the switch, the Blu Ray player main menu no longer shows up. None of the Blu Ray player apps (like Netflix) show either. Just "no signal" on the TV. However, if I put in a movie and push play, the movie will run and voila, a picture. The only issue is with the Blu Ray player home screen and apps. Any ideas what would cause this, and how to fix it? There are no issues with the Xbox or Cable Box. Also, the TV "sees" the Blu Ray player and the port where it's connected (since they are both Sony it identified it on the HDMI port by name "UBP-X700").

I also tried removing the switch from the equation and going direct from Blu Ray to Soundbar, with the same results. The Blu Ray player menu and apps won't show up, but playing a movie works. I've tried any number of different Hdmi Cables, powering off all devices, reconnecting, removing the other devices from the switch, etc. with no luck. Not sure what's going on here. As I mentioned before, I did get the menu to show up when I initially hooked up the player and ran through the setup. But since then, no luck.

Any advice or suggestions is appreciated.