Question Yamaha AVR RX-v385/Samsung TV/ Streaming - random audio drops

Jun 13, 2022
Hi All! I've googled as much as I could and cannot seem to find a resolution. I'm hoping someone out there might have thoughts on my issue. I'll try to be as detailed as possible and remove any fluff.

Issue: Audio randomly drops from my Yamaha AVR (RX-V385) while streaming from my PC via DLNA on my Samsung smart tv (QN50Q60TAFXZA)

When watching any kind of file from my PC (WIN10 + media streaming enabled. Streaming done via WIFI, cannot hardwire Cat5e to TV) via DLNA - Video is always fine. Unless it's a file format my TV does not support, almost all files play with Video
AUDIO will randomly drop. Some days, I could be watching something for 2 hours and the audio never drops. Other days, the audio would be on for 1 min and it will completely drop.
Sometimes, I can reboot, disable/re-enable AnyNet+ or eARC or restart the TV and it would come back and others times not.
On the AVR, I can see in the display there is no audio at all. Anything related to speaker icons or sound related icons are gone.
Sometimes, the audio is choppy and I can see the displays flickering all speaker icons or sound icons.
  • I have also tried unplugging the HDMI cable --> wait 5 mins --> replug everything back in and my sound still drops when streaming
Current hardware setup for TV:
  • TV is mounted above fireplace.
  • I have a multi media in wall jack hookup. In other words, the HDMI's and audio wiring for the speakers all have faceplate jacks that I plug into the wall with. Again a double female end wall plate connects the cabling
  • 2 HDMI cables are in-wall and cannot be ripped out unless I cut open the walls.
  • The wiring on the 2 in wall HDMI cables are stamped as High Speed with Ethernet on them
    • On the TV, HDMI IN 2 is labeled eARC --> that is correctly connected and working in the wall jack. HDMI In 1 is plugged in, but not used
  • HDMI 2 IN eARC from TV --> wall jack --> HDMI ARC OUT in AVR
Current hardware setup for AVR:
  • As mentioned, HDMI IN 2 eARC from TV is connected to HDMI OUT in AVR (dedicated port)
  • Blu Ray is connected via HDMI 1
  • Cable box connected to HDMI 2
  • Xbox One connected to HDMI 3
  • Nintendo Switch connected to HDMI 4
  • All speaker wiring connected to wall jack
Current TV software (?) setup
  • Anynet+ = enabled
  • eARC = enabled/Auto
  • Dolby Atmos = enabled
  • Confirmed the latest Firmware is installed on TV
Current AVR software (?) setup
  • HDMI Controls = enabled
  • ARC = enabled
  • Channel (?) set to AUDIO1
  • Confirmed the latest Firmware is installed on AVR
What is confirmed working:
  • When watching a Blu-Ray disc in BR = working, Video+ Audio: no issue
  • When playing on Xbox One = working, Video+ Audio: no issue
  • When playing on Nintendo Switch = working, Video+ Audio: no issue
  • When watching on Verizon Fios Cable box = working, Video+ Audio: no issue
  • The HDMI cables in wall+jack have been there for a while. I had a Samsung home theatre in a box (HT-D5100) and never had an issue with sound when streaming
Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. I'm hoping someone out there might have an idea! I've tried everything and cannot figure this out and it's driving me absolutely crazy!!! I'm happy to go get images if it helps with troubleshooting!
Jun 13, 2022
Hi All,

Did some more testing and hoping someone here might have any thoughts.

I have tested unplugging both the hdmi and power cables from the AVR. I can only easily access access the hdmi on the tv as the plug is in the back and hard to get to without dismounting.

Anyways, I tested a whole new HDMI cable today (10 footer) and the audio worked without an issue for about an hour.

Thinking further, I went to the wall jack and unplugged the HDMI cable within the wall from the female-female jack. I plugged the hdmi in the wall + the one to the AVR and tried to stream content from my PC again. Lo-and-behold, the audio worked.
On the TV, when I use the remote to turn up or down the volume, i do see HDMI-eARC show up (it didn't do that before for anything).

I kept media streaming on the TV and AVR for about 4 hours today and audio never dropped. I will test throughout the week to see if this works.

The only odd thing now....when I turn on the power to the TV with the TV remote, the AVR does not turn on (even though AnyNet+ and ARC is enabled on both devices). However, turning OFF the TV does turn off the AVR. If this is the only drawback to the fixed audio.....i'll take it
Jun 13, 2022
So it's been a week and the audio has not dropped at all.

Watching TV on STB = no issues
Playing the Nintendo Switch = no issues
Playing Xbox One = no issues
Watching movie on Blu Ray player = no issue
Streaming content from my PC as a DLNA = no issues.

So if anyone ever googled this, all I did was unhook all the HDMI cables from the AVR, TV and in my case, the female/female in wall HDMI jack. I replugged the AVR and TV to make sure they all fit tight. I took the extra step and got a can of compressed air and blew out the female/female jack (both sides) as I was thinking dust or something got into it and somehow all that worked. When adjusting the volume, I can see the TV Show +/- HDMI-eARC visually

Two pitfalls for this:
1: Even though I have AnyNet+ (CEC) and ARC enabled on both AVR and TV, when I power up the TV the AVR does not power up with it. I have to start it up on the AVR remote.
  • However, I can control the volume with the TV remote without issue
  • I cannot turn off all units by turning off the AVR
2: Even using the samsung TV remote to program the AVR (going through the setup guide and testing and confirming that power comes on or off and volume control works), it still does not power on the AVR,

Again, if these are the only 2 pitfalls, I will live with this.