Question Panasonic TXP50UT50B - HDMI ports dead?


Mar 16, 2011
I have a Panasonic TXP50UT50B 50" 3D TV which is, admittedly, an old one as it's from 2012, but before I look at replacing it immediately, is there a potential easy fix to the HDMI ports apparently being dead?

They used to be perfectly fine for all the time I've used this TV, and then one day, they just stopped working.

I saw another thread on here for a Samsung TV, where it said the HDMI chips just 'go to sleep' when the TV is switched off with the remote, and they don't wake up again properly from that. The answer was to unplug the TV for 10 minutes and then plug it back in, and it's fine until whatever fix Samsung might've applied to that (it was a 2015 thread and had gone wrong after Samsung applied a bad update).

So, I tried that with this TV, and also even left it unplugged overnight, but no change come the morning.

If it's a hardware issue inside, then given its age, I won't be opening it up to take stuff apart as I'd most likely just set the house on fire.

Looking up videos on it, I tried all the apparent fixes, which at the time just said to unplug it for a minute and that didn't work. They also talked about doing a factory reset, but I didn't fancy losing all my settings and, quite frankly, I couldn't see any evidence that that would change anything. And on that Samsung thread, it didn't make a difference for anyone anyway.

At present, as the TV has component inputs, I have the amp's HDMI output going to that, but 720p is a pain when I was used to 1080p.

So, if there is an easy non-technical fix, please tell me. Thanks.