Solved! HDMI connection dropping between PC and Pioneer receiver

Nov 5, 2019
Hello there! I need a little help. D:

I have the following setup.

PC --- (HDMI cable) --- Pioneer 921 receiver --- (HDMI cable) --- TV (1080p)

Everything worked flawlessly. I could switch between my different audio outputs on my PC (headphones, monitor speakers or the Pioneer receiver) on the fly to hear music. My receiver was also connected with to TV, so I could send video too.

But now I upgraded my TV to a 4k OLED one (Sony AF9). It's still the same setup. I don't really use the HDMI connection between my PC to my TV for video anymore (I rather use the apps and the audio return channel (ARC)). And it works.

However, when I wanna hear music and turn on my receiver now, the signal to my PC always keeps dropping out every few seconds and reconnects again. The music stops comming out of my receiver (therefore comming out of my headphones or monitor speakers) and after a few seconds out of my receiver again.

It works again when I unplug the HDMI cable between the receiver to the TV. And like I said, it worked perfectly with my old TV, so there must be some kind of interference or handshaking issue with my new TV and my old receiver. When I use the HDMI connection from the PC to the receiver I know I automatically send video too (of course the TV is turned off) and I know that the Pioneer 921 receiver is not capable of 4k. But I am not even trying sending 4k footage.

Tried to swap the HDMI cable/s and change the resolution of my TV in the nvidia control panel. No success.

Sooo...I don't know what I could do. Am I out of luck and have to buy a new receiver? Or unpug the HDMI connection between the TV and receiver everytime I wanna listen to music through my PC?