Question Can I record 5.1 audio in Pro Tools via Hdmi audio converter and opical Out?

Jan 14, 2020
Hey everyone,
I would like to know theoretically, if there is a way to record 5.1 audio in Pro Tools via Hdmi audio converter and opical Out?

I need to split audio through the HDMI audio converter via optical Out in S/PDIF and then go to an interface with optical In in S/PDIF aswell.
My Interface is the Behringer Firepower FCA61 with optical in in S/PDIF.
For recording only audio in 5.1, I would use Pro Tools.

My question is if S/PDIF optical Out is able to support 5.1?

Thank you for helping and much love.
Jan 14, 2020
The optical output does support 5.1 but I doubt that the Behringer will accept a 5.1 input. It would need to have the ability to process Dolby Digital and/or other surround sound codecs.
Most likely it will only handle PCM stereo.
Oh okay, thanks for the feedback, it kinda makes sense to me. But it still has an optical input which should include 5.1, shouldn't it? Would you know a different interface that would accept 5.1 through the HDMI audio converter in optical in?
It's not the interface or the optical input.
It would require additional hardware inside the interface as well as licensing the audio codecs for it to accept 5.1.
Makes the interface more expensive to make and to sell.
You may be able to get an optical to 5.1 analog converter that would work if the interface has 6 analog inputs.
It won't work with any audio codecs not listed as compatible.
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