Question My computer does not support 5.1 audio through optical audio

Feb 19, 2022
I am trying to setup a 5.1 speaker system with a receiver (Sony STRDH590 ) to my desktop. I tried to connect the computer and the receiver together via an optical audio cable. When I turned the receiver on it played music, however the left and right sounds where only coming out. I later found out that the optical audio on the computer only supports Left and Right speakers. The only way to use 5.1 sound from my computer are the 3.5mm ports for the speakers in a 5.1 setup. My receiver does not have individual inputs for speakers, so I want to have the input be optical audio. I have a Sound Blaster Recon 3di to process sound to the receiver. I looked for drivers the supports 5.1 optical audio, but I found nothing. If anyone has any ideas how I can move forward feel free to drop a comment. Thanks
Feb 22, 2022
I had a similar problem 5.1 worked through my Optical cable, but somewhere along the line of windows updates it stopped funnily I could get 5.1 when I sampled the Dolby Access for Headphones, but that was the only time it would work. I finally downloaded the latest driver for my sound card (realtek) and the sound is perfect again
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