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  1. SCJ3183

    Question SSD crashed. Can't boot with new

    I own a Lenovo Flex5 with Windows 10. Recently my SSD crashed. On starting the system it started showing boot media not found error and in bios page it showed that hard disk is not recognised. I have a one drive backup for all the data so I'm not much concerned with that part of it. I ordered a...
  2. stanloona

    Question How to undo password encryption for folders on Windows 10?

    I used this tutorial to set a password for folders on my external drive: . But is there a way to undo this process? Any assistance is appreciated.
  3. DCB007

    Question Virus in my laptop

    I downloaded something from torrent . After that I installed that. When that completed , my doc and pfd files had extra extension “.hese” and a new window was popping up again and again with address:- “”. Areadme file also was there with them, in which it was written that your...
  4. Confederate_Lady_1863

    Question I have an iView 1760AIO64 Computer , Intel Celeron, 4GB/64GB (Expandable Notebook Drive) and I like to know the best ssd to buy to upgrade tablet?

    I'm trying to find an ssd drive to upgrade my tablet with more storage and larger drive. i'd like to know what is the best ssd out there to buy for my tablet.
  5. David___Only

    Question How to fix“ ERROR-invalid argument/option - 'Live' ” in this code?

    So I want to close my live wallpaper when epic games launcher starts and then start it when i close the launcher and with other programs it worked fine but now it gives me this error message:ERROR: Invalid argument/option - 'Live'. I think this is because the live wallpaper has spaces in its...
  6. Nicola0927

    Laptop not turning on?

    Okay I admit that I spilled a little bit of a drink on my laptop, however I cleaned it immediately and the laptop was working fine, the keyboard did turn off though after an hour. So, I used an external keyboard but two days later and now the power button isn’t turning on but the laptop is...
  7. booterboii

    Question Bootable windows 10 USB made with etcher won't boot onto HP pavilion

    So a few days ago my sister was going to use her laptop and turned it on, it was a plain black screen for a while, so she did a force shut down and turned it back on when it turned back on, it was doing updates so she waited and when it reached 100% it went back to 0% and she waited till it...
  8. K

    Windows 10 will not boot on Ryzen 3800X

    Not long ago I built a new PC on Ryzen 2700X, I just purchased a 3800X and swapped it out, but it will not boot into Windows 10. It sits at the Windows logo with circle spinning endlessly. Doesn't boot into Windows 10 normal mode on 3800X Boots fine into Safe Mode on 3800X Doesn't clean boot...
  9. M

    Question Alfa AWUS036NHA not appering on Kali Linux applicaton on Windows 10 with airmon-ng command

    I have installed Kali Linux application that Windows 10 has. I made the update and upgrade installed wireshark and metasploit framework. I have installed also the Alfa AWUS036NHA device in my laptop. It works pretty well when I choose it it receives wifi that are around. When i write the command...
  10. S

    EVGA 780ti crashing windows

    Hey there guys, After I installed the May 2019 version of Windows 10, some of my games starting giving me "update your drivers" error. After I finally updated using Nvidia's GeForce experience, the windows crashed. As, It went into automatic repair every time, and no recovery methods...
  11. CL19

    Solved! Laptop doesn't work without charger plugged in, while battery shows that it's at 0 percent and discharging(Windows 10)

    Hello. I have an Asus F550JX-DM 247D laptop and the problem is with the battery . I have tried letting it charge for hours, but it just won't charge. When I have my battery in, while the laptop is plugged in and "charging", if I unplug it it turns off instantly. Also, my battery says "0%...
  12. B

    Question Windows 10 crashing, shows 'No boot device found' and sometimes boots up perfectly and then crashes

    I looked up this problem and found a few threads with similar problem to mine. In those threads people suggested that it could be due to hard disk failure. I tried out a tool name Hard Disk Sentinel to check the health of my hard drive and it showed that my hard drive health is excellent and it...
  13. C

    Question Way to fix bluetooth headphones stuttering after watching streamed videos?

    I have Sennheiser Urbanite Wireless XLs, and basically when I watch a streamed video on Chrome and every other browser I have used, if I skip videos in say a playlist, after a couple of skips the video and my audio will start to stutter, it also occurs after I have watched streamed videos for a...
  14. M

    Question Windows 10 Advanced Options Password

    Hello, I have a HP Spectre and I’m trying to get into advanced options but they all require a password that are not any password I’ve ever used. How can I get in to command prompt? I’m locked In safe mode and I cannot login to it as that’s not working either
  15. J

    Question Asus x553ma startup errors

    Hi all! I have an Asus X553MA laptop. The other day, it started lagging, then the screen went crazy. When I tried to restart it, it started the automatic repair, but failed. Some attempts gave me the error saying ntoskernel error, and also the "a necessary device is not connected" error. I...
  16. Revnus

    Question Broken LCD + Lost password.

    My cousin died two weeks ago. My uncle wants to access his notebook and the files like pictures and so on. Im trying to help him. The problem is that we don't have my cousin's login password (admin windows 10 linked to email password), we dont have the email account password, and the lcd...
  17. M

    laptop shifts to sleep from shutdown

    i bought a laptop, and when the parcel reached, the battery was low as dead... i charged it when i shut it down and leave it overnight, and turn it on the other day, it wakes from sleep, and has consumed a lot of battery... don't know if it is hardware or software problem... don't...
  18. KuroNT

    Question Fusion 5 Windows Tablet

    My tablet worked this morning. For some reason it won't boot anymore. I put it on charge then it wouldn't charge. I go to turn it on and won't boot. I try to hold the power button, etc. Nothing works, please help.
  19. SnackinMcCracken

    Question My laptop is stuck on the Aptio Seutp Utility screen, I don’t know how to get out of this, how do I fix it?

    My MSI laptop keeps getting stuck on the Aptio Setup Utility Screen. When I turn it off and on again it keeps going back to this screen. I have a MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RE Please help if you can.
  20. C

    Question Audio & Other Problems

    Ok. I've recently been getting a host of problems, I'll list my computer, then the problems in order. Computer: Windows 10; GTX 1070; Asus Z170 Pro-gaming Aura; Corsair Vengeance LPX Ram; Samsung 850 500GB SSD. Problems: Games started randomly crashing and giving blue screens. A couple of the...
  21. jsmoke

    Question audio can't play while mic on enabled, vise versa

    any headset i connect to my pc is unable to play audio through the headphones option in sounds preferences, unless the mic is disabled. if i select headset as the default device, i can have audio and input, but the audio quality is terrible. i have tried reinstalling windows and realtek...
  22. S

    Question Screen flickering on my Asus laptop

    Hi everyone, I've read multiple subjects about it but wanted to have someone's advice Hi have had an Asus laptop as my main computer for a long time. It was always plugged in an had no display problem. When I use it on battery, all goes well except when running under 50% battery the screen...