Solved! Laptop doesn't work without charger plugged in, while battery shows that it's at 0 percent and discharging(Windows 10)

Jul 2, 2019
Hello. I have an Asus F550JX-DM 247D laptop and the problem is with the battery .

I have tried letting it charge for hours, but it just won't charge. When I have my battery in, while the laptop is plugged in and "charging", if I unplug it it turns off instantly.

Also, my battery says "0%, discharging" when plugged in.

Should I just get a new battery at this point? I have used the laptop mainly for gaming and had it plugged in while gaming because i have better FPS while it's plugged in.
You need a new battery. That one is done for. Just be sure you do not get an aftermarket one. While it may seem like a great idea, as they usually cost less, they aren't a good idea. They are usually made of much cheaper parts and can even be damaging to a device. Stick with the OEM battery.
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