Question Surface 3 randomly acts like I am holding down one of th Windows keys


Hi everyone,

This is a weird one, and it will be hard to check if it's solved or not because of it happening intermittently.
As the question states, my Microsoft Surface 3, both while docked and not docked, randomly acts like I am holding down the Windows key. Just a few minutes ago, I was about to type in a website when suddenly it started opening Search, Cortana, the Action Center, OneDrive, etc. at the same time. The only way to stop this is to press the Windows key again. I only now realized this while typing that it's the Windows Key based on the shortcuts it was opening- My temporary solution has been to press every one of the keys on that row besides the spacebar to be sure whenever it happens (CTRL, Windows Key, and Alt on both sides of the keyboard). Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Microsoft Surface 3 (RT)
Intel Atom x7-Z8700 CPU
4.00GB of RAM
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 21H1 (Obviously not fit for Windows 11), reinstalled in August 2021.
Broken touchscreen- Currently works as a netbook, usually docked on the official Microsoft Surface 3 Dock.


Broken touchcreen, that would cause random things to happen if the system thinks someone is touching the screen.
Did you try another keyboard also?
Right, but then I don't think it would only be the Windows key if that was the case. I've since disabled the touchscreen anyway, even though that the corner that used to make it detect some random touch points doesn't even do that now.

I usually use the Surface in the dock with a monitor, mouse, speakers, and a Logitech USB keyboard attached and without the magnetic keyboard, since the small screen size strains my eyes. This happens both when using the magnetic keyboard without the dock and when using the USB keyboard with the dock.

The tablet always had a random stutter (and replacing it 3 times didn't fix it) which makes me remove and reinsert the keyboard but this is a new issue.


Update: This is very strange, but it this is also happening on my Surface Pro 4. But until now, it has only happened with the Logitech external keyboard. I have not yet seen it happen on the Microsoft magnetic keyboard - But I have only been using this computer since January. It also has it's own version of the "stutter", but not nearly as bad as it was on the Surface 3.

Just a couple of days ago the Surface 3's connections froze, meaning it had no ability to use any keyboard or mouse and without the touchscreen it required a force restart. I know it wasn't totally frozen because holding down the power button prompts the "Swipe down to power off" message. I do not know if these issues are related.

So this problem could be caused by anything, but maybe I am remembering wrong and this only happens with my Logitech keyboard? It's a keyboard from quite a few years ago, when Windows 8 was not yet developed.

I have no other laptop to try this with.