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Forum discussion tagged with keyboard.
  1. Z

    Question Acer Aspire E5-511G keys and freeze

    When I turn on the laptop the a letter key and the ` key dont respond. After 10-15 minutes they respond. I don't think its from the keyboard I replaced it last year and its not dusty. Also after some use randomly the laptop freezes and not everytime but sometimes the fans are going high and when...
  2. Question How can I connect mouse and PC to phone at the same time?

    Hello, I am an automation tester and I need a special connection between smartphone, device, and mouse. Could I connect a mouse to the phone, meanwhile controlling the phone from a PC from Android Studio via USB? I need to handle this scenario to make tests faster. Thank you a lot. ~...
  3. L

    Question My Laptop keyboard works fine for normal use,but when i open games and laptop heats up, the keyboard keys stop to work. Pls help

    When i use my Laptop for normal use, the keyboard works fine. But when i start to play games like minecraft and all, it generally starts to heat up as usual but whats unusual is that various keys of pc stop to work. When I opened the keyboard panel i found that the wires (which look like tape)...
  4. Frezix

    Keyboard error.

    Just got my new Redragon Draconic keyboard.It was working normal,today when i pressed key one it started typing:jiy9tofmg/rc-z7890--=98765432111234256347890kl;sd.It always types that and im confused.My little sister has typed something on it today,could that be what caused this,or is it...
  5. Jwolf17589

    Question Lenovo T420 Keyboard not working

    Hello Everyone, My Lenovo T420 keyboard is not working. The Power button, fingerprint reader, and mute button work. The keys, volume up/down, and all other keys are unresponsive. I do not have sticky keys applied, and have tried installing another generic ps/2 driver, but that has not worked. I...
  6. thekbw

    Question acer nitro 5 keyboard

    over time by q,w,2,3,shift, and now d key stopped working, they stopped working in that order over the course of a few weeks, ive cleaned the keys, already no luck, im trying to solve this before more keys stop working
  7. smartchin77

    Question Laptop keyboards (yes, multiple) malfunctioned a few days after replacing them. What should I do?

    I have replaced my laptop (Asus R558U) keyboard thrice but faced the same problem every time. After a few days of replacing the keyboard, some of the keys get pressed automatically. They keep pressing until I press some other key. Again, I don't think keyboards are the root cause here, it is...
  8. D

    Question key won't work unless holding shift

    So my P key won't work unless I hold shift. But the problem is that even when reinstalling the driver it doesn't fix it. Now here's the weird part, it works on some websites and applications, but it wont work on the system in its entirety, so I know it isn't the hardware, if the key itself is...
  9. C

    Question Function keys of EXTERNAL bluetooth keyboard gets inverted from factory

    Hello, I did not know where to post this. And there's no applicable solutions so far.... I bought a 3rd party Chinese bluetooth LED Android /laptop keyboard. It works great until I discover that the function keys are inverted from the factory. The most troublesome inverted key is the...
  10. Meleles

    Question Keyboard

    Some keys on the keyboard of a laptop are not working and as the switch on button is one of them the laptop turns off or goes to sleep randomly. When the cable of the keyboard is not connected the laptop is working properly. Can I fix this issue somehow without changing the keyboard?
  11. LF2020

    Solved! Keyboard malfunction

    Hi Today my laptop keyboard doesn’t work and hence can’t pass the screen lock password stage. I restarted the laptop, didn’t work. I am not tech savvy, is there anything I can do before taking it somewhere?
  12. P

    Question Some laptop keys sometime don't work

    Hi everybody, I have a problem and I can't wrap my head around it. Sometimes the "t" "y" "o" Keys of my asus laptop don't work. what I mean is that sometime I press those keys and noting gets registered. I have to press them 3 or 4 times or even keep pressing them before the letter gets printed...
  13. testr

    Solved! MSI laptop built in keyboard selected keys stopped working

    I have an MSI GLM 7RD laptop, the I O P J K L keys would randomly stop responding when pressed, but would respond if i was holding another key and press one of those key I tried using an external keyboard and it works fine, I also tried reintalling the keyboard driver
  14. U

    Question Touch keyboard won't work

    Most of the keys on my physical keyboard didn't work so I ended up using the touch keyboard, when I try to type it opens random things (pressing A opens notifications, pressing i opens settings etc.)
  15. vitalApocalypse

    Solved! HP keys all weird?

    Recently, ive been having problems with my keyboard, those being: When I try to tap with certain keys, multiple characters show up (ex: a = as, q = we, r = rw, v = vx, w = qrw, x = zvx, z = zx) When I try to tap with certain keys, it opens the page searcher and then tries to save the webpage to...
  16. Hard_to_Pronounce

    Question Keyboard keys detachable?

    Are key covers in Asus TUF fx705 detachable?
  17. sketchameeny

    Solved! SOME keys not working after laptop keyboard replacement

    HP Probook 455 G3 Various keys on the board weren’t working so I replaced the integrated keyboard entirely. With a brand new keyboard, the same keys still don’t work, though as before SOME do. I have updated and reinstalled the keyboard drivers AND the synaptics driver to no avail. The...
  18. QueenYM

    Solved! My Keyboard is Malfunctioning

    Hey. My laptop has the same issue. But U bring up UI, I brings up UI or IU, J bring up J8, 8 brings up J8, K bring up 7K, 7 brings 7K, Y brings 'Y,' , ',' bring up 'Y,' and end brings N at the beginning of the sentence. I have replaced my keyboard and uninstalled the drive as well as tried the...
  19. snowyburak

    Solved! Keyboard glitch/bug

    My "s" and "q" keys suddenly started glitching out when pressed they either repeat or dont work at all (each press) example: hello my name iss nowy
  20. Dell_7577_KO

    Solved! Odd problem with Dell 7577 gaming laptop: Keyboard only types if Caps Lock is ON

    I only noticed the problem today while attempting a reinstall of Win 10. Prior to that I used an external keyboard and mouse. The problem has the following symptoms: Keyboard only types if Caps lock is ON. (All letters are capitalized) If I hold down SHIFT, I can type in lowercase. If I...
  21. Hyosungelena

    Question I spilled water on my laptop,both sides,double values for some keys and possible battery damage?

    I spilled water on the both sides of my laptop.I dried it as fast as I could,and thank God it still turns on.But the laptop doesn't turn off at 0 percent (It used to turn off at 7 percent if I remember correctly)and some keys type double values.For example,both key 'p' and key '-' type p-. 'W'...
  22. aomine703

    Question The 'k' key on my keyboard is not working

    I have still not found what is causing the problem but when I tried this guy method mentioned in the link below then it was working in safe mode but I still don't know what to do. Please help guys.
  23. LeoLuca

    Question Laptop Keyboard Turns Off - Turns Back On When Any USB is Disconnected/Connected

    I have a ASUS GL503VM Laptop (ROG Strix) and it always has the following problem. I turn on the Laptop, entire my Windows PIN, and after the keyboard does not receive input for a few seconds, it becomes unresponsive. None of the keys work. The keyboard becomes responsive again when any USB...
  24. J

    Solved! Windows 10 | Left Shift reduces volume, Right Shift toggle mute and Left Ctrl toggle airplane mode

    I have a new laptop HP Pavilion 15, with Windows 10 Home, and the keyboard (a standard QWERTY) if isn't working properly: When I press the "Left Ctrl" key it's enable/disable Airplaine Mode and opens the Outlook app. When I press the "Left Shitt" key it's reduces the volume. When I press the...
  25. G

    Question Certain keys not working on keyboard.

    I have an Asus x541UVK running Windows 10 and a few days ago, the 6, 7, y, u, h, j, n, and m keys stopped functioning on my laptop. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard ribbon cable but it didn't make a difference. My c key has now also stopped working. An external keyboard works...
  26. naxenthe

    Question Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB - Keyboard/Touchpad Issues

    Running Windows 10 on an Ideapad 330-15IKB. Started having issues yesterday with the keyboard - the cursor would revert to the beginning of the line while typing, making it impossible to type a legible sentence. It also started typing by itself on the log-in screen, making it hard to type my...
  27. V

    Question Lenovo keyboard troubleshoot

    Hello! I have Lenovo Ideapad 330 laptop and got it for more than a year now, it works perfect and just as good as it should be, around 2/3 months ago I started having this super annoying problem and that some of the keys in my keyboard (few letters and one number) hardly respond and I have to...
  28. Y

    Question Built-in keyboard not working (Acer Aspire ES 15 Laptop)

    Hi everyone. I have a strange problem. My laptop's built-in keyboard is not working inside Windows. It is a software-driver problem, because I can open the settings or the boot menu (F12). I can also enter bios and text, and every key works properly. However, when Windows is booted, not a...
  29. M

    Question Lenovo Legion Y720 internal keyboard conflicting (or not?) with external one

    Hi all! Recently I've started having issues with keyboard of my Lenovo Y720-15IKB - key caps falling off, one key sometimes not responding, so I got an external one. At some moments, keyboards would somehow conflict, and a key (not always the same one, it mostly happens during gaming, so it...
  30. Lucaskp4

    Question Lenovo NI 1401 laptop keyboard (or motherboard) issue

    Hi there! I'm an electronic technician and I tried almost everything to solve this problem (except replacing the motherboard). My laptop is with some keyboard issue that I can't solve. The issue is that some keys don't work properly. They are: 'Esc', '2', 'w', 's', 'x' and 'z'. These keys...
  31. nidelimit

    Question My external keyboard is typing radom keys when I'm writting

    Hi, i'm using an asus laptop and I don't usually like the feeling of the keyboards of laptops, and I plugged in my Mad Catz cyborg v7, but when I type a letter, for example, Z it types z1, or when I type 5, it types 45. I've tried uninstalling the drivers and installing again, changing the...
  32. S

    Question Deleted Standard PS/2 keyboard by mistake while trying to fix keyboard. Help? How to install it again

    My laptop suddenly stopped working. While searching the internet for solutions, one said delete and use a driver installer to download it again. Well, deleting was successful. Installing again doesn't work. How do I get back my Standard PS/2 keyboard driver installed? I am using an asus Gl702VT...
  33. C

    Question Keyboard Keys Sometimes don't work

    Certain Keys on my keyboard will fail to function at random. So far I have noticed the B, SPACEBAR, and ARROW keys fail to work. The strange part is that if one fails to work none work, and if one works they all work. My drivers are up to date and unable to be rolled back. I have a Dell...
  34. R

    Question [Acer Nitro 5] Some of my keyboard buttons keep stopping working

    It's not every button, it's just like 10 probably: S, K, O, Ctrl, Backspace and some numbers They randomly freeze and dont want to work when and its so annoying when i play games where the S button is important so like its annoying all the time and it's been like this since like a month ago...
  35. D

    jumbled numbers on keyboard

    i been using the marvo KG935 for a while now and suddenly the number keys got mixed up (not the numpad). For example when i press number 2 it comes out as 6, 3 as 7, 4 as 8 and so on. Please somebody help :( and thanks! (sorry for bad english)
  36. S

    Question Keyboard on Samsung SmartTV not working

    Have a Samsung 8000 Smart TV . When trying to enter my wireless internet password, the remote does not type on the keyboard. I know it is not that remote because I tried another Samsung remote that I paired (works on another set). I have done all the things, such as factory reset, unplugging...
  37. corinne44

    Question Razer Blade 14 No Keyboard Functionally After Exposure to Moisture

    The built-in keyboard and touchpad buttons on my Razer Blade 14" gaming laptop are not responding to key input. This occurred shortly after a few drops of water entered the bottom right corner of my laptop keyboard. Shortly after this happened, I attached my USB cooling fan in an attempt to...
  38. dipudangol

    why my laptop keyboard not working properly and on such event on removing power chord laptop shutting down immediately?

    I have a dell 5359 and its nearly 3 years old. Recently I am having problem which is often while charging, my keyboard stops working properly. The problem with the keyboard is that I can not type the same key consecutively but on non consecutive key stroke it works fine and on such events if i...
  39. danielxfx

    Question My laptop keyboard is typing square brackets when I press R T I simultaneously

    I have a Dell Inspiron 13 with default settings, original hardware and windows and no virus. For the keyboard settings I use English (Australia) and Portuguese (Brazil ABNT). With Australia Settings I get open brackets [ and with Portuguese I get closing brackets ] when the 3 letters are pressed...
  40. S

    Question External keyboard - Enter not working

    Hi everyone, I want to use an external Keyboard on my laptop. Everything seems to be working except the ENTER button. Even ' more advanced' buttons like play, stop, home, capslock etc are working fine. The only exception is the enter button. Laptop: DELL Latitude E5450 Keyboard...
  41. Arom_pd

    Question Lenovo legion y520 wont start after cleaning..

    Hi, I cleaned my laptop yesterday following every steps carefully without any missteps except for a flat cable that I broke trying to replug it to the mother bord while remounting the laptot. Ive seen on the net that this flat cable was linked to the keyboard. It was one of the last ones...
  42. Boxstep

    Question Acer laptop some keys not working(not ordinary)

    Hello, i will keep it short. I changed thermo paste cleaned dust put everything back like i always do. I turned computer on - fan spinning power light on but hdd led blinked once and display was off. I removed ram and hdd few times changed ram slots volia somehow everything worked again what a...
  43. S

    Question HP Laptop Keybboard

    Hi there, So I have a HP laptop, I'm unsure of the exact model but I've had it for a few years. Recently I gave it to my mum to use and she's having trouble using the laptop because of the keyboard. I used it myself and some of the keys work fine but if I hit the 'e' key it comes out with 'er'...
  44. helpmepls00003

    Asus ROG gaming keyboard

    my asus ROG gaming keyboard was fine this morning. But right now when i try to type something it comes like 4-5 letters than just 1. and when i try to play fortnite i can't move my guy, it looks like it is clitched or something. I have had this keyboard for maybe 4-5 months and i...
  45. Yarizu

    Question Holding Ctrl key locks every other key on the keyboard

    I bought a new keyboard, tried to play fortnite, but while holding the conrol key to crouch I couldn't do anything. I also got a problem where I couldn't pick up anything while holding shift (F is my pick up keybind). If you've got a solution I would be thankful.
  46. Dominator2000

    Thinkpads keyboard

    Hi, I recently tested the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 1st gen keyboard from the store. She felt fantastic. But I decided to buy a third generation. I was expecting a similar keyboard. But I was very disappointed. The keyboard was much worse with this generation. She was not so booming. I read...
  47. M

    Question Liquid damage

    So i spilt soda on my macbook air. It primarily went on the number keyboards and air vent (I think that's what it's called). I've never had this done before, so stupid me wiped the soda off the computer and kept using it for about 40 minutes (when class was over). Then i decided to ask the...
  48. teejol

    W Key Not Working in Games

    Doesn’t fit this thread but I have an issue. I currently use a Anne Pro 2 keyboard with Kailh BOX brown switches on an Xbox one X to play fortnite cross platform. After only a month of use, I have found my W key to be occasionally unresponsive and unreliable especially in games, making it...
  49. E

    Question Problem with my typing Windows 10

    Hi, I have problems with my typing, after a couple of minutes my typing become something like latin letters (œ¶ß) and there is nothing I can't do to change it. I search for a virus and I found : hacktool:win32/keygen. I removed it. But still have the same problem. I have download 2 antivirus, 3...
  50. crypix

    Question MSI GL62M 7RE "broken" keyboard, any solution?

    I own the GL62M 7RE model and I've been having this issue for months now. I tried updating the BIOS, EC and the Chipset and it worked fine for a few hours. But now my keys that i've had issues with do not work at all. Lots of people have been having the same issue as me with the embedded...
  51. M

    Solved! No Letters Or Numbers On My Keyboard work

    I Have A Lenovo, about 1year old.. it worked fine yesterday but now it wont. I cant type in the password into my laptop because no letters nor numbers will work. the CapsLock key works just fine and so does the Enter key. Ive tried to restart my computer Ive tried to shut it down and wait for a...
  52. ssam039

    Question keyboard got weird

    Hi everyone… I turned on my laptop today and when I tried to type something I realized that some keys are wrong… I tested it on Notepad and this is what happens: o key opens search in document window e key does nothing on the number área right to the keyboard number 1 doesnt work on the numbers...