Question Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB - Keyboard/Touchpad Issues

Jan 19, 2020
Running Windows 10 on an Ideapad 330-15IKB.

Started having issues yesterday with the keyboard - the cursor would revert to the beginning of the line while typing, making it impossible to type a legible sentence. It also started typing by itself on the log-in screen, making it hard to type my passcode in.

When scrolling - particularly in web browsers - the page wouldn’t scroll downwards. It would scroll down minutely and then bounce back to the top, making it look very glitchy. This issue was intermittent and would come and go all last night.

This morning, I am having the same issue, and the trackpad now works and stops working intermittently. Like, no movement altogether. The use of an external mouse fixes the no movement problem, but it does not fix the scrolling issue - it still glitches around and won’t scroll downwards. I can get the trackpad to work for a few seconds by disabling and then re-enabling it through the key on the keyboard.

I’ve tried updating the driver, which resulted in the trackpad not working at all, so I had to roll it back. There’s nothing that would contribute to it being hardware damage - no water, no sudden drops, nothing like that. I also re-installed Windows, and no change.

Does anyone have any advice? An external mouse not fixing the scrolling issue leads me to believe it might be a software issue, but the trackpad not working intermittently seems more like a hardware problem - BUT re-enabling the trackpad to get it working, even if for a few seconds, also seems like software to me. I’m puzzled and very frustrated.

Thanks! I understand this may be worded oddly, so let me know if I can elaborate on anything. I am an online student with one laptop and no money to buy another, so I'm extremely desperate to get this fixed.

EDIT: Starting to notice that the issues are all interconnected. The page automatically scrolls up, and shortly after the trackpad stops working. Pressing the touchpad button (F6) fixes the issue momentarily, and even this fix is starting to not work all of the time.
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