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  1. naxenthe

    Question Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB - Keyboard/Touchpad Issues

    Running Windows 10 on an Ideapad 330-15IKB. Started having issues yesterday with the keyboard - the cursor would revert to the beginning of the line while typing, making it impossible to type a legible sentence. It also started typing by itself on the log-in screen, making it hard to type my...
  2. V

    Question Lenovo keyboard troubleshoot

    Hello! I have Lenovo Ideapad 330 laptop and got it for more than a year now, it works perfect and just as good as it should be, around 2/3 months ago I started having this super annoying problem and that some of the keys in my keyboard (few letters and one number) hardly respond and I have to...
  3. GISdude

    Question Lenovo Ideapad 300

    Hi all, I' struggling with my laptop. I may have accidentally downloaded a virus. It's pretty fatal. I basically only get an error with a QR code. The error is, "0x000021a, your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collection some error info." I scanned the QR code and it...
  4. niv_p

    Solved! lenovo ideapad 330s unplug battery

    Hey, I just got my new ideapad 330s and I found out it's battery is unremoveable. I know its unhealthy to use a laptop with a battery connected while charging/ keep the battery in the laptop while playing games. Does it have a solution? can I use cable power without it charging the battery...
  5. WilliamCheong

    Question Ideapad 330 Ryzen variant

    Hi,i want to ask about whats the screw size for lenovo ideapad 330 ryzen 5 variant,i want to upgrade my ram but i dont really know whats the screw size for the screwdriver,i tried mine at home but all of them are not useable thanks for answering.
  6. M

    Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 330s strange behavior

    I've been getting some strange behavior from this laptop. It seems to randomly have trouble starting up. If it's totally off, I'll press the power button,and sometimes it will boot up normally, but other times, it just flashes the Lenovo splash screen quickly, and then goes black. The other...