My Number keys are redirecting me to Function keys

Sep 6, 2021
I have a 68-key keyboard, which has the number keys (0-9) on the same tile with the function keys (f1-f12). Normally, I would need to press the designated FN key together with the number key in order to access my function keys, otherwise it would only display numbers. Now I think I pressed a combination that I didn't notice and somehow made my number keys automatically redirect me to function keys without me pressing the FN key. For example, when I only press the number 5 it would automatically refresh the page (which is what will happen if I pressed the f5 key), or when I only press the number 1 and it would redirect me to the microsoft support page.

I used my savings to buy this keyboard for myself on my birthday. Please someone help me.

this is what my keyboard looks like