Question Some keys not working after replacing internal keyboard twice

Nov 21, 2023
Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 1

Initially, my letter "Q" was not working well and would press itself non-stop once in awhile, but the letter Q was still able to be typed onto the screen when I wanted it to. Then it completely stopped working when pressing Q, but would still input Q onto my screen non-stop. I rebooted the OS and still the letter Q would not work.

I then purchased a keyboard to replace the internal keyboard. With the new keyboard installed, the letter Q worked again, but a series of keys didn't work, strangely they all were on the bottom part of the keyboard: Fn, Alt, Space, Left Arrow, Right Arrow and ?/. I thought I may have received a defective keyboard so I purchased another keyboard and installed it, only to have the same non-functioning keys.

My external keyboard works perfectly fine. This internal keyboard issue is really unfortunate because the laptop itself works great despite being 5 years old.

Why are some keys not working even after replacing the keyboard two times?