Question Some keys stopped working, and wont work after keyboard replacement

Jun 29, 2022
Asus X552C

Some keys on the keyboard weren't working, so i sent it to a technician and he replace te integrated keyboard of my laptop. It worked for a while, but after several months the same problem came back. Now, i have noticed that sometimes the keys work but not for so long.
Also, I noticed that if i press some of this keys in combination with others they work, only that some other random keys are pressed, not the one that I am holding.

I have connected and disconnected the keboard several times, sometimes it fixes the problem but after a minute they stop working

External keyboard work just fine and evey driver is up to date, so i think it has something to do with the connection, should i replace the conector on the motherboard?

EDIT: The keys that dont work are the same that were malfunctioning with the first keyboard