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  1. Fercho0316

    Question Asus Vivobook S14 randomly shuts down at pressing two keys combination

    Hi every one! I have quite a weird problem withmy Asus Vivobook S14 (X441UN) laptop: It randomly shuts down while using some two or more keys combination, that issue doesn't happend all the time but after it happens gets much more common until I leave the laptop off for a while; the shutdowns...
  2. warriorninja

    Question Laptop keyboard not responsive since drop

    After 3 years of perfect condition, few months ago I had dropped my school laptop, on the bottom right corner. Ever since it has had trouble typing, keys would enter slowly or not at all and tapping keys very quickly wouldn't respond. Basically if i type quickly 1/2 keys won't register...
  3. LeoLuca

    Question Laptop Keyboard Turns Off - Turns Back On When Any USB is Disconnected/Connected

    I have a ASUS GL503VM Laptop (ROG Strix) and it always has the following problem. I turn on the Laptop, entire my Windows PIN, and after the keyboard does not receive input for a few seconds, it becomes unresponsive. None of the keys work. The keyboard becomes responsive again when any USB...
  4. G

    Question Certain keys not working on keyboard.

    I have an Asus x541UVK running Windows 10 and a few days ago, the 6, 7, y, u, h, j, n, and m keys stopped functioning on my laptop. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard ribbon cable but it didn't make a difference. My c key has now also stopped working. An external keyboard works...
  5. M

    The lower case letter N has stopped work ???

    I have aN issue with My XMG laptop, The lower case letter N is Not workiNg, I have tried the drivers, reboot, remove battery aNd powersupply. Nothig is workiNg, It seems to work wheN i first boot up the It just stops.... aNy advice ? never mind resolved******