Question Laptop keyboard not responsive since drop

May 31, 2020
After 3 years of perfect condition, few months ago I had dropped my school laptop, on the bottom right corner. Ever since it has had trouble typing, keys would enter slowly or not at all and tapping keys very quickly wouldn't respond.

Basically if i type quickly 1/2 keys won't register correctly. I've check all the sticky keys ect. settings. I'm limited to about 30 wpm now. 1/2 what I normally type.

Some days the issue doesn't occur and it's behaving like a normal laptop. I'm quite convinced it has something to do with the position of my keyboard wire. Similar to how some people have a charger that will only charge in a certain position.

So opened it up and removed the keyboard the other day, took a look at the ribbon cable and it seems okay no snaps and its being held correctly. But i'm not sure what I should be looking for. I used air and blew the ports/pins just to clean it up. Then re-connected. Didn't help

What should I look for and check? What could be causing the issue?

I've been to my school techies, they said they'll need to take my laptop for a couple days and there's no guarantee of a fix. If it's an hardware issue its going to be expensive.
May 31, 2020
Have you considered replacing the keyboard?
That would be a last resort. Its about $30~40 dollars. And there are 7 models with the same name my laptop is a "yoga 11e 3rd gen". The techies said they'll do it for $90.

I might as well get a new laptop considering how out of date mine currently is.

Not to mention the issue might not even be the keyboard, but rather the port.

Before jumping to a replacement. What are somethings i can try to fix it?
May 31, 2020
You can try reseating the keyboard cable on both ends to ensure a proper connection. Do you see any physical damage on the motherboard?
I'll give the reseating a try

As for the motherboard, I'm not sure it's quite difficult to tell. What should areas should I check. To reach the motherboard won't I need to disassemble the entire laptop.

If so I'll need to do it on the weekend. When i have some spare time
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