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  1. M

    Question What do you do with 2nd/3rd drives when sending in for repair?

    I have a gaming laptop that will be going back to XOTICPC for repair. I've purchased many from them and this repair is my fault. They will be replacing the keyboard, trackpad left button (or entire assembly), and replacing the thermal compound for the CPU & GPU (it's been a few years). The...
  2. S

    Question Booting iPhone after screen blackout

    Hi all, Just wondering if someone could help me out. I have an iPhone X which had a screen replacement a few months ago. The replacement screen I had put on was not a genuine apple screen and because of this, when my phone goes out of charge and I charge my phone back up, my phone will turn...
  3. L

    Solved! ASUS Vivobook 15 Motherboard Repair/Swap

    Hey Everyone, I'm attempting to repair my Fiancé's Laptop for Christmas this year. It's a Vivobook 15 (Model F512D) that comes with a Ryzen 7 3700U CPU. She got it for school at the beginning of the year, and after about a month she spilled wine on it, and has fried the mobo in it. I have found...
  4. J

    Question Can I glue laptop fan blade back in place?

    Hey guys, So I was reoiling my laptop fans earlier today and I accidentally pressed too hard on the one fan and broke a couple blade. Im thinking if I super glue the missing chunk back on is it safe? Theres no insane sound but there are serious vibrations from the laptop. Im in south africa so I...
  5. Conquest90

    Question Laptop shuts down when under load

    My laptop is HP Pavillion dv6-6b56er (core i7-2670qm, Radeon 6700m, 6g RAM, Windows 10). I've had it for some time. Battery stopped working on it long time ago, I've been using it as is. After my house had a power surge I had to replace charging cable, managed to find one with exact same...
  6. MickB96

    Solved! Never seen these connectors before?HELP!?

    What are these and how do I remove them from the board? Tab slides back a little bit but doesnt free the ribbon? Doesnt flip up either
  7. A

    Question ThinkPad T410 - 255% battery available on Ac, and "Unknown remaining" on battery, "incorrect battery voltage" on vantage. Question / Problem

    Hi, one day ago i opened my t410 to clean the fan and the laptop it, and just out of curiosity i took the yellow power jack out and found that it has a broken red wire, i thought i had accidently broken the wire so i soldered it back and after i booted it the windows battery indicator was...
  8. A

    Solved! Philips 48PFS8109/12 dead help please

    Hey all ! Last year I upgraded software on my Philips Smart TV. After the upgrade the TV won't turn back on even in to standby mode. I just left the TV sitting in the box since then but now I'm looking for a challenge and won't to give it a shot at repairing it before I bin it. The Philips...
  9. M

    Question Asus FX504GM Motherboard Parts

    Hello, I recently was sold a ASUS FX504GM and was told to be working fully however when it arrived it would not power on, i have experience and background in BGA reworks as i own a repair company in the UK that revolves around this type of repair, I have narrowed down the issue and i cannot...
  10. S

    Solved! Fixing A Fujitsu Plasmavision

    I have a 50 inch fujitsu plasmavision, model P50XTA51US and the screen on the HDMI input is all scrambled. Anyone know how to go about diagnosing/fixing something like this?
  11. kryonas

    Question Half channels from Anthem MRX 700 receiver at low volume. How to troubleshoot/fix?

    Hi everyone, thanks for reading. I have an anthem MRX 700 receiver which I have used for years. Recently, I noticed the volume for my front right, center, back left, and surround left channels were at a much lower volume (not distorted or entirely silent just ~18db lower than the rest). I'm...
  12. warriorninja

    Question Laptop keyboard not responsive since drop

    After 3 years of perfect condition, few months ago I had dropped my school laptop, on the bottom right corner. Ever since it has had trouble typing, keys would enter slowly or not at all and tapping keys very quickly wouldn't respond. Basically if i type quickly 1/2 keys won't register...
  13. cesc4

    Question Looking for a laptop housing.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows where i can find the bezel and bottom cover for my laptop ? or know if i can have the parts custom made ? the bezel, back screen cover, bottom cover and side cover have all taken hits over the last few months and its starting to fall part hardware and...
  14. R

    Question Sharp tv still won't power after new main and power supply board

    Hey first time posting on here but I'm sure it won't be the last. I bought a broken Sharp tv that didn't power. I've replaced the main and power supply board with no change. Once plugged in, the power light will come on but when I hit the power button, the light will dim like it's running out...
  15. R

    Solved! Dynex DX-46L261A12 (HDTV), single black line down center that disappears when tv is twisted / tilted

    My dinosaur of an HDTV (Dynex DX-46L261A12) is starting to have a strange issue regarding it's display. (Used for 7+ years primarily as a Console gaming display) A single thin black line (Very thin, I.E. it looks like a thin pencil line) is going down the center of my TV, vertically from top to...
  16. 0rpheus

    Question Ribbon cable help

    So I was fixing my electronic device and I accidentally tugged too hard on a ribbon cable and the ribbon pulled off with the connector thing still attached to the circuit board. What is the best way to get it unstuck from the board?
  17. J

    Solved! Sony FS100U Repair Image Database missing video files

    Sony FS100U received a notification on screen that I needed to repair the image database file. When I did, all my files are GONE. Yet the "Get info" tab on my Mac shows 9.47gb of space is used up on my card out of 128GB. All my folders are empty when viewed in camera or on PC. Where are my video...
  18. A

    Solved! Fix automatic repair boot loop on Windows 10 Toshiba Satellite?

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop. It runs on Windows 10 operating system. This particular model does not have a disc drive. One day while trying to transfer files via Bluetooth I noticed that the Bluetooth symbol wasn't in my task tray as normal. I went into my settings to turn Bluetooth on and...
  19. B

    MacBook Air - Liquid Damage

    Hello. So I was cleaning my laptop and I was stupid enough to spray a cleansing liquid (that kills bacteria, that's why I used it) over the screen and a bit over the keyboard. The laptop was on because I usually don't turn it off. I wiped it and left it. After a few hours I wanted to use it and...
  20. M

    LG TV has Black and White Vertical Lines

    Hello, I have an LG 46LD550 and as of recently the screen has black and white vertical lines going across the whole screen with another line splitting it in half corner to corner. I have no clue what it is but I did read another post and someone said the capacitors went and could replace them or...
  21. L

    Coconut oil inside laptop - what to use to clean

    Hi Friends. I've managed to get coconut oil inside my laptop. It is now inside the keyboard and the display too. I intend to take it apart and attempt to clean it out. Please could an expert tell me what kind of fluids etc. would be suitable. Thank you.
  22. J

    Lenovo Thinkpad x200 1-3-3-1 beep NO DISPLAY

    I have a lenovo thinkpad x200 laptop and I was trying to replace my hard drive with a new one but as i replaced it, when i boot it up, it beeps in this sequence: 1-pause-3-3-pause-1 and there is no display. I already tried basic troubleshooting including removing battery, powering up using AC...
  23. R

    JBL xtreme power connection help?

    My jbl xtreme power connection as seen in the pictures has came undone. I can push it back into it slot and occasionally it will get a connection and turn on. It doesn't seem to keep connection. So my question is how would I go about fixing this? Could I fix this myself with little electronic...
  24. M

    Bose 101 Music Monitor Repair Question

    I bought a Bose 101 Monitor at a thrift store, brought it home and it didnt drive, not even static. I took it apart and found a piece broken, Im not an expert on audio, but I have never seen one of these before, can someone tell me what it is and also tell me if theres a way to replace it?
  25. P

    MY Panasonic Viera 42" - came in after 6 days away. Hit remote to turn TV on, and got a loud "pop" with flashing red light; fl

    MY Panasonic Viera 42" - came in after 6 days away. Hit remote to turn TV on, and got a loud "pop" with flashing red light; flashes 10 times. Unplugged it; same popping noise; same flashing, and nothing else.
  26. I

    Replacement LCD Screen

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement screen for a ASUS Touch Screen Laptop Tablet i5 T300L? Thanks!
  27. G

    Pioneer SX 626 audio issue

    I recently acquired a Pioneer sx626, it works great aside from all of the right channels, A, B & C. I used crimp on blade terminals to get around the stock plugs, when i plug into the connectors I'll get a static sound upon contact (assuming that's just the shared ground), then nothing else. I...
  28. M

    Is my repair guy trying to scam me?

    So I had an MSI GT72 2QE laptop, but something went wrong with it. Over the past few months, the DC pin on the charger would get burning hot and the laptop would flicker between charging and not charging randomly, but at other times it would be completely fine. I now realize this is something I...
  29. Gamefreak924

    Help with replacing tablet screen!?

    I'm in the middle of trying to replace my iPad Air 2 screen using a kit I ordered online, however I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I'm trying to pry up my screen after heating, but I don't know how long I'm supposed to be heating it. Should it be more than a couple minutes of constant...
  30. B

    Loudspeaker repair: Tweeter problems, damaged crossover?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice on repairing my lovely vintage Mission 752 Loudspeakers on ebay. I bought a 2nd hand amp to drive them but after a few days it died. I then bought a new amp which started to switch itself off intermittently when driving them. so bought a multi-meter to...
  31. P

    Glitched mp4 file

    I have an mp4 file that takes 1.02GBs and it is glitched at the most.It still shows up a bit on the top and the fade between them are similar colored squares to the top part.Audio is totally fine, do I have a chance to recover this file? Here is a screenshot:
  32. A

    Asus n56vz wont sleep, no matter what.

    My issue is that no matter what I try, my computer wont enter sleep mode properly. This has been going on 1-2 years without being able to come up with a fix. The computer initially turns the display and fan off, the power button starts blinking as expected, but then the power button and fan...
  33. ITsonic

    Getting my laptop fixed by an oriental PC repair Guy

    Yesterday I took my laptop into a PC for your shop is run by a oriental man if you know what that word means then is been under a rock. For some time the F key on my Dell Latitude D630 has been broken for some time and I was using an external keyboard to type. The first PC repair shop that I...
  34. T

    Please help. How to change 30 pin to 40 pin connector

    Help. Recently purchased a new laptop screen to replace damaged one. My original laptop has a 30 pin connector and the new screen is 40 pins. Can I still get it to work or do I have to buy another screen?
  35. I

    OnePlus 2 with cracked screen :(

    Hello, anyone can help me suggesting any company that can repair my OnePlus 2 to replace the screen? (out of warranty)? I found this website online any suggestion for any other company that repair? Thank you so much!
  36. G

    asus R202ca Bezel doesn't come off

    Hi, I'm trying to replace 5 broken touch-screens on my asus laptop into normal screens, but I can't get started because I can't get the bezel off... There are no screws, and it doesn't 'snap off'... SO... I'm rather stuck :) Help would be welcomed :)
  37. I

    DSLR viewfinder glass change, is it possible?

    Hey guys, I got a Canon 70D with a scratch on the viewfinder's eyepiece glass. Is it possible to replace just the glass or i have to replace the whole viewfinder? The scratch is not that bad and i can see trough it but if it is easy to repair i will go for it.
  38. H

    repair loop w10

    i have a toshiba satelite pro laptop, with windows 10 installed. The laptop has been stuck on a 'preparing automatic repair' mode for almost 2 days now. it then comes up with a sc reen saying it is diagnosing my PC only for it to not work. It then gives me options such as continue to windows 10...
  39. B

    Sony VAIO SVF14218CXW Body(A,B,C) Required

    I have a Sony VAIO SVF14218CXW, i7 3rd GEN, Touch Screen in White Color. The hing on the Top Right Corner is detached from the main body because the bottom and upper body where the screw gets tight is cracked/broken and hence can not be tighten. Can Any one help me where can I get just the...
  40. J

    Can I fix my Moto X 2nd generation?

    I dropped my Moto x and chipped the top left. for a while it only showed a bit of the top screen with an orange tint. and some things that resembles burn marks? But now Its completely black. I can hear vibrations and the alarm still goes off. Can I get this repaired?
  41. R

    Should I Repair my laptop or should i buy a new one.

    Hi , ive gotten my laptop the Samsung Gamer 7 , 4 years ago. But this year it suddenly started crashing with a bzzzz sound. It happened like once a day , and then few times a day and now quite often. I sent it to samsung , they told me it might be the ram's problem (according to them it wasn't...
  42. canadianvice

    Idiot proof a computer?

    Hello everybody, So, I know the old adage about foolproof things. Let's just try to get it as close to that as possible. My situation is I'm fixing a computer for a friend, or rather, I fixed a computer for a friend. Less than a day with it and it's back to being borked and likely through no...
  43. S

    Toshiba repair error

    Hi. I bought a toshiba c50b-14z laptop with windows 8.1. I want to istall windows 7 for that. I delete the partition, and I format it, but that type of windows don't like that kind of partition (GPT or somthing like that). I want to do the factory reset, and it's not working. I tried everything...
  44. D

    HP dv7-6b78us Case falling apart.

    Hi, As you can tell from the title: My HP after 3~4 years of hard work is finally starting to hit the dust(the case is falling apart & the screen has a short in it) So I planned to give it a nice refurbish, seeing as I just bought a desktop and cannot afford a new laptop I was wondering how i...
  45. M

    Toshiba Satelllite C55-B5300 Disassembly guide? I need to replace the screen.

    So I am a college student and last night, my backpack was stepped on, and so was my laptop. I see screens for this laptop online, and I am quite sure that if I had the guide, I could replace it. But I cannot remove the battery because it is on the inside. And I'm pretty sure that its a big no-no...

    Laptop Diagnostics and Repairing an Alienware/Clevo D9T D900T M7700 Laptop

    Just picked up my new project, it's an Alienware D900T laptop. Current conditions is "no boot" sold for parts without a hard drive. I do have another one that works which I will be using to test some parts and verify that are okay. Granted they are compatible with each other. I am going to try...
  47. J

    Should I repair my laptop or buy a new one?

    Hello, I have a lenovo yoga 2 13 and I dropped it :( It was plugged in when i dropped it so the port in the computer is broken and I cant charge it. The yellow plastic in the laptop charging port is broken too and it is receding into the computer. How much do you think it would cost to repair...
  48. I

    Replace iphone 5 camera for iphone 5s camera?

    I need to replace my iphone 5 camera. Ii was just wondering... can I maybe put in an iphone 5s camera? Has anyone tried this before? Or does anyone know if this is possible?
  49. R

    Laptop freezing/audio lag

    Hello everyone! Recently my <2 month old laptop has been having some lag issues. Whether I am watching a video on youtube, playing a game from Steam, or watching a movie off the hardrive, the audio freezes multiple times, playing the same droning tone for a few seconds before continuing as...
  50. K

    Laptop wont enter BIOS.

    Hello everyone, So I have an Asus K55VD laptop which recently the hardrive failed. I was having trouble with the bios and getting it to boot from USB so I just left it in for repair in a local shop. They put in a new hardrive and now I can boot the laptop. Although now I want to install dual...
  51. C

    Toshiba Satellite C655 coming apart

    I bought this laptop about 3 years ago. A few months ago, a screw in the upper-left corner came out and the two pieces of plastic separated at that corner. I put the screw back in, and it was fine. I've noticed the two pieces of plastic separating again, so I tightened that screw (and made sure...
  52. U

    assistance in replacement of gaming headset phone plugs

    i had a short happen to where i could only either use the headphones or the mic, but not both at the same time because the original connector had the connections combined as one piece with two plugins. the audio would only work partially plugged in. while the mic still needed to be fully plugged...
  53. T

    LVDS to DVI - Options?

    I am working on an LCD Panel, the only connection I have is the LVDS coming right from the T-Con (specifically: IHDC4LV0.2_W). I need to connect this directly to a coomputer using DVI. I do have a LVDS-DVI-R10 (link) The problem with this is that the pinout is quite different. What options are...
  54. B

    should i repair my board, part it out, or build a ptc from some of the parts

    I have a asus k52f, when I was replacing my screen i accidently and stupidly touched metal without unplugging the battery, i know stupid. Well the bottom started smoking and i after taking it all apart i found that i blew 2 surface mount resistors. i can attach a photo if needed. I was going to...
  55. A

    Can tablets be upgraded?

    I am looking at several tablets, Including the Asus Transformer T100, some of the Vostro 11 Pro tablets, the Vostro 8 Pro, and Windows Surface tablets. I have researched the processors, and some of them can support 4GB of RAM, but the tablets only come with 2GB. Are there any tablets that cam...
  56. J

    Why won't my HP dv4-2170us laptop turn on?

    When I attach my laptop, an HP d4-4 2170us, to a power source, whether its a half-charged battery (which I know has power in it from its power meter) or a wall outlet without a battery, and press the power button, all that happens is that the white power indicator light next to the power button...
  57. Z

    Does this LG 42LK450 screen look repairable?

    Hey all, I was moving my TV in the original box, and I just turned it on and this is what appeared. It looks like some kind of external indentation occurred. The audio works just fine, the top part of the screen looks functional, but not the rest of it. Would anyone happen to know if this is...
  58. gimsin8

    Water damaged Alienware M15X (possible repair help!)

    *update* giving the mother board a good cleaning with distilled water & 99% alcahol . will update with results in a few days. fingers crossed a little over a week ago coffee got spilled into the keyboard of my M15X yay me.. right afterwards the screen flickered it shut off at the same time i...