Solved! Dynex DX-46L261A12 (HDTV), single black line down center that disappears when tv is twisted / tilted

Jul 9, 2019
My dinosaur of an HDTV (Dynex DX-46L261A12) is starting to have a strange issue regarding it's display. (Used for 7+ years primarily as a Console gaming display)

A single thin black line (Very thin, I.E. it looks like a thin pencil line) is going down the center of my TV, vertically from top to bottom. It shows up on all input channels, and in front of the settings menu. (Slightly left, off-center of the direct middle by an inch or two)

It used to show up intermittently, but now shows up every time it's turned on. However, when I tilt the tv, or slightly twist it on it's pedestal frame it goes away for the remainder of my play session. Now, the stand / frame doesn't actually tilt or twist, so it's only a very slight and temporary tilt / twist....But it always seems to do the trick.

I know the long-term answer is of course upgrade to a new TV, which i am. (buying a 4k 55in soon) However, I was hoping to bump this TV down to the next tier (guest room / etc) and still get some usage out of it.

Any suggestions on what it might be, and if it's easily fixable? Note, I am a fairly technical saavy / competent person...But the idea of popping open the back of my HDTV for anything serious is a bit nerve wracking.