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    Solved! Best Affordable HDTV for Streaming on DSL Low Bandwidth

    I'm curious if different TVs use less bandwidth than others I'm not sure what codecs the streaming services use or of there's a different variety of compatibility for certain TVs that use less bandwidth than others. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. R

    Solved! Dynex DX-46L261A12 (HDTV), single black line down center that disappears when tv is twisted / tilted

    My dinosaur of an HDTV (Dynex DX-46L261A12) is starting to have a strange issue regarding it's display. (Used for 7+ years primarily as a Console gaming display) A single thin black line (Very thin, I.E. it looks like a thin pencil line) is going down the center of my TV, vertically from top to...
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    Review Vizio V-Series 50-inch 4K HDR Smart TV (V505-G9) Review: A Great TV

    The Vizio V-Series 50-inch 4K HDR Smart TV (V505-G9) may not wow you with pristine picture and sound, but it offers pretty great quality for the money, and offers a collection of smart features that feel like a steal. Vizio V-Series 50-inch 4K HDR Smart TV (V505-G9) Review: A Great TV : Read more
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    Killer Deal: Samsung 50-inch 4K TV Now $327

    Save big on Samsung's entire NU6900 line of 4K TVs. Killer Deal: Samsung 50-inch 4K TV Now $327 : Read more
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    Take $500 Off This 55-inch Samsung QLED

    Get up to a $450 gift card with select Samsung QLED purchases. Take $500 Off This 55-inch Samsung QLED : Read more
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    Killer Deal: LG OLED TV Hits Lowest Price Ever

    Save big on LG's excellent OLED TVs. Killer Deal: LG OLED TV Hits Lowest Price Ever : Read more
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    How do I connect a DVD and a VCR to an HDTV?

    https://imgur.com/gallery/pSCK0iT The top photo is the back of the TV. The middle photo is the back of the DVD. The bottom photo is the back of the VCR. What kind of cables do I need? What jack should each connector be plugged into on each device?
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    How to connect surround sound to LG 42CS560 with no audio output

    I have a LG 42CS560 from the year 2011. The connections available are: 2 HDMI In Inputs, AV Component In, and an antenna jack. There is no headphone jack or optical hdmi port. What type of surround sound would work with this TV? Would the basic HDMI IN port work with a system? I don't have a...
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    Installed fire stick on 2012 Vizeo TV and NO Signal appears on TV screen

    I tried to install an amazon fire stick on my Vizio 2012 HDTV I plugged it in HDMI3 and got a No signal response on my TV screen. Not sure what to try next
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    Solved! How do I connect my Atari flashback 9 to my hitachi hdtv?

    Hello I’m trying to figure out how to connect the Atari Flashback 9 to my Hitachi led hdtv via the hdmi cable that wasn’t even provided, my cable company gave me an extra one. Sincerely Stressed Mamaz
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    Act Fast: TCL's 6-Series 4K TV Now Cheaper Than Black Friday

    One of the year's best TV values is now $100 off. Act Fast: TCL's 6-Series 4K TV Now Cheaper Than Black Friday : Read more
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    Solved! Why does my RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly not play dvds?

    My 32” RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly stopped playing dvds. It makes an odd squeeling sound when I insert a dvd, and won’t play at all!
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    Solved! How To: HDTV Antenna for multiple rooms

    Hello, I am considering "cutting the cord" and purchasing an HDTV antenna. Before I do so, I am wondering HOW would I connect the one (1) antenna to the tv's in (4) separate rooms? Thank you!
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    Best Soundbar Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

    From Bose to Sonos, we've got the best soundbar deals of the moment. Best Soundbar Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals : Read more
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    Best 75-inch TV Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Get the biggest screens possible at their lowest prices. Best 75-inch TV Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday : Read more
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    Solved! Adding extra USB port to HDTV

    I have a Samsung UE40ES7000 HDTV 3d smart TV, (bought in 2012) with three HDMI ports which are all in use (V6 box, sound bar, and DVD player). I want to also use an Amazon firestick and think, but not sure, that what I need is an HDMI switcher. I've got the manual for the TV but frankly...
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    Panasonic hdtv 1080i screen is dark as if no light. Showing what seems like shadows

    Panasonic hdtv 1080i screen is dark. Was told that a bulb needs to be replaced. Do you know which bulb?
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    ClearStream Fusion HD TV Antenna Review: Sleek Outdoor Performer

    The ClearStream Fusion delivers solid reception for an outdoor antenna without looking like a pair of antlers stuck to the side of your house. ClearStream Fusion HD TV Antenna Review: Sleek Outdoor Performer : Read more
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    Solved! Old Sony HDTV

    My old Sony HDTV is finally giving me some trouble. I turn it on and quickly it turns off and then blinks red seven times repeatedly. If I leave it off and unplugged for a couple of days (or more) and then plug it in and turn it on, it works! Is there any reason why I shouldn't just leave it...
  20. panel111

    Connecting my PC to a SCART TV

    So I want to have a SCART TV as a display for my PC (has HDMI, DVI and VGA ports). Tho online I've seen only SCART ported devices connected to HDMI TV. I didn't find anything that goes HDMI, VGA or DVI cable to SCART TV. I'm looking forward to Buying a converting device or DIY solutions, budget...
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    Solved! Can't be able to connect Tecno cx using HDTV Cable to TV

    I bought a HDTV cable but my phone can't connect to my non smart TV.I am using Tecno Cx.
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    Solved! I need help

    I needs help I have a new model Samsung hdtv the one that only has one button well I don’t have a remote and am trying to program a new antenna to the tv but don’t know how since I can’t get to the menu selection??
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    Get a Samsung QLED TV for Less Than $700

    Samsung's 49-inch QLED now at its lowest price ever. Get a Samsung QLED TV for Less Than $700 : Read more
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    Solved! Can i connect spdif to optical?

    Hey guys. I recently bought an hdtv and i want to connect my home theatre to it. The problem is the only port that i can see on my tv is called s/pdif and the one on my home theatre is an optical output. Please tell me how do i connect the two because i can see that the two ports look different...
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    Do I get better upconversion of DVDs with Blu-ray players with 4k upconversion or with UHD Blu-ray players?

    I want to get the best possible picture from DVDs. I will not upgrade any of them to HD Blu-ray discs or UHD blu-ray disks anytime soon. Do DVDs look better if played in UHD Blu-ray players than when played in regular HD Blu-ray players with 4k upconversion? I will be using an HD and not a 4k...
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    Solved! My HDTV has an HDMI INPUT "CBL/Sat" which presently runs from TV to my Denon AVR {ARC}....IF I Purchase/use a ROKU Streaming S

    Question about connecting up a ROKU Device to HDTV in order to receive Audio/Video Signals via HDMI [Atmos/DTS etc.]?
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    Solved! Lg 43uh610a menu no remote

    I have a charter remote but no lg remote trying to find a way to connect the LG to wifi but can't even figure how to get into the menu and or setting using charter remote ps. I don't have a LG remote and it is a 43uh610a
  28. M

    Solved! Hi I'm trying to hook up an amplified indoor flat HDTV antenna to a olevia 265fhd-t11. There is no antenna connection on the b

    Please help me hook up my amplified indoor flat HDTV antenna to a olevia 265fhd-t11. The back of the TV has no antenna hook up. Only rf1 and rf2. Please help
  29. A

    Solved! Where can I get an original Sony PSU for my TV? (UK)

    I need to replace the power adaptor for a 4 year old Sony Bravia PC. Sony's official dealer wants around £50. I presume that, similar to the car industry, the company's preferred supplier will be the most expensive, with others able to offer the same product at a lower price - but I'm not...
  30. J

    Solved! Serial number prefix

    So I’m needing a motherboard for my philips tv. Model: 50PFL5601/F7 B and serial: DS3A1710140183 (AZ7UEUH)! My problem is I can only find one for serial number prefix DS1 and DS2 which are compatible with each other! Mine is a DS3, as you can see! I cannot find any information on what the...
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    I have an Tv/DTV issue

    I have an older HDTV Vizio. I bought a RCA digital antenna for the tv. So, when first hooked it up, I put the input to tv. I scanned for channels but all came in fuzzy. Like nothing was hooked up. I tried on DTV and I can't scan at all. When I use the menu to get to the tv portion, it...
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    Solved! Can't pass correctly 5.1 from PC -> HDTV -> Hometeather

    Hi everyone! (first of all, sorry for my english, not my first lang!) I have this problem for almost a year now, just living with it, but it get me really annoyed now.. The thing is i can't pass a correct 5.1 audio from my pc (nvidia 1080ti hdmi out) to the hdtv that is conected with a HDMI Arc...
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    Rooftop antenna, missing half of channels suddenly

    I have a big rooftop antenna that looks like it was installed a while ago. I've only owned the house for a year and I've never been on the roof so I don't know much about it. Don't know if it's powered. But it's big. Plenty big to pick up all the stations from LA (tower is ~25mi away). When I...
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    oled TV repair

    Hi i have a oled55e7p tv that comes on with a black screen and a red line down the center of the screen and shots off after can you tell me what happen to the tv or, what part do i have to change.
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    How do I Hook up my amazon firestick to my panasonic hdtv viva 1080I tvSecurity Master protects your privacy

    How do I setup my amazon firestick on my panasonic hdtv viva 1080i
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    The screen is cracked on my smart tv. Is there anyway to hook it up to my hdtv and be able to see what would 've on the smart

    can I hook my smart tv w cracked screen to my hdtv and see what would be on smart tv screen
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    wd-73640 solid red light

    Solid red light- no picture
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    Make your TV a Bluetooth Center

    I have your everyday old age HDTV. What i would like to do is make it into a bluetooth hub. What I mean is I'd like to cast anything to the screen Eg. Spotify Eg. Youtube Eg. Netflix And also have the option of using the TV as an aux device.
  39. F

    Need help. Connecting a new DVD player to a Element HDtv that has a Cable box w/cable componets in the back also.

    DVD player is a Phillips DVP3602/F7. Came with all red,white& yellow 3 prong cables. Element HDtv only has 5 cable inputs in the back red& white. Then red, green& blue. The Cable box is Pace by Spectrum Cable. ( which is already hooked up to the tv and working.) It has 6 inputs in the back top...
  40. B

    hdtv as monitor

    If you have a full hd pc and are using an hdtv as a monitor what will the clarity of the tv? Its a 1080 tv so im curious if there will be a difference when I watch a video and both the tv and pc are both set up at 1080?
  41. A

    Composite to HDTV?

    Searched the forums, can't find the answer! I bought one of those HSN Atari hookup things that only has the white/yellow/red connections. I have what is below on the back of my TV. Just a blue and green connection that looks like they are small like a headphone jack. I can't find anywhere...
  42. F

    Toshiba Regza 42zv650u Game Mode?

    Wondering if anyone here knows if the TV mentioned in the title has a "Game Mode". It's something that helps greatly reduce input lag while playing games on consoles. I have been unable to locate it in the TV's menu system but hoping maybe someone here might know. Also anyone know if there...
  43. 2

    My Emerson 32 in led hdtv quit but gives me a message. “Resolution is mismatched”. What does that mean and can I flip a sw

    The volume has been going in and out for a year but turned the cable box off and back on and it worked again. This could happen 4-5 times a day or not for a week. Last night it was horrible! It was going off every 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The the last time I turned the cable box off and it...
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    Solved! Samsung 7100 input

    I use Harmony remote for my Samsung...all has been fine but recently when I start the TV it starts on the correct input (HDMI2) but then changes to HDMI1. I have to use the FIX IT MYSELF button to switch it back to HDMI2. I tried to fix the button on the desktop app but none of my remotes has...
  45. T

    Cannot get 4k pass-through to work with Yamaha RX-A820 receiver.

    So I recently purchased my first 4k display (Sony KD55X720E 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV) and found myself having an issue with the 4k pass through with my Yamaha RX-A820 receiver. I have my PC set up as part of my home theater system, and I originally had it hooked up to my receiver VIA...
  46. M

    Hdtv antenna's channels

    So hdtv antenna's only pick up local channels? Or can they also receive cable channels?
  47. S

    Is my Philips vcr/dvd player compatible with my samsung hdtv?

    I can’t get my vcr/dvd player to work on my samsung hdtv.
  48. J

    Looking for a wired volume control solution

    I have my Samsung 55F6350 HDTV connected to a Bose companion 3 series II speaker system. The Bose system has a short wired volume puck. I have the tv connected to the Bose speaker system and the Amazon Echo Cube. However, I have to walk across the room and manually adjust the volume on the Bose...
  49. S

    Slight flickering in HDTV

    I have a Sharp LC-55LBU591C television that I bought recently that shows a flickering in grey colours. It is almost as if the refresh rate of the tv is not lined up with the input, but it happens through the tvs built in roku system as well as through the hdmi input. It can't be seen most times...
  50. curoius

    How many of you are still watching SD signal on HDTV ?

    Hi, I have purchased a Panasonic 40" HDTV. Where I live HD set top is very costly and so is the monthly charges. How many of you are still watching SD signal on HDTV ?
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    Solved! Audio stops working when smart tv is connected

    I just bought a samsung NU7100 tv and I have an onkyo nx747 receiver. I have my pc,ps4 and satellite box plugged into the avr with hdmi and and hdmi connecting the avr to the tv. For some reason I lose sound from satellite when connected to tv. As soon as I unplug the hdmi ti the tv it comes...
  52. M

    Solved! Should I get an RCA extension cable to prevent my adapter ports from wearing out?

    I had to buy a new TV and couldn't find any new ones with RCA ports, only HDMI. I've been wanting to play my PS2 and N64 again so I decided to get an RCA to HDMI adapter. Since I have two RCA consoles, I would be switching between them, not every day but often. My question is, should I get...
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    Solved! How can I pull in CBS channel?

    I have a 50 " Samsung and hooked up an HDTV Air Antenna and can get 41 channels but not channel 13 which is CBS in Tucson, AZ. Is there a way to pick it up? I get it on my Vizio TV in bedroom.
  54. M

    I have 3 onkyo surround sound speakers but no reciever

    I have a 3 Onkyo speakers and a Philips flat screen 32 inch HDTV the receiver that I got with the speakers I don't believe belongs with it it has a D in the front of it I need to know how the Philips HD flat screen the three Onkyo speakers and this D receiver can work for surround sound
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    Vizio's Excellent 4K Smart TV Is Now Just $398

    A budget 4K TV with premium features. Vizio's Excellent 4K Smart TV Is Now Just $398 : Read more
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    TV Deals Are Black Friday Good Right Now

    Memorial Day, Father's Day, the World Cup, and Prime Day are creating the perfect storm for TV deals. TV Deals Are Black Friday Good Right Now : Read more
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    Deal Alert: Get a 4K Smart LG TV For Just $299

    The best 4K TV deal we've seen in the past 12 months. Deal Alert: Get a 4K Smart LG TV For Just $299 : Read more
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    Solved! Desktop & Laptop connection to HDTV via AV without HDMI port

    Hello.I have an old AV (Sony STR-DB930) who doesn't have HDMI port and a Samsung F5000 led HDTV.I have 2 different PCs, a desktop (asus M5 A97 R2.0 mainboard with toslink port for sound & radeon HD 7870 GPU with hdmi port for picture) and an asus X551 MA laptop with hdmi port.After carefully...
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    TCL's Awesome 55-Inch 4K TV Goes on Sale for $499

    One of our favorite 4K TVs is about to get cheaper. TCL's Awesome 55-Inch 4K TV Goes on Sale for $499 : Read more