Solved! Desktop & Laptop connection to HDTV via AV without HDMI port

May 13, 2018
Hello.I have an old AV (Sony STR-DB930) who doesn't have HDMI port and a Samsung F5000 led HDTV.I have 2 different PCs, a desktop (asus M5 A97 R2.0 mainboard with toslink port for sound & radeon HD 7870 GPU with hdmi port for picture) and an asus X551 MA laptop with hdmi port.After carefully reading your forum I have found 2 different methods to connect both of the PCs to my HDTV via the AV.
1)For my desktop: Picture: HDMI from the GPU to the HDTV
Sound: TOSLINK from the mainboard to the receiver
2)For my laptop: Picture: HDMI from laptop to HDTV
Sound: TOSLINK from TV to AV receiver (Samsung HDTV has TOSLINK port)
My question is: which of the 2 methods is better as far as the sound is concerned.Is there a difference at all? If for example i choose to connect my desktop the way my laptop is connected (that is using HDMI for the picture and using the tv's TOSLINK instead of the mainboard's for the sound) will it be an improvement or not? My AV is connected to a 5.0 surround speaker setup (no subwoofer).Furthermore my TV is on a wall mount and every time i need to connect the laptop I have to take it down in order to connect the TOSLINK cable.Thank you in advance.