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    Question Only TV HDMI port is broken? What now?

    Hello, My Telefunken T32N906 have only 1 HDMI port and I broke it. Here are all my other ports: https://ibb.co/PWV0cmm https://ibb.co/TKptnQ2 Which Converter would be the best in such case? HDMI2VGA?
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    Solved! Is it possible to connect Sonos Port to HDMI sound bar

    I currently have a Sonos Port connected to a 2009 pioneer receiver, that I also use for movie surround sound. I would like to buy a soundbar and I was looking at the Samsung HW-Q950A. Alas, it only has HDMI and optical inputs The port just has RCA and digital Coax. Is there any way possible to...
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    Solved! USB 3.0 port only works for 2.0 electronics

    One of my laptop's USB 3.0 ports seemed to have died, as it wouldn't detect my external hard drive (the drive powers up normally, it just isn't detected by Windows), though connecting it to another port worked fine. I tried the regular stuff - Disk Management didn't show it, deleting everything...
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    Solved! How to connect newer USB-C laptop to older E-port dock (with no USB-C)

    Hi, I have an e-port docking station with two monitors connected. I've since been issued a new laptop without any docking pins underneath it - but it has USB-C. The e-port has Displayport and HDMI but no USB-C connection. With both monitors connected to the e-port, as before, would it work if...
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    Solved! USB port smoke

    Hello. So i'm using a Lenovo Legion Y520 for gaming and i have an attached cooler below it to increase the cooling since i use it for intensive gaming. Yesterday i had an error (Power surge on the USB port) causing my USB ports not working and i had to uninstall/install the drivers, but for some...
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    Solved! how do i connect hp laptop win 10 to an RCA model 26LA30RQ hdmi port?

    how do i connect hp laptop win 10 to an RCA model 26LA30RQ hdmi port?
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    Solved! Sir, I have lg tv 32" with hdmi port and dell pc core 2 quard with gts 450 but not working the hdmi port what is the problem

    hdmi port is not working but the dvi giving the 1360 resolution and working properly
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    Solved! Dell Inspiron 15-7559 Charger Port Damaged

    Hi and thanks for reading, I cracked the bezel of my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 which now prevents the charger from connecting ]to AND remaining in the port. I feel that the port might have been pushed deeper into the computer than it should be. I'm thinking that I'll have to open it up, re...
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    How to order charger port for lp

    How do I order a charger port for my lp. I have the part number
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    Solved! Adding USB Port to Monitor with Only HDMI & VGA Ports

    I have a HP monitor I use to display from my laptop. The monitor does not have a USB port, only HDMI and VGA ports. I would like to add a USB port to the monitor - is there a way to do this? Link to monitor here: https://bit.ly/2TlRjR9 Note: fully aware I can just use the USB ports on the...
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    Solved! What cable can pass IR signals to IR input port on back of A/V receiver?

    This receiver has an "IR IN port" https://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=TX-NR777&class=Receiver&source=prodClass Please correct me if wrong, this port is so you can setup an IR receiver elsewhere, and have it forward infrared remote control signals to the A/V receiver, correct? All...
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    Dual PC audio setup

    I am using a Blue yeti USB. A Artic 5 Steel Series USB headset. Xenyx Q502 USB mixer For some reason i cannot get the gaming pc to send the audio to the streaming pc, i feel like ive watched 100 different videos, ive done exactly what im told and still the audio either does not come, or it...
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    Solved! Need laptops with Serial rs 232 port

    So our company is using Panasonic Toughbooks CF-52 and 53s with RS 232 serial ports. Our techs use them to do work on Airplanes and they must use a Serial port to plug directly into the planes. The problem with a USB to rs 232 cable is that they are unreliable and there are many fake cables on...
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    Can I use eGPU in my laptop HP 15 r033tx?

    Hi everyone! I need to know if my Laptop HP 15 r033tx is compatible with eGPU?
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    HP Pavillion SSD Upgrade

    I want to upgrade to an SSD via the M.2 port so I can also utilize the already existing HDD. The model number is 15-CX0056WM. I noticed that the slot for it looked a little weird when I opened it up. The small grouping of pins on the port has four pins but I can only find SSDs with 5 or 6 pins...
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    Solved! Would a display port cable let me use a 144 hz monitor for my laptop?

    My laptop inly has a 1.4b HDMI port so I want to buy a display port cable so that I can hook up a 144 hz monitor to my laptop
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    Dual monitor with laptop not working

    I have an Asus rog gl 552 vw laptop which has an HDMI port to connect an external monitor. I have two monitors and want to connect those with my laptop. I have brought an HDMI splitter which only duplicates the display. So, then I brought a USB c to HDMI adapter. I connected one of my monitor...
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    Solved! Optical port pulled out from Samsung

    I have a 55" Samsung, and while I was readying the TV to relocate, the entire optical jack/port pulled right out. It will not go back properly, and I no longer have a red light at the far end of the link. Do you have any advice? Thank you.
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    Solved! How to know and enable external display through USB-C port.

    Hi, I have an ASUS X541U laptop with a USB-C port running Windows 10. Now I have connected a USB-C to HDMI adapter on its USB-C port and hooked it with an external monitor. Now I have no display output (the normal HDMI port is working fine with this monitor). How do I know if this USB-C...
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    Solved! i want to make hp 1160 printer wireless with fiberhome an1020-25u to use on my laptop.

    i want to make hp 1160 printer wireless with fiberhome an1020-25u to use on my laptop.can i use it with usb port as printer is not network printer.Printer only has usb port.MINI usb DOT4 port
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    How to connect surround sound to LG 42CS560 with no audio output

    I have a LG 42CS560 from the year 2011. The connections available are: 2 HDMI In Inputs, AV Component In, and an antenna jack. There is no headphone jack or optical hdmi port. What type of surround sound would work with this TV? Would the basic HDMI IN port work with a system? I don't have a...
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    Solved! how do I re-connect usb port hi sense tv

    My tv usb ports suddenly stopped working after moving tv (gently)
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    Solved! Can I connect a pcie thunderbolt 3.0 card to my pc using a xcsource® v8.4 exp gdc PCIe-E 16 x extern adapter ?

    Hi, i have a laptop without a Thunderbolt port. And I was thinking that adding a Thunderbolt port using an external adapter might come in handy. That way I can connect a graphics card to the laptop as well as other thunderbolt enabled stuff. I was thinking of using a xcsource® v8.4 exp gdc...
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    Logitech g430 USB problem

    Hello. I don't know on what category to post on so I'm posting on PC gaming. I'm having a problem with my g430. When I plug them in lgs recognizes them but after I tern off my PC and turn it back on lgs does not recognizes them anymore. If I switch the usb port it recognizes them again but the...
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    Solved! My 42LB55 has no headphone port and my HT-E330K samsung home theater no optical cable port. How do i get the tv sound through

    I have LG satellite tv without headphones port how can I connect to my home theater without optical cable
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    Solved! I have a Samsung tab 4 bought new battery and new charging port and tried all the holding down power and/or volume and nothing

    Tried everything even bought new components and replaced. What else is there.
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    Solved! Connecting soundbar to tv

    Hi, I recently purchased Bose soundbar 700 and am not able to connect it to my tv. My tv seems to not have HDMI ARC port. Surprisingly it doesnt have an optical port too! The TV is from TCL Model No. L48E3900FS. It does have a standard Audio out port. I have a cable set top box but the same...
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    Solved! Monitor has no optical port but sound bar does.

    I have an Asus monitor and a Sony sound bar. My plan is to have my PS4 projected on the monitor and the sound coming from the sound bar. I have no trouble with the first part but with Audio there is no clear solution and would love some help. My monitor has no digital audio port, only an analog...
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    Solved! My charger port is broke,is there away to charge it with a usb port or a hdmi cord

    Its a large tablet
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    Solved! Is there some sort of usb C adapter to aux Jack and usb C port that's good?

    I'm looking for a usb C to aux Jack and usb C adapter I have a razer phone and I want to use my headphones and charge my phone at the same time I know they exist Im looking for one that works I found a couple online and they had bad reviews
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    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital o

    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital optical audio cable
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    Solved! Connect my firestick when only hdmi is being used for dish box?

    Received Amazon Firestick for Christmas. My tv has only one HDMI port and it is used for Dish network receiver. Can I use a splitter?
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    Help me please

    My phone has this symbol on bottom of phone by charging port>
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    Solved! Want sound to come from AVR to Soundbar (Onkyo AVR S920W, Bose 700, LG OLED55B8PUA, Apple TV 4k)

    With this set of equipment (Onkyo AVR S920W, Bose 700, LG OLED55B8PUA, Apple TV 4k), I have all the output devices (AppleTV, XBox) feeding into the AVR via HDMI cables. From the AVR I have an HDMI cable from the ARC "Monitor1" port to the TV's "HDMI 2" port that claims to be ARC as well. I've...
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    My HP laptop is manufactured in 2017. Does this mean the HDMI port is 2.0 and allows 4k 60fps?

    So my laptop is manufactured in 2017, Does it mean it has HDMI 2.0 and not HDMI 1.4?
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    144hz monitor on laptop that doesnt have display port or mini display port exit.

    My laptop is the acer nitro 5 and it doesn't have a mini display port or a display port exit. I want to buy a 144 hz monitor (ViewSonic VX2458-MHD), but since I don't have display port exits on my laptop how do I use the monitor at 144hz?
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    Solved! HDMI 2.0 into HDMI 1.4

    Hi, so I recently got a 144hz benq xl2411p monitor for my laptop. And my laptop hdmi out port is 1.4, and the hdmi port for the benq monitor is 1.4 also. And I got a hdmi 2.0 to use. And I thought hdmi 2.0 is backwards compatible, and I'm not getting an option for 144hz. Help!
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    EMERSON LC320EMX + GeForce 1050 TI ---- HDMI Port won't recognize the connection to my PC.

    EMERSON TV + GeForce 1050 TI ---- HDMI Port won't recognize the connection to my PC. I've tried 3 different cords and ports in all combinations. They all work with my PS4, but show nothing with my PC. Again, TV is an Emerson LC320EMX and the graphics card is NVidia GeForce 1050 TI. Edit: I...
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    Solved! LG model 49lf5400 tv with no audio outputs. Trying to connect to a Pyle wireless speaker

    Is there anyway I can come out of an HDMI port on my tv and convert it to an auxiliary port that I can plug into the base of the Pyle external speaker using the 3.5 mm jack? I bought a cable- Deconn HDMI to HDMI/DVI/VGA Audio 4 in 1 Adapter, but this seems like it wants to convert the...
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    Solved! How to hook up Samsung soundbar to rca tv and Android box...tv doesn't have a optical port..

    We have an rca tv and an android box and we are trying to hookup a Samsung sound bar..can't figure it out..the TV doesn't have an optical port..
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    Solved! Iam having lcd tv which has no USB port n then I want to connect chrome cast to it l.is it possible to connect

    Does we any USB to hdmi connectors
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    Solved! Is my port broken?

    I have a HP Full HD 15.6" Notebook Computer and the SKU is Z4L78UAT#ABA I wa having difficulties with the charger and borrowed one from IT that should have worked, it fit, and it kept my computer on, but it didn't charge. The borrowed charger had a variable amplitude up to 95, and the charger I...
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    VGA to HDMI output

    I recently purchased a projector with VGA port,how I can use it with HDMI cables.
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    Solved! Connecting old sony sound system to new tv with Android tv box

    Hello, i have an old sony stereo sound system with a 2rca port and i want to connect it to my new Samsung tv that has only optical and hdmi ports. I also want to buy an android tv box in the future and i have seen thay many dont have an optical port but they do have av. I would probably need to...
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    Solved! How to add/link two Bose wave radio together. Can i connect then throught the Bose link port, Please help me in this f

    I want to link both the BOSE WAVE 2 music system and Bose wave 3 music system together. Is there any way to do that.
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    I have new Samsung tv with a connect box with one optical plug. No rca plugs. I have a sound bar connected to the optical port

    I have new Samsung tv with a connect box with one optical plug. No rca plugs. I have a sound bar connected to the optical port I want to also connect a headset for hearing impaired. How do I hook up the sound at and headset at same time?
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    Is this a thunderbolt port?

    Is this a Thunderbolt port to which i can connect a gpu dock? https://imgur.com/4mut6Pp
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    Solved! Splitter for TV USB Port?

    I have a VIZIO (2015) television that has three HDMI ports and one USB port. HDMI 1 - Google Chromecast; HDMI 2 - Roku Stick; HDMI 3 - Cable Box. Right now I switch the USB power source between the Chromecast/Roku devices when I want to use one or the other. This is a wall-mounted television so...
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    Solved! Is VPN leaking when torrenting?

    Hello, I've recently subscribed on Express VPN when my IpVanish account expired. If I run the torrent test provided by this site: https://ipleak.net/ the result (attached) shows the same port set in uTorrent>preferences>connections>Port used for incoming connections. Is this a privacy issue...
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    Solved! My setup box don't have hdmi but my tv does how can i connect both to get fine hd like quality without hd setup box

    I want to get good video quality. How can i get so without hd setup box? I don't have hd setup box none it have hdmi port but my tv does have hdmi port pleaee help
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    UNIC 46+ Projector

    I have the UC46+ projector there is no AV port and set-top box have no HDMI so How I connect my set top box with a projector?
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    Solved! Adding extra USB port to HDTV

    I have a Samsung UE40ES7000 HDTV 3d smart TV, (bought in 2012) with three HDMI ports which are all in use (V6 box, sound bar, and DVD player). I want to also use an Amazon firestick and think, but not sure, that what I need is an HDMI switcher. I've got the manual for the TV but frankly...
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    Solved! High def sound from Xbox one S to YAS207 to monitor without HDMI arc port

    I plan to purchase an LG32UK550 4K monitor and a YAS207 soundbar and watch UHD dvds via my Xbox one S. I have no need for a television hence why I don't plan on buying a 4K TV. The xbox one S (as far as I'm aware) and the monitor don't have a HDMI arc port. I can't seem to find a monitor with a...
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    Solved! Can you use a smart card reader slot like an express card slot? Are there smart card adapters?

    Hi everyone. I happen to have a laptop with a slot that is a smart card reader. I was wondering if it it's at all possible to use this slot in the same way that an express card slot may be used (i.e. with an adapter that gets inserted into the slot) to add functionality that wasn't there...
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    Solved! No Home theatre sound when set top box connected

    I have sony home theatre with HDMI ARC and digital optical audio port to connect. My sony hd tv has also HDMI ARC and digital optical audio output port. Both are connected via HDMI ARC. All working fine. But as I upgrade my HD set top box connected to tv via another HDMI port, home theatre stops...
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    S-video port on old camcorder seems loose and isn't working

    So I finally got a cheap capture card and am now trying to back up my old home videos on 8mm tapes. Just back in the september I was watching the first one I tried capturing and it played perfectly on my TV. When I tried to capture it on my computer on the weekend, I got 30 minutes of clear...
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    Solved! Nvidia Surround with 3 monitors

    I have a laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. So far I have made two screens connect in the surround feature but not the third. I have used the only HDMI port and the only display port, but the last monitor will not connect in the surround feature with the thunderbolt port. Is...
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    Solved! Broken hdmi port and now tv won’t start

    My son pushed the hdmi port into the tv and now the tv won’t start but the red power light is still on but it won’t switch on. The tv was working fine befor broke the hdmi port