How to connect surround sound to LG 42CS560 with no audio output

Jan 6, 2019
I have a LG 42CS560 from the year 2011. The connections available are: 2 HDMI In Inputs, AV Component In, and an antenna jack. There is no headphone jack or optical hdmi port. What type of surround sound would work with this TV? Would the basic HDMI IN port work with a system? I don't have a soundbar yet but I don't know which one to buy with what ports to make this work. Please advise! Thanks


You may only be able to connect to the source device rather than the TV. So you may need audio that can pass through HDMI. That TV does not seem to have any options for audio output from reading the manual.
Jan 6, 2019

I have a Sony Blu-ray disc/dvd player model number BDP-BX59. It looks like it has a DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL) jack, LINE OUT (R-AUDIO-L) jacks, HDMI OUT jack, DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) jack. Would any of these jacks work to hook up a surround sound with? So I would hook the sound bar up to the blu-ray and the blu-ray up to the tv with a basic HDMI?
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