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    Philips 50" Smart 4K HDTV 5000 Series

    I was watching a movie on Hulu when my TV suddenly shut off. I figured it was for an update, but the TV never turned back on. I've tried unplugging the TV and called the Philips customer service, but to get my TV repaired using my Warranty, it's going to take just about a week until I have my TV...
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    The Best Time to Buy a TV (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time)

    Everything you need to know before buying a new TV. The Best Time to Buy a TV (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time) : Read more
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    How do I install "anymore cast" in my new Sharp LC50UA440X tv?

    I wants to connect screen mirroring from my phone to my tv.. bt I don't find anyview cast in my tv. Pls do solve my problem.
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    How to connect HDTV to old receiver without HDMI port

    Hello, A friend of mine gave me an old (very old receiver, I think) and I would like to connect it to my TV. I have a set of speakers from a surround system 5.1. I spent all my Sunday trying to get it work but I couldn't. I'm completely new to this! Please help :) The Receiver I have is a...
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    I live about 80 miles from any city what would be the best HDTV Antenna

    Need a good TV in antenna I can use at my cabin
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    4K UHD HDR TV for PlayStation 4 pro, Cannot Decide!! Please help purchasing in a couple of days..

    So I recently have been researching everywhere possible on the internet for a good 4k tv for PlayStation 4 pro ad 4k cable... Anyways i am not a millionaire so I want to get the best budget TV, The TV's ive been looking I will list,any opinions I appreciate thanks btw.. im buying one in a few...
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    5.1 GPX surround(ht050b) to LG HDTV.

    I am having trouble getting this hooked up right. I’m not sure what audio settings should be in the TV. The cables are RCA CABLES and it also says you can use a 3.5 mm input from receiver to Tv but my TV doesn’t have a place for that. Any ideas?
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    I have a 2009 panasonic HDTV model # TC-P42C1 serial # MF91450155 I have basic cable I can't get sound when the little black b

    I need help whith audio on my HMDI connection for 2009 panadonic tv with basic.cable
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    Need to connect new HDTV to older surround system

    Bought a new Samsung 50" (UN50MU6070F) and need to connect to my older surround system (HARMON-KARDON AVR 135) which has no HDMI connections. Any suggestions?
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    How do I get digital channels on my cable package if my internal tuner no longer works?

    I have an RCA 55" HDTV. When I did the channel scan, it did not pick up any of our cable packages digital channels. I have three other HDTV's and they all picked up the digital channels. Is my internal tuner no longer working? If not, what are my options for picking up the digital channels...
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    why cant i watch rf channels

    New quasar tv want to use air good antenna scanned got 6 hdtv channels 40 rf can only see hdtv channels why?
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    Solved! I've got M5500 TV by Samsung & it's not recognising the Samsung DVD-D530 plugged into the HDMI port.

    I've tried another Samsung HDTV same result, what should do replace it or by a Blu-ray player
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    Hdtv antenna jack

    I accidentally pulled out my antenna back I had it solder back on but it still does not work and now I have no sound also
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    What Is Dolby Vision? (And How to Get It)

    Curious about what Dolby Vision is and what it does? Wondering how Dolby Vision differs from other HDR formats, or just want to know where to get shows and movies that are Dolby Vision compatible? Get the scoop on the leading version of HDR. What Is Dolby Vision? (And How to Get It) : Read more
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    Old stereo to new HDTV without audio out or headphone jack

    My Samsung tv has no audio out or headphone jack. And my old stereo just has red and white audio in. Is there anyway I can play the tv through stereo and speakers?
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    ClearStream View Wall-Frame HDTV Antenna Review: Nearly Picture Perfect

    By building the antenna into a large picture frame, Antenna Direct's ClearStream View is a unique solution to the visually challenging problem of how to hide an indoor antenna. ClearStream View Wall-Frame HDTV Antenna Review: Nearly Picture Perfect : Read more
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    Best Open-Box-TV Deals

    Here's the easiest way to save hundreds of dollars on your next TV purchase. Best Open-Box-TV Deals : Read more
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    HDTV Antenna/amplifier problem

    Last year I purchased a Lava HD-8008 antenna that I installed in our attic. Got 15 to 36 channels regularly until the amplifier stopped working. Since then I purchased two hdtv amplifiers ( 1byone model OUS00-0693, and Winegard Boost XT) neither amplifier gives me even one station. What am I...
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    Open-Box TV Deals: Read This Before You Buy

    Here are the pros and cons every buyer should know before purchasing an open-box TV. Open-Box TV Deals: Read This Before You Buy : Read more
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    HDTV volume control with analog amplifier

    I just purchased a LG 43UJ6300 TV and I want to output the sound to an old analog 2 channel Sony amplifier. This TV only has a toslink optical out, so I purchased a PROZOR DAC to convert the optical signal to analog. This does work, but I lost the ability to adjust the TV’s volume via its...
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    Help setting up home theatre system [photos included]

    Hello, I was busy setting up my Philips micro theatre system (model 149/05) to my LG HDTV (model 42LD450 - za) and couldn’t figure out how to get the sound working through the speakers. Connected to my tv I have an Xbox one and a nowtv box I would also like to hear the sound from these...
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    Using digital antenna without HDTV

    I have cable, but NOT HDTV. Can I still use the new digital antennas?
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    M trying to connect my DVD/VCR player to my HDTV. Have tried both red, white, & yellow connecters & the the yellow, blue, gr

    My question entered above. M about ready to return the whole darn thing! The DVD player works just fine on my VISIO I bout last year. The new TV is an Emblem from Walmart. Hope you can help me pout w/this! Let me start over. My dvd/vcr player will not work when connected to HDTV. T DVD...
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    Solved! Panasonic HDTV 1080i red power button on steady my TV will not turn on unplugged for 1 minute and plugged in again still red p

    Panasonic HDTV 1080i red power button on steady will not turn on for blue light unplug power cord for 1 minute plug back in red light on and steady screen will not come on when on button pushed
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    Solved! how to connect Bose Lifestyle V25 to Samsung 8000 series HDTV

    Bose V25 to Samsung 8000 HDTV
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    popping noise help

    i have a vizio hdtv, when i turn it on, it makes a popping noise, every minute or so, other than that, the sound and picture are fine, the tv is ony a few years old 2 and a half at most
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    TCL Roku 49-inch 49S405 Review: A Great 4K TV Under $500

    The TCL Roku 49S405 is more than just an affordable 4K set; it’s also a great smart TV, with plenty to offer movie lovers, gamers and cord cutters. TCL Roku 49-inch 49S405 Review: A Great 4K TV Under $500 : Read more
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    What Is HDMI ARC?

    HDMI ARC provides a two-way flow of sound between a TV and a soundbar or other gear. Here's what you need to know. What Is HDMI ARC? : Read more
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    New Samsung on antenna working fine, then one morning I can only get NBC

    I have a new (2 wks old) Samsung HDTV 55", on antenna with a booster. Worked fine till I turned it off one night and next morning got only NBC. Rescanned channels 15 times so far, turned off unplugged and replugged everything in. I'm at a loss and can't afford $60 and up for someone to...
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    Can I connect my directv box to 2 tv's 40' apart

    I have 2 HDTV's about 40' apart I want to share the same directv box. The remote TV should share the same picture and sound as it currently does with the remote sd TV i am replacing. Home has already installed coax. Neither HDTV has F-type connections. I used a modulator to connect box to coax...
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    how do I find out what channels I would be able to get with a HDTV antenna?

    how do I find out what channels I would be able to get with a HDTV antenna?
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    New 55" UHD LED LCD Polaroid TV appears rather pixelated

    Recently installed new polaroid tv (PU-553016UHD) but it appears rather low res and pixelated, im unsure as to why this is as the power cord and antenna are both plugged in correctly, i've browsed the settings for a long time and the picture mode setting makes no change in quality, as a side...
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    What's the point of a native 120hz HDTV?

    So without much knowledge I decided to upgrade from a Vizio e480-b2 48" to a Sony x900e 55". I primarily use the PS4 on it to do just about everything but so far haven't noticed anything different except when I run motionflow it has that Opera Effect thing going on which is a bit annoying and...
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    Help connecting my old tv to a new sound system

    I have a Mitsubishi wd-65737 65" DLP tv and I just bought a Philips Zenit wireless surround sound system and I can't get it to work. My tv has regular av jacks as well as HDMI & digital audio inputs. The new sound system has HDMI arc output, HDMI input, optical, is and 3.5mm aux jack. I bought a...
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    Optimal HDTV Indoor Antenna Frequencies

    I'm seeking the optimal frequency ranges for an indoor HDTV antenna 50 or 60 miles from desired TV stations
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    New HDTV with older Receiver

    I have a Pioneer VSX 816, Samsung MU9000 ultra HD TV and standard Cablevision cable box. I have no HDMI connections on receiver so went DVD to TV via HDMI, cable box to TV via HDMI, and both cable box/DVD to receiver via digital optical. All good except I can’t use receiver/Surround sound when...
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    have a 1 year old aquas..whtch hdmi can i use with roku 4k stick

    tried to use 4k rook 4k stick on my year old aquas 4k to .it would not work. regular hdtv does work.
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    Is it worth it?

    I guess i just need confirmation but, is this worth repairing? I know it will be expensive but i really don't want to throw it away. Backstory: It was my daughters 6th birthday. We had a party that involved a pinata. My 2yo son, seeing how pinata'a work, grabbed the stick and started bapping...
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    Component video won't connect HDTV and DVR

    I have a Samsung UN55ES6150F HDTV w/component video in, connected to Denon DVD-2200 w/component video out. When I choose the 'Source' 'Component' on the TV, it says it can't connect. Why?
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    Amazon Fire TV stick HDCP requirements for 1080p display

    I am planning to buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick and I came across something called hdcp. I have a Sony Bravia 32W512D TV 1080p and I hdcp version of the tv is 1.4. I just want to know will it work on my Bravia tv on 1080p.
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    Here Are the Best Walmart Black Friday Deals (So Far)

    Walmart's Black Friday sale starts today. Here's what you need to know. Here Are the Best Walmart Black Friday Deals (So Far) : Read more
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    Here Are the Top Best Buy Black Friday Deals

    From $99 laptops to the best Apple sale we've seen to date, here's your inside look at Best Buy's Black Friday deals. Here Are the Top Best Buy Black Friday Deals : Read more
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    LG Plasma 50PK550 - Odd Picture - Is this fixable?

    Recently my LG Plasma suddenly went from great picture to horrible picture that is distorted / duplicated. The sound is fine and picture is shown no matter what input, but it's got fuzzy horizontal lines and partial picture, however the picture is somewhat duplicated as well. I'm wondering if...
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    Web OS vs Android OS for TVs

    Hi all, Am planning to buy a new smart TV. After some research, I realized that each Smart TV has it own platform to run on. Looks like Web OS and Android OS for TVs are currently best available platforms. Can somebody tell me which one is good over other. Which one is future proof, good to...
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    Mohu Leaf Glide HDTV Antenna Review: Flat Design, Flat Performance

    A large, flat TV antenna with a respected pedigree, the Mohu Leaf Glide failed to perform as expected. There are better Mohu models to be had, such as the nonamplified ReLeaf and the amplified Curve. Mohu Leaf Glide HDTV Antenna Review: Flat Design, Flat Performance : Read more
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    ClearStream 2Max Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review: Strong and Flexible

    The ClearStream 2Max is a strong and flexible indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna that reliably pulls in a variety of stations. ClearStream 2Max Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review: Strong and Flexible : Read more
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    hdmi arc output

    my hdtv has no hdmi arc output. can i use hdmi arc out adapter to my hdtv
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    Sony TV with Netflix in it. WHy can't we get most of our main tv channels to come in? Very upsetting. We do the serching and s

    Why can't we get TV5.1 and TV25.1 to come in and watch our shows we like? They did at one time then bang, went out and never yet had came back in. Very upset. Please help me. I have follwed every in the booklet and did all the searchings and still no tv5.1 or tv25.1
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    I have an LG tv with a spot to hook up an HDTV antenna but nothing happens.

    I have an LG tv with a spot to hook up an HDTV antenna but nothing happens when I plug in the antenna. It works fine on my other tv but can't get the LG to work. Thanks.
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    HDMI Screen randomly goes black

    Hi there. I have a PC and an Xbox 360 both hooked up to my TEAC LCD LED TV. Everytime I go to play my Xbox I switch the channel over to AV1 to play. I come back to HDMI to continue using my PC after a sesh and the screen is black. I know the PC isn't asleep or anything, because it happens...
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    Tv antenna hookups

    No cable can i hook up a hdtv indoor antenna to my toshiba model #cz36131 to watch tv
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    Smart tv antenna Channels

    What are the basic channels you can receive on a smart tv with an hdtv antenna
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    Insignia Roku TV 4K Ultra HD 55-Inch (NS-55DR620NA18) Review: Inexpensive 4K TV

    Insignia's TV sets are a mixed bag, with some surprises and some disappointments. This 55-inch 4K set falls into the latter category, with a flawed Ultra HD picture, low-fi sound and no HDR support. Insignia Roku TV 4K Ultra HD 55-Inch (NS-55DR620NA18) Review: Inexpensive 4K TV : Read more
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    Which Sony TV Is Right for You?

    If you need help buying a Sony TV but don’t know where to start, this buying guide will help answer your questions about the model lines and which sets are worth your money. Which Sony TV Is Right for You? : Read more
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    How connect my Santo fw43D25f HDTV, charters arris cable box to Panasonic HTS #sc-btt465?

    Guys I really need yall help b4 i go ballistic @ how absurdly complicated tech made it to basically add stereo speakers/ system in 2017! So Frigging ridiculous. Trying connect audio from my Sanyo HDTV FW430D25F that has charter setbox DCX3501 connected to my Panasonic Bluray hts SC BTT 465...
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    How do i hookup my samsung 55 hdtv, direct tv box and my older Yamaha receiver that does not have HDMI cable but it does have

    I have a samsung 55" hdtv (not LED) Brand new direct tv box and a Yamaha natural sound AV receiver RX-V2500 that doesn't have hdmi. I have optic cables ,RCA cables and video cables and one S cable, also acouple of the cables with blue, green and red connectors and hdmi cables. How do i hook it...
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    HDTV antenna- not getting all the channels

    I live in the NYC suburbs so I know I have a good straight signal to manhattan. Before the conversion to HD I got all the channels 2,4,5,7,9,11,13, NJN (50), and sometimes a few Philly channels. After the HD broadcast conversion- I got an HD TV, and an HD antenna. I set up the antenna the way...
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    Amazon's Top 5 Deals of Today: 4K HDTV, Bluetooth Earbuds, More

    From a budget indoor HDTV antenna to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, here are five deals designed to save you money. Amazon's Top 5 Deals of Today: 4K HDTV, Bluetooth Earbuds, More : Read more
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    Amazon Just Slashed Its HDTV Antenna to $10

    Cord cutters can get a variety of antennas starting at a very low price. Amazon Just Slashed Its HDTV Antenna to $10 : Read more