M trying to connect my DVD/VCR player to my HDTV. Have tried both red, white, & yellow connecters & the the yellow, blue, gr

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Jan 13, 2018
My question entered above. M about ready to return the whole darn thing! The DVD player works just fine on my VISIO I bout last year. The new TV is an Emblem from Walmart. Hope you can help me pout w/this!

Let me start over. My dvd/vcr player will not work when connected to HDTV. T DVD player works on my Vizio tv, so it's not the player. Have tried both connecters, red, white & yellow and the blue, green, yellow red (2) & white. I keep getting disc error, AV?NTSB or 480i. What do I need to do to make this function correctly? HELP!!! PLEASE!
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