How do I hook up my Toshiba dvd/VHS player to a JVC tv

Jan 5, 2019
I had the cord that has the red-white-yellow ends on the both sides. My dvd/VHS player has the red and white and yellow holes I can stick them in. But my TV doesnt have the red and white and yellow holes. So I bought a cord that has a hdmi end with the other end to have the red and white and yellow. Cause I could just stick the hdmi end to my tv, then stick the red and white and yellow end to my dvd/VHS player. It didnt work either. I even changed the input channels on the TV so many times. Didnt help. Do I need an extra cord or what?
You can't use a cord to connect AV analog video and audio to an HDMI digital video audio input. You will need an active AV to HDMI converter plus the cables to connect it to the VCR and the TV. These only work in one direction so an HDMI to AV will not work.
The HDMI input has nothing to do with the channel you are on. You have to change the source on the TV to the HDMI input number you connected the DVD/VCR. You will have an input or TV/Video button on the remote. Check the owners manual.
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