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  1. dboconsulting

    Question DVD Styler

    Hello, I have been trying to burn a dvd using dvd styler on Windows 10 Pro. https://www.dvdstyler.org/en/ Here is what has been successful: I am able to export locally and play the video in VLC. I am able to burn the disc to a +R disc and play it on a PC. Here is what has been unsuccessful...
  2. 1slavicc

    Solved! How can I use my mashita DVD-ram on my android tv installed on my PC

    I use an Acer Travelmate with Mashita DVD-ram UJ8HC built in. When I put a DVD, it recognises the DVD, but not to play with it, but as a storage device. How can I use my built in DVD player to play DVDs on my Acer Travelmate with Android TV 9 installed.?
  3. G

    Solved! DVD Recorder Compatibility

    Hi, hope you can help me or suggest someone who can. Can I use an RCA DRC8052 DVD Recorder to finalize +R DVDs that were recorded in an RCA DRC8040N DVD Recorder? From online info, the 2 models seem somewhat compatible, but I can't be sure, and the seller won't let me return the newer model if...
  4. K

    Solved! Why Rip DVDs for Home Theater?

    I have been experimenting with ripping my DVDs for use in my home theater. After a lot of testing with various settings on Handbrake, I can’t rip a DVD without having at least some quality degradation. I’ve read several postings and articles indicating there will always be some loss of...
  5. P

    Solved! Acer Laptop not playing DVD's

    Hi, I have a Acer Aspire E15 (E5-521-45BU). I was given it from a friend moving abroad (i.e. didn't buy it new, don't know the history). The first thing I did was reinstall windows 10. We now use it to watch moves on, however recently it has stopped been able to read the DVDs. Then it will read...
  6. L

    Solved! How do I connect a benq w6000 to a sony dvd home theatre system model DAV-HDX589w

    I am trying to get the audio set up from my Benq W6000 projector to my Sony DVD home theatre system model number DAV HDX589W. I have my roku plugged into hdmi 2. There is only one hdmi plug in the receiver and two in the projector. I am trying to use a white and red to 3.5 aux to connect the...
  7. M

    Solved! How to get Surround System from my TV

    Hi, I've got a LG Smart TV (65UJ752T-TB) and a Philips DVD HTS (HTS3548W) and i can't get surround system from my TV. Im using a HDMI cable and connected it to my TV's HDMI ARC... I've changed TV's sound settings to HDMI-ARC and same with my HTS and nothing. The HTS works perfectly fine and...
  8. T

    Solved! How do I get color to show using Philips DVD VHS player and sharp tv

    No color Philips DVD VHS player and sharp tv
  9. J

    dvd to proyector pic but not sound

    I have a proyector and dvd blue ray sony connected true hdmi and only 1 dvd works perfectly pic and sound but hall the rest not work only picture not sound at all please i need an answer.
  10. P

    Solved! i have a samsung smart tv and a soundbar. i would like to hook up a blue ray dvd and a wireless head set do i need a 3way opti

    i have a samsung smart tv with a sound bar i would like to hook up a blue ray dvd and wireess head set. do i need an optical 3 way splitter
  11. B

    VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/'.

    Disc is DVD-R plays on standalone player but not on laptop.
  12. J

    DVD to smart tv

    How do I hook up old DVD player to Samsung 58" 7100 series
  13. C

    How Do you hook up a JVC dvd player to a JVC tv,without cable tv?

    I hooked up my JVC dvd player to my JVC tv.I have video but no sound.My tv does not have cable tv.
  14. J

    Solved! Can I ask This?

    Hey all, Firstly, I think (but hope not)_ it might be breaking a forum rule.... I want to back up my dvd collection..... VLC media player is not doing it for me..... just wondering if anyone knows a cheap alt that works well.... Most of my dvd's are more than five years old.... Secondly, I'm...
  15. S

    Dvd tuner converter

    Pioneer stereo dvd hook to another pioneer with tuner and dvd player to hook to digital stream converter box to hook to vizio 40 inch flat screen?
  16. A

    How to watch DVD's on my Roku TV

    I have DVD's from the library, but can't get them to play on our new Roku TV. Just got it this afternoon.
  17. A

    Help getting Dolby Digital to work from my PC

    Hey, I have a DVD that supports Dolby Digital. When I use the DVD with my standalone DVD player and connect it to my Onkyo TX-NR509 receiver the Dolby Digital logo lights up in red. I also have a DVD player in my Windows 7 PC which is connected via HDMI to my receiver. When I put the DVD in...
  18. J

    Solved! what is the fitting called to convert a dvd player to a smart tv

    Connect dvd to smart tv
  19. J

    Solved! Curtis DCR8335 DVD/VHS recorder combo- Question?

    Hoping someone can help me here. I want to use the above machine to copy some old VHS tapes onto DVDs. Does anyone know if I can record MORE than 1 tape onto a DVD if there is still free space available on the DVD? Or, am i limited to just 1 tape per DVD, regardless how much space it takes up on...
  20. I

    Can I play PC DVD games on laptop?

    I have a HP Pavilion 15 (i7-6700HQ, GTX 950M) gaming laptop. I want to buy Metro Exodus PC DVD. My question is: can I play it?
  21. E

    I connected DVD w/ red/green/blue cable to converter box to samsung smart tv via HDMI cable, picture quality terrible. No tru

    How do I connect bose 321 dvd to Samsung 4D smart tv so that picture quality appears. Connected w/ red/green/blue cable to converter box then to tv via hdmi cable but poor picture and not proper colors
  22. M

    Solved! Change from DVD to cable no remote only power button need input

    Lost remote only power button on Vizio smart TV need change input from DVD to cable
  23. A

    Solved! Movies From DVDs

    Can I copy movies from a dvd to the fire stick? I’d like to take one along when I travel.
  24. L

    Solved! Creating DVD for DVD Players

    The only DVD's that will play on my DVD Player have a file structure with a file folder of Video_TS that contains Video_TS_BUP, Video_TS_BUP and Video_VOB files. I have an MP4 file and used video converters that say they will create mpeg_2 files, but they only produce a VOB file that will not...
  25. G

    How do I connect a DVD and a VCR to an HDTV?

    https://imgur.com/gallery/pSCK0iT The top photo is the back of the TV. The middle photo is the back of the DVD. The bottom photo is the back of the VCR. What kind of cables do I need? What jack should each connector be plugged into on each device?
  26. S

    Solved! connect dvd recorder

    I have a DVD recorder with it's own digital tuner. This has been connected to my Magnevox DVD recorder player. If I go to slingTV from Dish network antenna, how best to connect my reorder to the streamed wireless signal ? Pls advise Thanks
  27. C

    Solved! Ripped DVD Collection

    I've had enough of the DVD's all over the living room. I have a Samsung 7100 smart TV, a 3TB Toshiba external hard drive, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 8.5. The software seems feature rich but no real explanations for a n00b like me. I want to be able to watch the movies on the TV and also load...
  28. E

    How do i connect my Mintect dvd 1600 to my new samsung 4k smart tv?

    I have old Mintek DVD player,3 cable output, no HDMI on player. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  29. S

    Same problem i have found my dz350, dvd lens and tray motor not working, i think its chip set problem

    Eny function not working in dz350 only show in "hello"
  30. C

    RCA to HMDI for Old DVD VCR combo

    Will a the 3 prong (White, Yellow, RED) cable too HDMI cable work on a Phillips DVP3050V DVD VCR player built in 2005. The unit works fine but need to order the cable set. Would I need a converter as part of the set.
  31. H

    The sound on my Dvd player does not match the movie voice

    DVD voice not matching movie
  32. E

    Solved! Trying to watch DVD movie all sounds but no voices

    When trying to watch a DVD movie there's sounds but no voices why
  33. A

    Dvd amp vcr

    Good day. Can i connect my dvd player to vcr inputs on my amp. Will it work?
  34. D

    What if you have a flat screen and it doesn't have the green or blue on back. Can you connect this to a DVD blue ray and get

    We have yellow and white on back of tv
  35. C

    Solved! How do I hook up my Toshiba dvd/VHS player to a JVC tv

    I had the cord that has the red-white-yellow ends on the both sides. My dvd/VHS player has the red and white and yellow holes I can stick them in. But my TV doesnt have the red and white and yellow holes. So I bought a cord that has a hdmi end with the other end to have the red and white and...
  36. G

    dvd player to smart tv

    Have connected dvd to smart tv with a hdmi to scart converter have sound but no picture?
  37. W

    Solved! No color when watching DVD on TCL Roku tv

    I have the same problem, DVD player is in Black and white wilhen connected to my TCL Roku TV, S-Series. How do I fix this? The color is fine when watching cable television, just lose color when watching a DVD.
  38. W

    Solved! No sound from DVD-worked for years [SOLVED]

    It's a Samsung BluRay, but suddenly i get picture, no sound. The TV sound works - for other inputs.
  39. F

    Connecting a combo DVD/VCR player

    Trying to get an old DVD/VCR combo player to work so our grandchildren can enjoy our library of Disney VHS tapes. The old RCA DVD/VCR combo is now connected to the Vizio TV using the composite cables and a coax cable since the back of the RCA unit says the only DVD/VCR output is thru the coax...
  40. 1

    Solved! new sylvania and dvd player problem

    I have a 60 inch Sylvania Tv and a fluid dvd player. I can't get the dvd to work. I tried component, didn't work. I have a small box at the back of the tv that has my HDMI and red, white, yellow plugs to convert the tv to the dvd. I can't get it to work. Can someone help me.
  41. C

    Solved! it wont pop up when i put my dvd in

    When I put my dvd disc in my laptop noting pops up where I can watch it
  42. 1

    How do I.program my 19in Emerson flat screen tv/dvd?

    FINE I MODEL NUMBER:LD195EMX OCTOBER 2009 Serial No.DS1A0944356252 It's a flat screen tv dvd
  43. E

    Samsung Q6 and AVR3806 video

    Connecting Samsung Q6 tv to Denon AVR3806. AVR is hub for dvd. How to I get video to work?
  44. M

    how can i play a movie disc if we dont have a password this is brandnew and never used please help

    we have a sylvania sltdvd9220-c brandnew out of the box it wont let us play a dvd
  45. S

    DVD HDMI and projection

    I am hooking up a Sony Blu-Ray to a Top vision projector using HDMI cable and the movie plays but there is no sound.... Tried Brand new HDMI cable and still no sound.
  46. G

    Solved! Tried everything ,,DVD surround sound ok ,,tv surround sound nil

    Panasonic smart tv tx 50 as 540b,,has no guidance to set up arc ,,has optical connection ,,my Samsung home centre has no optical connection ,I use rca adapter ,my DVD surround sound is fine ,,unable to get surround sound from my TV, surround setting goes back to stereo every time I try set...
  47. E

    Smart tv switching from tv to DVD playerc

    I don’t know how to chance my smart Tv Channel to the DVD player Help
  48. M

    my DVD player works but the problem is no sound comes out so please help what can I to it for sound to b heard

    I connected DVD to tv nd speakers but no soundcomes out what can i do
  49. G

    Solved! I connected my TV to my DVD souround sound and I get sound when I watch a DVD but no sound when watching TV

    Red, white and yellow connected from TV to DVD souround sound
  50. M

    I have a VIZIO old school how do I put it on HDMI to play my DVD

    I have a VIZIO old school how do I put it on HDMI to play my DVD
  51. G

    Solved! Getting no signal from source on DVD player

    Plays dvd but to record get no signal has always worked well but suddenly does not get a signal. Dvd plays ok only recording does not work.
  52. V

    Solved! Hopper installed and not working

    I’m trying to fix my tv,hopper from Dish Network and dvd/vcr. I need help to hook them all up
  53. R

    Solved! DVD codes Toshiba

    Code to connect Toshiba DVD to an element tv
  54. C

    Solved! Why does my RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly not play dvds?

    My 32” RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly stopped playing dvds. It makes an odd squeeling sound when I insert a dvd, and won’t play at all!
  55. T

    Solved! my Two right speakers on my Sony dav-tz140 only work on dvd but not on tv/cable?

    my Two right speakers on my Sony dav-tz140 only work on dvd but not on tv/cable?
  56. R

    Solved! Toshiba S55t-A5237 won't play DVD

    on my Toshiba laptop (Satellite S55t-A5237) when I insert a golf video, the Toshiba video player starts up but can't get it to play my video.
  57. L

    Solved! Burning a disk on Nero plantinum 2018?

    I have done my video and would like to burn it onto a dvd disk, but it came up with a notice saying it wold have to recalculate the timeline? Does anyone know what this means and how should I correctly burn the photos onto a blank dvd disk after I have finished adding content? Many thanks.
  58. D

    Audio Notebook with DVD

    Looking for an audio notebook. It should be compact, with an optical drive and a lighted keyboard. Any suggestions?
  59. F

    Solved! Having a problem with a 5-disc dvd changer (Sony DVP-NC85H/B)

    I'm Looking for a Universal remote that will work with the the Sony DVP-NC85H/B DVD changer that has a Disc Skip button. I have the RMT-D171A remote but it doesn't have a Disc Skip button. I would like to be able to rotate the disc tray without having to press the button on the DVD...
  60. S

    Solved! I've got Samsung tv and Samsung sound surround with DVD built in how do i get sound from fire stick to come out of speakers

    Nsound from firestick won't come out of speakers