Question Why I cannot operate Samsung 65inch Q60A QLED tv using RCA composite cable to my old Pioneer XV-HTD1 vcr player and speaker set?

Mar 20, 2022
Bought a new Samsung QA65Q60AAW and tried connecting to Pioneer XV-HTD1 via RCA composite cable with no success.
I connected the yellow video cord to the Video Out terminal of the appliance to the tv and the red and white cord on the TV/VCR outlet of the appliance to the red and white terminal on the tv.
Switching on the Samsung tv to Connection Guide I followed the instruction to connect video device on AV cable. I am suppose to enjoy my content, but nothing happens.
Then I tried Set Up Now to configure Samsung Smart Remote and select New Device.
With New Device I select Home Theatre choice and searched for the brand Pioneer.
Next I selected AV as Home Cinema Configuration as the port my home theatre system is connected to.
The Home Theatre System Control Test comes on to see if the Samsung Smart Remote is successful to control the system. It is.
But can’t play dvd via the tv nor does the 5.1 sound surround works.
What have I done wrong?
Thank you


Post a picture of the connections you are using and where they are connected to. You really just should need to change the TV input to AV In 2 according to the picture I found of that TV and whatever is playing on the Pioneer DVD player should show up.

For that TV I would buy something newer to use it with, that video out technology you are using with a single video out cable is very low resolution compared to the TV. How you have it setup now it's like buying a Ferrari and then using a Fiat to town it around.