Question Yamaha RX-A680 Receiver to Samsung TV problem

Oct 14, 2021

I might have a RCA in to HDMI out problem. Here are details:

  1. Yamaha AVR RX-A680 connected to Old DVD player using AV2/RCA Composite. (DVD player too old no HDMI but has Optical and 2 RCA out)
  2. Yamaha AVR connected to new Samsung QN75Q8 using HDMI ARC. (Samsung TV no RCA Composite or Optical anymore. Only Antenna, HDMI and USB ports)
  3. TV detects Yamaha AVR, Yamaha AVR input mode on AV2.
  4. When playing movies from DVDs - Audio works perfectly fine
  5. Problem - no Video on TV?
Dec 9, 2021
Alright. I will utilize the specific specialized terms so there is no equivocalness.

The two pieces have a Part association, this is a 5 RCA links association, 3 for video, 2 for sound, and is your next decision when HDMI isn't free on the two pieces. An immediate association is best abusing any sort of converter.

So exceptionally basic:

FOR VIDEO: The Part video connectors are stamped, Y, PB, PR, track down those on the two pieces, and associate Y-Y, PB-PB, PR-PR.

If any future Sound issues come: (LINE OUT R-L) to Magnavox (L-Sound R), the white/red jack right on top of the video jacks you utilized previously.

So you don't get confounded if exact shading coded links are not accessible, the shades of the RCA links truly don't make any difference, utilize ANY RCA links accessible to you. Simply adhere to the directions above.