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  1. R

    Question Yamaha RX-A680 Receiver to Samsung TV problem

    Hi, I might have a RCA in to HDMI out problem. Here are details: Yamaha AVR RX-A680 connected to Old DVD player using AV2/RCA Composite. (DVD player too old no HDMI but has Optical and 2 RCA out) Yamaha AVR connected to new Samsung QN75Q8 using HDMI ARC. (Samsung TV no RCA Composite or...
  2. MiketheDilletante

    Question Can you have two streaming devices connected to AV receiver at same time?

    Hi there. My boyfriend has had his home theater system set up very simply: his Yamaha AV reviewer connects to this LG TV via ARC, and the Amazon Fire Cube is plugged into the receiver’s HDMI “in” port. It works fine, everyone was happy. But then he decides to connect an Apple TV 4K he had lying...
  3. S

    Solved! Connecting multiple devices (DVR, Blu-ray, Apple TV., gaming console) to soundbar or TV?

    Hi! Although I am proficient with computers, when it comes to audio/video, I'm a neophyte. :) I have the following equipment: Sony XBR65X850E Vizio sb3621n-e8 soundbar Xfinity X1 4k DVR TiVo Bolt (deactivated - only used to view previously recorded shows) UHD Blu-ray player I may decide to...
  4. A

    Solved! How to connect non HDMI arc TV to a HDMI arc home theatre?

    Kindly help me to connect my TV to the Home theatre. I have VU49D6575 tv without HDMI arc nor optical ports. It has the colourful RCA ports though. I bought a new Sony Home theatre HT-RT3 with HDMI arc and optical ports only. How do i connect both such that i get sound from the home theatre?
  5. S

    Question HDMI ARC not working without connecting to dish TV

    My connection details HDMI out(ARC) from home theatre(Sony HT IV300) to TV(Vu QDV65)'s HDMI1 ARC My Airtel DTH's HDMI out to TV's HDMI 2 *There is no direct connection between the Home theatre and the Airtel DTH As stupid as it may sound, if I turn off my Airtel DTH, and I'm playing some...
  6. X

    Question Please help me with my new M507-G1 TV

    Good evening. I just purchased a M507-G1 Vizio Quantum yesterday and I am having some issues with linking my soundbar. If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it. I have an LG LAS551H and a SK6Y sound bar. The SK6Y is the newest and I had both previously hooked up via ARC to a Samsung...