Nov 29, 2016
My connection details
  1. HDMI out(ARC) from home theatre(Sony HT IV300) to TV(Vu QDV65)'s HDMI1 ARC
  2. My Airtel DTH's HDMI out to TV's HDMI 2
*There is no direct connection between the Home theatre and the Airtel DTH

As stupid as it may sound, if I turn off my Airtel DTH, and I'm playing some content from YouTube/Netflix/Hard Disk from my TV, my home theatre's speakers are muted i.e, ARC doesn't work!
Only if my Airtel DTH is on, ARC is working

Optical SPDIF to HT is working when Airtel DTH is on or off...

Tried all possible software options, changed all the cables but ending up with the same problem

Also with my older TV, I have a similar issue i.e, if I don't connect my Airtel DTH, my home theatre's UI lags alot and stops responding to my remote controls input and I have to hard reboot it.

This is soo confusing since there's no direct connection between the DTH and the HT but still the HT is working properly only with the DTH turned on :/

Any solution for the ARC to work even when the Airtel DTH is turned off is appreciated