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  1. CallMeMilk

    Question Audio jack headset not being picked up usb headset being picked up

    My headset that plugs into the audio jack doesn't work but My Friends Headset that plug into the usb does. can i fix this? i have tried reinstalling drivers 6 times and still nothing. Its not a laptop but i could find the right a category. i just built the pc today and the audio jack headphones...
  2. S

    Question HDMI ARC not working without connecting to dish TV

    My connection details HDMI out(ARC) from home theatre(Sony HT IV300) to TV(Vu QDV65)'s HDMI1 ARC My Airtel DTH's HDMI out to TV's HDMI 2 *There is no direct connection between the Home theatre and the Airtel DTH As stupid as it may sound, if I turn off my Airtel DTH, and I'm playing some...
  3. VaderPepe

    Question Audio not working after installing a new graphics card!

    Hello o/ So basically I purchased a GTX 660 2GB. I installed it with HDMI and everything went fine, until I realised that there was no audio. I messed around with drivers as I've gone through other threads. I also tried changing the connection from HDMI to a VGA cable (while using an adapter)...