Question Audio not working after installing a new graphics card!

Feb 15, 2019
Hello o/

So basically I purchased a GTX 660 2GB. I installed it with HDMI and everything went fine, until I realised that there was no audio. I messed around with drivers as I've gone through other threads. I also tried changing the connection from HDMI to a VGA cable (while using an adapter). I also realised that my mixer shows no signs of sound going through (like it would usually bounce around, but it doesn't!) Maybe is has something to do with my mother board? I'm becoming quite desperate spending hours on this. In the playback devices it only shows this and not the headset I have plugged in.

My motherboard: ASRock N68-Gs4 FX R2.0

Hope I get some replies! Any help will be highly appriciated!

Thank you and best regards!


Aug 2, 2013
I suggest you uninhstall the video card and reinstall it. Also if your card has digital audio. It may have switched your default audio. Does your card support sound? most new ones will send sound via hdmi cables.
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