Question Audio interface use with a gaming sound card or better solution?


Aug 13, 2014
I've done a fair bit of reading on the subject but I am definitely still very beginner when it comes to audio. It's a subject that seems to easily confuse me for whatever reason. I'm starting a gaming channel and I want to improve my audio. I see a lot of forum threads explaining that you don't need a dedicated sound card if you're using a audio interface. I understand that they have similar functions. The function that audio interfaces don't have (or at least mine, goxlr mini) is methods to EQ or add effects (virtual surround for example or bass boost or whatever) to the audio. Granted I don't know how good any of the equalizers or effects on these cards are so I guess that's the first question. I'm not an audiophile by any stretch but I definitely feel like I notice the difference between properly EQ'd music or the addition of other effects from a sound card that I don't get on my audio interface.

My audio interface is a USB interface. I'm using the goxlr specifically for my dual pc streaming setup. But because it's a usb audio interface as far as I know that renders any sound card useless. I have tried running an external sound card through the headphone out on the goxlr but that leaves a lot to be desired (going from digital to analog and back again, needing a ground loop noise isolator) and would only be for my added benefit and not the quality of audio for my content.

There's probably just a simple aspect of this I'm not understanding but my audio interface plus headphone amp alone seem to be missing something but a sound card does not seem to be the answer to that. Is there a different way to use a sound card in conjunction with an audio interface or is there software possibly that will do what I'm looking for? I'm a bit lost. Thoughts?

Edit: I'm going to play around with some EQ software and see if that does what I'm looking for.
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That audio interface is the sound card for you when you use it. There is no need to use anything else instead of that. The software that comes with that device does not have EQ or anything else? Normally with good equipment for a mic and headphones you should not need to do much to tweak the audio. You did not say what you are using for equipment aside from that interface.
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