Question Having audio problems since getting a new PC case.

Jan 6, 2022
I brought a pre-built PC (MAG H410 Codex 5 MS-B90) a few months back, on Christmas I got a new case (Corsair 4000x) and installed it the same day. Since doing so I've bumped into a problem that causes audio to 'pop' when I cut the volume. (Going from volume 1 to 0). Now this wouldn't be an issue but when listening to music and there is a large volume change I encounter the same issue. When adjusting the volume I also can hear crackling from my audio device. I have tried multiple headsets and headphones on all of my audio ports but the issue still persists. I believe that it is a hardware issue because when having my headset plugged through my monitor the problem is greatly reduced. I have tried many things like; updating drivers, reinstalling drivers checking all audio formats, checking power options and even going as far as reinstalling windows but have all failed. If anyone has any ideas what the problem could be that would be great help. I am desperate for this to be resolved because it is very frustrating. If anyone needs any more information let me know. (Edit: I am on Windows 11)


Dec 21, 2021
Hi buddy,

well, Windows 11 is having issues with updates. Did you also try a clean install of W11?
And from what I've read around "sound" problems are pretty common, it's from their end, you can't do much. The most recent update (01-14-2022) involves (again) an audio bug, and no one knows when it will be fixed.

You can also read this thread here and try a different workaround.

Let me know!
Jan 23, 2022
Sounds like a hardware issue, 0 cuts power to 0 while 1 gives 1%, so when power is given it's popping.

Same thing happens when turning on an audio interface after turning on the speakers.