Solved! How to connect a TV without an HDMI arc to a DOLBY certified soundbar


Jan 25, 2013
So i have a regular non smart Sanyo 43 inch full HD led tv to which I have connected my DTH provider's streaming box(which is Dolby D+ enabled) and the newly bought 'Dolby digital plus' soundbar. Now I don't know whether my Tv has HDMI ARC port or not as it is not mentioned anywhere in the specifications. It only has an 'sound out' option available in the HDMI1 input.
Although the soundbar's customer support guided me in getting my tv and box connected to the soundbar, I am still unable to get Dolby audio output of it. The soundbar only has one HDMI slot which is ARC enabled.My connection is as follows:
The cable from the soundbar's HDMI ARC port goes to the HDMI 1 slot on the TV and then another HDMI cable from my cable streaming box to the HDMI 2 slot on the TV.

With this setup I am able to use my tv remote to control the volume of the soundbar, I still can't figure out about the Dolby audio output. Also since I am Autistic too, it gets overwhelming for my brain to fiddle out all these multiple connections.So if anyone can help me out on this, it would be a really great help.
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You would need to connect that streaming box directly to the soundbar to get the benefit of any special audio technology if your TV can't pass that through, which it probably can't.