Question ARC output stopped working after Nintendo Switch turned on - Samsung TV and Yamaha receiver model included


Apr 4, 2016
I have a UN65KS800D 65' Samsung TV and a Yahama RXV-381 receiver, everything was working fine (TV remote was controlling the receiver and sound was coming out of receiver) until I turned on my Nintendo Switch. I checked everything on both systems (nothing was changed) ARC on the receiver is on, and HDMI CEC / Anynet+ is turned on the TV. I tried reseating the ARC cable from both sides and turned on and off both systems. It's still not working.

If I press "set up" on the receiver remote control the receiver's menu appears on the TV. However, in the TV settings under the Audio option/source, the receiver output is no longer available.

Maybe turning on Nintendo Switch fried something? (Nintendo is plugged in via HDMI to the Samsung hub) I did experience a similar issue before but was easily fixed by a power cycle before if I recall correctly.

Any other troubleshooting steps suggestions?