Question Hook up newer Samsung TV to my very old Technics SA-GX690 stereo receiver

Dec 10, 2022
Hi. I currently have my stereo receiver connected to the cable company TV box. We are 'cutting the cord' and replacing cable with T-mobile 5G, so the cable company TV box is going bye bye. How do I connect my Samsung UN65NU6950FXZA 4K 2160p UltraHD Smart LED 65" TV to my old Technics SA-GX690 stereo receiver? I guess I need some type of adapter box to input the red and white wires (I guess they are RCA) from the stereo receiver to the adapter then from the adapter (with HDMI cable?) to the TV? I believe the cable box is currently connected to the TV 'HDMI IN 1' port and my DVD player is currently connected to the TV 'HDMI IN 2 (ARC)' port. Please tell me exactly what I need to do. Planning to do the conversion next week. Thanks. John.